Amirah Hall- Her NDE In Egypt Was The Trip Of Her Life

I’ve never heard a Near Death Experience quite like Amirah Hall’s. Of course, every NDE is different, as I believe they are tailored for the individual.

Rev. Amirah Hall, M.Msc. blends “sacred with science” and has been on a four-decade journey of exploring secrets to manifesting and healing. She is a gifted clairvoyant, spirit medium, channel, and quantum healing pioneer.

Amirah’s spiritual awakening was triggered after her father’s death, divorce, and life-threatening autoimmune disease, all within six months. It was further amplified with a near-death experience while traveling in Egypt when her gifts of psychic vision, channeling, and mediumship opened up.

Amirah has a reputation as a world-class psychic, mystic, and mentor with the honor of working with an international client list, including Dubai Royals. Amirah has her master’s in metaphysical science and is an ordained Minister dedicated to providing spiritual tools and guidance to seekers going through their ascension process, reaching higher levels of awareness and healing.

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Brian Smith 0:00
Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life the causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried, but what if like a seed we’ve been planted and having been planted, who grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes. Open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith. Everybody this is Brian back with an episode another episode of grief to growth I’ve got with me today Amira Hall and Mira has got a fascinating story. So I’m going to tell you about her in the bolt we’ll have a little conversation. She blends sacred with science and she has been on a four decade journey of exploring secrets to manifesting and healing. She’s the gifted clairvoyant. She’s a spirit medium. She’s a channel and she’s a quantum healing pioneer around Spiritual Awakening was triggered after her father’s death after her divorce and life threatening autoimmune disease, all within a six month period. It was further amplify with an NDA II while she was traveling in Egypt when it gets a psychic vision, channeling and mediumship opened up. She has a reputation as being a world class psychic, mystic and mentor. She has her master’s in Metaphysical Science, and she’s an ordained minister, dedicated to providing spiritual tools and guidance to seekers going through their ascension process reaching higher levels of awareness and healing. And so with that, I want to welcome to grifter growth. Amuro Hall,

Amirah Hall 1:42
thank you very much. It’s my pleasure. It’s lovely to be with you, Brian.

Brian Smith 1:47
Yeah, I’m really interested in having this conversation with you today. It sounds like you’ve got a really interesting story. That is how you got to where you are today. I do interview a lot of people have in the ease. And we talked about ions, we both have some association with that. So if you don’t mind, like you start maybe by telling us about your near death experience.

Amirah Hall 2:04
Okay, I’d love to. You know, it’s interesting, because I was listening to a number of conversations that you’ve had with your other guests. And it seems like we we all have many near deaths almost. And some of them I know even with the grief process, they’re like many depths of who we are, but I never associated them with deaths. It wasn’t until I went on a spiritual journey in Egypt. And I had an amazing, incredible spiritual, expansive experience than two weeks of Egypt. And what I did was I was a jewelry designer at the time, and I wanted some treasures to take back with me and incorporate in my work. So I found this, I guess you could say it was a little factory, it wasn’t like they made beads. It’s just that they had a house that was perched on the back of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, outside Luxor. And so what these these local people in Egypt were doing is they were digging into the mountain in the back of their house. So the back wall was when you walked in, it would be a big carpet covering the wall. And really, there was a hole there into the mountain, they were digging tunnels trying to find treasures. So when I found this out, I figured okay, these would be people that would most likely over the years have found a collection of little, you know, treasures. So that’s how I found them. And I did find some beads, and I didn’t have the money, I had to go back to the ATM and return to pay them. So when I did that in Egypt, it’s quite a ritual when you buy something there and especially if they’re friendly, you don’t just pay and leave you visit you have a Coca Cola or you’ll have some hot tea or, or they’ll exchange water and you stories and what well, because I was with a friend, they brought in the special stuff for me and it was a joint and I said well, no thanks. I don’t smoke. And my god erupted into this Arabic You know, shouting match. Mohammed the owner of the of the joint, pardon the pun. He he was insulted. Okay, because that’s against your the way to refuse the hosts offering. And so I wouldn’t have shouting and shouting and shouting and he’s saying it’s the best. It’s the best. I’m like, Yeah, but no thanks. You know, give me a light beer and I’d be happier. But of course they did. They weren’t you know, they don’t drink alcohol. So they brought out the joy and then I thought, well, you know, I’ve smoked pot a few times in my life and never really did anything and quite honestly, that’s why it never took for me right? It’s just like, take it or leave it you know it’s not something I’m interested in So I thought, well, I’m the only female here I was the only American. And all of a sudden about 810 guys showed up from nowhere. And there was this room full of people. And I just thought, well, we’ll just pass it around and nothing will happen, right? Because nothing happened in the past. So they started passing this joint around, and it did come by me twice, I did inhale, and everybody bounced up when the joint was finished, and they were ready to go on their way. Well, that didn’t work like that. For me, I found myself pinned to the chair. And I couldn’t get up when I found myself standing behind myself. And observing it was like, there were 10 television screens with everybody’s life and movie playing on it. And I was starting to see these entities or beings coming towards me, the whole thing was such an overwhelming space, and I’m just like, oh my gosh, I can’t, I can’t leave, I can’t leave my body. I’ve got to stay here. So I remember, I had my hands out here. I don’t remember going through the motion of doing it. It was like I was coming in and out behind myself and then back, and I got my hands in front. I don’t know if I said I need water. And all I could think about was if I just could splash my face with some water.

