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A Mother’s Inspiring Journey from Unimaginable Grief to Spiritual Growth- with Diane Calderon

Diane Calderon is an example of how the journey from grief to spiritual growth can happen.

In a profoundly moving interview on the Grief to Growth podcast, Diane Calderon shares her powerful story of losing her adult son Matthew in a sudden accident while caring for her husband Sal, who was battling Lewy Body Dementia. Diane’s journey illustrates the human spirit’s remarkable capacity for resilience and transformation in the face of devastating loss.

Matthew’s Life and Unexpected Passing

Diane describes her son Matthew as an unexpected gift whose name means “gift from God.” A sweet child and loyal friend, Matthew developed a passion for construction, absorbing knowledge from hands-on experience building a family home. Though his path took many turns, from odd jobs to big dreams of affordable housing projects, Matthew decided in his mid-30s to pursue a contractor’s license.

Tragically, just as Diane and Matthew were planning to go into business together, she received the devastating news that he had been killed in a hit-and-run accident while walking his dog. In a synchronicity revealed in the book and the podcast, the accident occurred mere blocks from where Sal had suffered a paranoid episode a week prior as if he had somehow foreseen the impending loss.

Coping with Tragedy While Caregiving

Already overwhelmed as a full-time caregiver to Sal, whose dementia was rapidly progressing, Diane found herself thrust into a maelstrom of grief. Sal’s response when told of Matthew’s death – a mere pat on the head and “I’m sorry” – spoke volumes about his cognitive decline.

Diane recounts the surreal experience of notifying family, friends, and Matthew’s girlfriend while simultaneously managing her own shock and heartbreak. The loss of her son was compounded by the uncertainty of how she would carry on with caregiving responsibilities and the shattering of dreams and plans she had shared with Matthew.

Signs from the Afterlife

In the depths of despair, Diane began to receive signs that Matthew’s spirit lived on. The prospect of going from grief to spiritual growth became a possibility. She recalled a pact they had made in jest – that whoever died first would send the other a sign. Strange lights flickering before her face the night of his passing, the same lights appearing to an unaware Sal, followed by a strong instinct to open a spiritually meaningful book to the exact page discussing their shared belief in souls choosing their parents…Diane knew without a doubt these were signs from Matthew.

Even in the fog of dementia, Sal reported visits and messages from Matthew and other deceased relatives, which Diane believes were actual spiritual encounters rather than mere hallucinations. A hospice doctor dismissively attributed these to dementia, but the clear and specific nature of the communications convinced Diane otherwise.

Developing Spiritual Gifts and Purpose

Driven by a need for answers and healing, Diane voraciously researched mediumship and afterlife communication. Synchronicities led her to acclaimed medium Suzanne Giesemann, and a transformative reading in which Matthew came through with evidence and messages that confirmed for Diane he was at peace and that his passing was part of a larger plan.

Further signs and synchronicities, including a poignant dream and message about overcoming stagnation, flowered into an unexpected invitation from Susanne Wilson, another respected medium, to work as her assistant. During the job interview, Susanne paused to acknowledge Matthew’s presence beside Diane, a profoundly healing moment of affirmation.

Diane continued to develop her own mediumship abilities, participating in development circles and delivering messages from Matthew, Sal, and a growing contingent of loved ones in spirit. The numerous stories of spirit communication, forthcoming in Diane’s second book, offer compelling evidence that relationships continue beyond the veil of death.

Grief To Spiritual Growth- Darkest Before The Dawn
Grief To Spiritual Growth- Darkest Before The Dawn

Key Takeaways for Moving Forward After Loss

Diane’s story brims with insights for anyone struggling to make sense of loss and navigate the landscape of grief:

  • Our loved ones live on and often send signs of their continued presence, though we may not always recognize them in the moment. Remain open to synchronicities and unexplained occurrences.
  • Sudden, traumatic losses can challenge our worldview and sense of purpose. Seeking answers and meaning through spiritual exploration, meditation, or grief support groups can provide needed perspective and solace.
  • The fog of grief can obscure our ability to perceive a larger plan or spiritual context for the losses we endure. In hindsight, we may recognize that a loved one’s passing spared them from suffering or enabled them to carry out important work from the other side.
  • Developing our intuitive abilities, whether through mediumship training, journaling, or other means of inner listening, can open powerful channels of ongoing connection with loved ones in spirit.
  • Though the pain of loss never fully subsides, it can be transmuted into newfound strength, wisdom, and purpose that enable us to live more fully and be of service to others.

Ultimately, the greatest takeaway from Diane’s journey is that love never dies. Death ends a life, but not a relationship. By staying open to signs, synchronicities, and our own intuitive knowing, we can continue to nurture the bonds that matter most.

Has Diane’s story rekindled your faith that love ones live on? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or continue the conversation here:

Grief To Spiritual Growth Darkest Before The Dawn

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