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I conceived Grief 2 Growth when I realized that a lifetime of experiences had led me to the point where I have wisdom that can be of benefit to others. I’ve learned what works. I’ve learned what doesn’t work. I’ve developed techniques and discovered resources that I want to share with the world. We learn by experience. Usually, it’s our own experience. But, one of the great things about being human is we can learn through other people’s experiences.

At my age, I’ve been through good times and many hardships. The hard times I have had have led to the most considerable growth. Those times when I thought I had been buried, I had actually been planted. It’s through those difficulties that wisdom is acquired. That wisdom leads to transformation.

Usually, people who reach out to me have this in common have this thing in common. They feel “stuck.” Their lives are out of balance, and they feel like they are no longer going forward. These difficulties are prompting them into transformation. I am here to help you make that transformation.

Until a seed is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many plants—a plentiful harvest of new lives.

John 12:24- Brian’s Translation

About me

After 57 years of experience and almost that much time helping and leading people informally, I decided to make it official, obtain my life coaching certification, and seek to help people more formally.  I’ve had a career as an engineer, in corporate tech sales, and as a small business owner of a business I built from the ground up. I’ve raised two children. I’ve experienced the death of a child. I’ve been married for nearly thirty years. More importantly, I have a passion for helping people. Grief 2 Growth is a natural progression of my time on this planet.

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Things I Can Help With


Social and family relationships are a vital part of a balanced, fulfilling life. What are your relationships like? Are you satisfied with your relationships? Could you do something to improve your relationships?

Career & Education

How important is career to you? Are you preparing yourself for the career you want? I was an employee for two decades. I have owned my own business for nearly two decades. I can help.


Money makes the world go ’round. Or does it? How important is money to you? Do you have enough? Do you worry about money? Would you like to make more money? Are you doing the things you need to do to make more money?

Routine Responsibilities

Paying bills. Doing taxes. Taking out the trash. There are those things in life that just have to be done. They may not bring us joy, but not doing them can bring us pain. Are you handling the routine responsibilities of life so that they don’t turn into crises? Could you benefit from a better system of handling them?

Giving Back

Part of good life balance is contributing back to society and your culture. Do you make a positive impact on others’ lives? How important is it for you to leave behind a legacy. Do those around you value you? Would you like to make a more positive impact?

Health & Recreation

Are you doing what you need to do to keep your body health? Are you getting enough rest? Are you playing enough? How is your anxiety level?


Believe it or not, grief is a natural part of life and something we often get through/past/over without assistance. But, complicated grief which can come from an unexpected death such as the death of a child can leave us feeling devastated and lost. In this case, we often need someone to talk to and to guide us through what seems to be a never-ending and impossible situation. Having survived the passing of my daughter, I am somewhat of an expert on grief and how not only to survive but to thrive.

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health

How mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong are you? Do you nourish your spirit? Do you regularly invest time in developing yourself spiritually? Do you feel in control of your emotions or are your emotions in control of you?


Do you own your own business? Are you thinking about starting one? Do you need ideas or some guidance in areas of your business? Having made a couple of career transitions myself from engineering to sales to ownership of an online retail company, to a life-coaching practice, I have had to master all aspects of running a business. I’d be happy to help guide you and perhaps even take some tasks off of your plate.

In the twenty plus years, I have known Brian, we have had many hours of debate, discussion, and supportive dialogue. Sometimes passionate, interesting and of the wall, but always thoughtful and respectful. Brian is a true friend and brother, whose insights and approaches have helped me grow as a person, as a man, and as a father. He has an exceptional blend of intuition with a scientific approach in helping to approach life problems and advice. He does so while ensuring compassion is kept in mind, especially when having difficult conversations. I would highly recommend Brian as a life coach.

From the first time I met Brian Smith, I felt like I knew him forever.  I had been reading his blogs for a year and I was extremely touched by his honesty, straightforwardness, and love.  It is rare to witness a man that is willing to share his personal feelings with others in such a public format.

Since then, I have come to know Brian very well.  He has been one of the largest factors in my ability to walk the grief journey after my son, Aymen, passed.

Brian is not only a mentor, but he also has the aptitude to be a wonderful listener, advisor and has a great deal of emotional intelligence.  He is easy to talk to and is not afraid to tell me what I need to hear.

He has volunteered in many venues to counsel, support and guide others.  I would recommend Brian not only for adults and young adults but I would highly recommend Brian as a Life Coach for children.

Brian’s abilities have helped me to grow spiritually, believe in myself and he has guided me to understand my purpose in life.   He has given me very sound advice along with tools that greatly help me and inspire me. He has earned my respect and admiration.

Brian’s perspective on things has been a true blessing for me.

Brian is a kind, compassionate, and passionate soul. He’s the real deal and if he’s committed to something he is all in. He is always willing to listen to different viewpoints and knowing him has helped me to reaffirm that tendency in myself.

I’ve known Brian for over ten years. I worked with Brian on a local new church plant several years ago and it was there that I witnessed his heart for compassion and social justice. Since then I have followed his blogs and other writings that speak to a higher consciousness and the various forms of human connection. He has done the work and his depth of knowledge makes him more than qualified to walk alongside others and guide them in their life journey.

Brian Smith is a talented and compassionate person that went through one of the hardest things that can happen to a parent, losing a child. I meet him during the darkest days of my soul after I lost my only child.  Brian, his wife and a couple of other parents administer an online group dedicated to helping grieving parents.  Brian is always there for anybody that needs some advice on how to navigate through this hard journey. His knowledge of spirituality and science is impressive. I know that his devotion and compassion is going to help so many others find their true path.  Thank you, Brian, for the wonderful work that you do, and for being such a bright light for so many of us.  

Back in 2011, I left my home after having caught my then-husband cheating on me. He had been emotionally abusive for quite some time but the cheating was still a bad shock. I joined Facebook and one of the first people I met was Brian. I was a conservative Republican at the time, heavily dependent on my spouse’s opinions, not unlike my mother and other spouses before me. Brian’s opinions and posts intrigued me and yes irked me. But they forced me to think. That was the important part. They made me uncomfortable and I knew instinctively that this was a good thing. In the eight years since I have known Brian, I have come a very long way, both in healing from my wounds from the relationship and also in my political and world views. Yes, I already was very open-minded as far as religious, spiritual and racial views are concerned but my I have learned positive discourse, constructive criticism and how to listen. Although Brian is very busy, in the times I have needed counsel most he will be there.

Our time together was invaluable.  Truly.

You have an amazing ability to pinpoint life factors that affect grief management.  This is a tricky, challenging subject full of tears.

Our sessions provided a great sense of awareness regarding what you can and cannot control as well as monitoring realistic expectations of those who surround me.

With your constant, compassionate support, I find myself climbing out of my mental black hole.   It’s time to move forward and take life as it comes.

Thank you, Brian!   You have reminded me of purpose and acceptance.  You are one of my rocks of stability and one of life’s blessings.

Got Questions? Comments?

It never hurts to ask. Reach out to me and ask me anything. If you have any questions, please ask. I love getting email from you. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.