A Message of Hope

I was reading this
last night.  This is a long passage, but
it helped me tremendously, so I have to share it.  You might or might not believe in mediumship
and talking to the dead. If you don’t, leave it.  Just stop reading now.  If you do or even if you’re open to it, I recommend this book.  Forever With You: Inspiring Messages of
Healing & Wisdom From Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife
 by Patrick Matthews.

This is a reading
done for two parents who lost their 10 year old twins when they fell through the
ice on a pond.  The questions the parents had are questions Ty and I have asked over and over. 

tears, Patricia replied shakily, “We do have faith in God, but we just do not
understand why their lives had to end so soon, they were just little boys. What
did we do so wrong to deserve this?” Again, this was not the first time I’d
heard this question, but I understood why they might be feeling this way. When
a person passes into spirit so young, it is often believed that his or her life
was cut short. The truth is that the child’s “real life” has actually started
earlier, a life we all will share in one day.
I replied to Patricia’s comment,
“They want you to know you did nothing wrong nor are you being punished by God;
God loves both you and also them. They are telling me to let you know that they
are smarter than you now and that you just have to trust them when they say
that there is a bigger reason for all of this to have happened.” “What could
possibly be the reason for this to have happened?” asked Martin. I replied, “It
is not just one reason, but countless, they are telling me. They want you to
know their passing into spirit has actually helped more people than you could
ever imagine.”

At this
time, the two boys began pointing at different areas around their body knowing
what this would mean to me. “Did you also donate their organs?” I asked. “Yes
we did. The doctors said that due to the way they passed, their organs were
valuable in helping others survive.” answered Patricia. I said. “They want you
to know that by doing this, you have helped people in so many ways, ways you
can never imagine. They are also saying excitedly that you changed many
families’ histories!” “What does that mean?” Martin asked, puzzled. “You have
saved other children’s lives, children who now will grow up and have their own
families. These lives are only possible through the unselfish act that you and
your wife performed by donating their organs. They are saying that this is just
one example that may make it easier to understand the reasons for their
passing, but that there are numerous others that you do not know. The one thing
they do promise you is that one day you will know, just as they do. They are
also saying that you taught them to have faith in God so now they are telling
you both to do the same as well, and have faith in them.” “I have to be honest,
Patrick, I understand, but it really does not make it any easier,” Martin said.
“I would still rather have them here and if that makes me a selfish person,
then so be it.”
I replied, “It does not make you a selfish person at all, it
only makes you human. The reason you both miss your boys so much is that you
love them and there is nothing selfish about that. But by now knowing that Trey
and Taylor are still very much alive and with you, you can begin to form a new
relationship with them.” “Is that even possible?” Patricia asked. “It is,” I
answered. “You have to start not only believing and hoping, but knowing that
your sons are still with you; for lack of a better word, they are just
invisible now but still your boys. By doing so, you will start to notice more
signs around you, and feel their connection with you grow even stronger.” “I do
think I feel them around me,” Patricia replied. “That is because you really are
with them.
These two boys would be hard to miss with their personalities,” I
confirmed. Patricia asked, “But how long can they stay with us?” “What do you
mean?” I asked. Patricia’s eyes began to tear up again and she said, “I heard
that spirits can only stay around for a short time before they need to move
on.” “That is not true,” I stated. “There is no such thing as ‘moving on’—that
is the biggest misconception people have about their loved ones in spirit.
Spirits do not have to make a choice of either being here or being in Heaven;
they actually get to do both! I can promise you that your wonderful boys are
and will be with you, loving you and guiding you both your entire lives
.” Both
Martin and Patricia started to smile when hearing that, but at the same time, I
felt both boys becoming more aggressive with the next message they wanted to
get across. I said, “Trey and Taylor are both laughing and want me to get on
you both to stop asking one of your mothers to watch over them. They keep
saying that their grandma will not leave them alone!” Martin, now grinning,
replied, “My mother passed away about six months before they did. She always
doted on them and so I asked her to keep an eye on them.” “Well, she is!” I
said. “And they are both showing me their hair being tousled, what does that
mean?” Martin started laughing. “My mother would always rub their heads mess up their hair.” “I love it!” I replied. After more messages from their
sons came through along with Martin’s mother also joining in the conversation,
I could see by the end of the reading that some of the weight of their grief
had been lifted.

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