Then I’ll stay in my body it’ll you know, bring bring my attention, my body awareness back. Well, that didn’t happen either. I remember getting right here and thinking, oh shit, my mascara is gonna run. Just like Oh, such vanity in the moment of death. But I have no sense of I’m dying. Just like I’m leaving my body. And and then I was gone. So in that moment of time, they told me that my body stiffened. I fell out of the chair. They were pounding my chest with all their might. So there was no medics, okay, we’re in a village outside of Luxor in Egypt. And so they pounded my my chest with all their might. They dragged me under the arms propped me into a truck, barreling down the road, they had my head propped out the window given me oxygen, okay, so, so I try to see the amusement in the story as as in retrospect, right. So, again, I was knocked out, I was unconscious. And then the conscious moment that I had was I was shooting through the stars in the sky. It was a dark sky. And I saw stars and I could see this little ball blue ball way off in the distance. And I’m like, that’s where I’m going. And it kept getting bigger and bigger. And I was going faster and faster. And I’m like, Oh, that’s a big place. How am I going to find myself? So it was like my soul trying to find my body. It was almost like my souls GPS going BBD Baby, baby, where am I? When I, and then I said, like, I don’t know where I am. And I heard Arabic, or I heard this language I didn’t know. And then the next thought was, oh, I left myself in Egypt. So then I, I remember, finding my body was like trying to put on a wet, wet suit, like or wet clothes. Have you ever done that before? It’s like, it’s nasty, right. And it takes a lot of time and pushing and engaging and took a lot of effort. And it was it was almost painful to come get back into my body. I couldn’t open my eyes, a light outside was too intense and bright as I was coming back into the body. And then I remember sort of feeling my way I could hear the voices in the truck. But at the same time, all I could feel was my bowels are speaking to be here and I need a toilet. Right? So keep in mind, we’re in a village. And this was in 1998. So things were pretty rudimentary. And the Egyptians in the village, they didn’t have proper toilets. So this becomes another issue because all I’m thinking is, oh, I need a toilet. And my friend, when I patted him, I said, Where are you taking me? And he says, To the hospital, and he’s screaming in Arabic, you forgot he’s going back and forth in English. He can’t he’s so stressed out because he’s realized that I don’t speak Arabic and you know, his mind is just waffling. So I said no, I need a I think in a hospital in in the village in Egypt, oh my god place like that’s going to kill me.

