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Brian D. Smith, Grief 2 Growth, is a compassionate partner for individuals navigating grief, loss, and personal growth. Here, resources and tools are offered to foster resilience, healing, and transformation.

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Wisdom Through Adversity

I’m Brian D. Smith, a life coach, grief companion, and author.

Navigating grief and loss is a profoundly personal journey. However, you don’t have to go it alone. I offer personalized guidance and support to help you heal, grow, and transform. Through our work together, we will confront your grief, reveal your inherent resilience, and lay the groundwork for a future of healing and personal growth

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one of my long time clients says:

Get Yourself A Grief Guide Like Brian

Brian Smith is one of the resources I have used to move from “Grief 2 Growth.” Grief 2 Growth is the title of Brian’s book, podcast, Facebook page, and website. When I made an appointment with him in November 2019. The first thing he asked was, “What do you hope to accomplish?”, and I told him I wanted to become a professional medium in January of 2021. The look he gave me indicated that that was a strange request. Yeah, it was but I was involved in some commitments and just seriously beginning to get into mediumship training. I found him because of a parents’ group he was involved in. At the time, he was hosting regular gallery demonstrations and interviews. I knew he had been studying the afterlife for about 25 years. I knew he knew a lot about a ton of different mediums, that he was running a business, and that he could help me get from point A to point B.

“There are no failures. Everything is practice” was something Brian told me often, especially when I wanted to see things as success or failure. I found out Brian was much more than a life coach for me. He helped me maneuver my grief.

Usually, once a month, I’d spend some time reflecting on questions like, What was I learning? What was getting in the way? What was working for me? I’d take some notes and show up to my monthly appointment with those notes. If there was an author I’d discovered (often one Brian had suggested) that I loved, he’d suggest other resources to take me further down that path. If I wanted to change direction or change teachers or divorce, there was an opportunity for me to think things through and say them aloud. I trusted Brian because of his compassion and empathy, and the breadth of the knowledge that he had in facets of my grief journey. When I wrote Letters to David, he was the beta reader and made some suggestions that really made the most of the book.

So yes, maybe meditation is my #1 resource. But having a grief guide that I trust to check in with who can help me question my own thinking and throw away all the “I can’t do that”s I was carrying when David passed has been #2.

My suggestion to you? Find someone who has what you want, who has maneuvered big grief, who is open to you finding your own path, and helps YOU BE YOU. You’re the best you there is. Don’t be anyone else. Nope, it doesn’t have to be Brian. He’s who worked for me. Maybe I should mention he offers a free half hour consult to see if you’re a good fit. Make sure you have a good fit before you dive in.If you want to check

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