Like, oh my God. And so they found his brother’s flat and they had to carry me up three flights of stairs where I was then brought into the into the bathroom, and I wouldn’t let him Leave me. And he was sitting on the edge of the tub, I’m properly with my long skirt over my knees. I’m thinking, you know, I’m just, I’m very discreet. I’m looking proper, but he tears were just streaming down his face because I’m in this total state of bliss. And he’s just like you do not understand. You do not understand he goes, You died. And so the importance of all that was not so much that I mean, in Egypt a year before there was a massacre in 1997, where the government then put new regulations, so any American anything that happened to any American, the Egyptians would be in jailed, and their families, they would lose all their business, everything. So their family business supported maybe 50 people, right. And so this was a crisis for them at the same moment, in a big way. Yeah. So it was quite a while before I could walk. And then when I was on his, on the bed, just relaxing and trying to get my strength back, they brought me water and juice and yogurt. They sensed I had dehydration, because that is a common thing for Westerners in the heat. And, and so but what was happening was I was starting to see in the arm war, there was a wooden arm or across the bed, the end of the room, and I started seeing this figure in the arm noir, and it was segment, She’s the goddess she’s got I’ve got one right here. She’s the lion face, Goddess with a female body. And I’m like I am, I can’t look at that that is not real. And I kept looking out the little window that was the fluttering draperies out to the Nile Valley thinking, that’s real, I’m gonna keep looking at that. That’s my reality. Whereas every time I kept straight, there she was. So it was a while later, it took me like three or four hours before I could walk. I had to fly home that day. And I flew home, probably it took six to eight hours before I got to Cairo. And then there’s an eight hour flight to New York. When I got off the flight in New York, I saw everybody as a walking flat, two dimensional paper doll. And that absolutely horrified me. So Brian seems to be a long drawn out story I know. And this continued, the horror that I felt with those two dimensional images was that I was coming back to a state of grief, and anger and depression and hatred. It was a vibration that I was stuck in for about nine months. And I couldn’t understand. Like, I was moving and coming back to the land of paper dolls. And I was separated from that. But then I became part of it. And I realized to my horror, that I too, was living in the land of paper dolls. And so I guess you could say my grief was stuck. And whatever happened, where I went, because the story continues, where I started to download where I went and the information from my nd because I was I was pissed off one pissed off girl, like, where’s Jesus in my nd you know, I was like, you know, where’s my coming to Jesus moment. So seeing that light in that way in that moment in time didn’t happen. And could it have been, like, in my own discovery and process, it was like, something came into my energy space, while I was trying to come back into my body. And even in working with people that have, well, grief does that it sort of tears a part of our energy space, our frequency, our chakras, and then other beings and entities can come in whether it’s a let’s say, somebody else’s depression or somebody else’s energy, it could have been that I was so wide open when I stepped into New York, that all that foreign energy, I call it grief and anger, but it was foreign to me. So it was a heavy, heavy lower vibration. Does any of that make sense? Because it’s it’s sort of like a compilation of a lot of different possibilities and, and know for sure it’s no absolutes,

Brian Smith 14:35
right? Well, I You did have some trauma before this experience. Also, right. The passing of your father and your

Amirah Hall 14:43
that happened? Yeah. Well, I’ll tell you, you know, in reflection, by the time I was 20, I had been to 20 funerals. Oh, wow. Okay. So I was raised Catholic and I and there was a from a big family but friends and friends, parents And but family members, cousins and uncles, and I had two uncles that had committed suicide, you know, and just been around a lot of death. But at the same time, I was always super sensitive. And when I look back, I think was I super sensitive and absorbing these foreign energies, whether we call it grief or depression, I like to call it just a lower frequency. And when I started to understand the quantum mechanics, or physics of who we are, and how, how we interact with our world, I started to understand that we match energy. And when we’re vulnerable for whatever emotional bump, we hit, that that can open or tear our frequency. So I feel that my energy space was infiltrated from a very early age, and that I had no tools or mechanisms, because counseling or therapy, you just talk and talk and talk. It’s like spinning your wheels in the sand. For me, it didn’t get me anywhere, it didn’t resolve the problem. And I’m sort of a bottom line girl, like, give me the solution. Let me do it. Give me your steps. And let me tackle it. That’s kind of what I wanted results. I was tired of that. So I think I carried grief, which is to me now I like to call it foreign energy. It wasn’t my vibration. So whether it was my dad’s grief and depression and anger, that I embodied my family, you know, it was traumatic upbringing was an alcoholic father and, you know, an enabling mother and, and all of those dynamics. And so, you know, grief of my grandpa, you know, I started to realize that I was communicating with the dead since as a teen, my grandfather came to me when I was camping, and said, You know, I’m leaving. And he showed me that he was taking one path and I was going on another. And I’m like, Okay, what am I going to wear to the funeral? Like I was, I was already perceiving and receiving messages, that my family poo pooed. Like, there was no validation that I was tuning into this. So I think for a lot of years, even that, all that repressed emotion or information will create this function, dis ease, and then death, you know, death of our dreams, death of our careers, death of our relationships. And that’s one of the big messages that I brought back from my end. So as, as I started to release that grief from that, you know, it’s funny, because I went to a lot of different psychics, and a lot of different healers. I went to shaman or holy men in Egypt. And I reached foreign while trying to find out what happened to me. Because in 1998, we didn’t have a strong internet and books and organizations. And, you know, I mean, Dr. Raymond Moody was one of the books and Brian Weiss. They had written some early books, but other than that, there wasn’t much resource, right? And therapy or the counselors. So you know, I was afraid to go to a therapist, I’m thinking they’re gonna lock me up, throw away the key, give me some medicine, you know, and I was totally opposed to that. And keep in mind that when my dad passed, and then I was divorced, this was six years before, seven years before. And then I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. To me, that was all a mini death because my life fell apart. And I was reinventing myself and, and there was no information on healing chronic fatigue. I did it the long hard way, the trial and error method, organic and acupuncture and meditation on the beach and yoga, which is what they’re telling people today, right? That’s how I healed myself. That’s then I was yearning, that something that missing link and that’s what took me to Egypt. But again, you know, I was trying to heal and understand that those foreign energies are what made me sick. They’re what broke up my marriage. They’re what you know, I wasn’t able to let go of so I some time about about a year after the actual physical Egypt experience is when I started to download where I went, and where I was accessing information that I believe I went into the Akashic records, because I was when when I reached after I blog knocked out, I reached a threshold where I literally my body physical body melted. And they showed me, I was a glowing light. And I had the guide behind me that was a pure light, and said that I was going to have a tour of the all, I couldn’t stay. But I could have, you know, a tour.

The first place we went, it was almost like I was riding on this birds back. That’s how it felt like just a smooth glide, easy transition. And I reached this state of perfection. And it was a building. And they showed me like a board room. And there were 12 people there that looked identical. They were male, and they weren’t female. And they had these glowing heads. And they sat around this big table, and their heads opened, it was almost like a lid from a teapot opening. And these bright golden lights shone right into my, the center of my head. And nobody said anything. And they said you can access anything you want to know anytime you have access. And then I was catapulted out of that space into what I believe was the Hall of Records. And it didn’t come to me that that was I mean, I had the picture in my mind for years. But it didn’t come till just a few years ago. Oh my gosh, Hall hall of records that they talk about in Egypt, because all it was was an infinite hallway with doorways, on on the right and on the left. And my guide said to me, you may enter whatever door you enter, you choose. It’s it’s free rein. So I chose the easiest right door on my right was a gold door. And when I say I walked into it, it was like I floated into it. I just merged into it. And it and merging into it. I was like, Well, where am I? What is this? And I heard my guide say this is the fabric of all creation. Now I say guide. I also want to say God, I want to say that all it was it was a presence and a power all at once. That was and what it felt like and what I visualized was a morphing moving kaleidoscope of colors and patterns that I was part of. I lost myself in these patterns and all of that. And I said, Well, what is this besides the fabric of all creation. And I heard this is love. And it was warm, and it was contained. And it was power. And it was beyond anything worldly or earthly, that I can articulate properly. And, of course, I didn’t want to leave it felt like being in the womb of our mother. You know, if we can try to remember what that might feel like, you know, truly amazing, right? And then just as I was loving it and feeling it and feeling the just so amazed. I got thrown out. I’m like, That’s rude. There wasn’t the corridor again. And then I was I walked across the corridor into this pink door. And I merged into what felt like I was stepping into an emerald. It was still it was more opaque. There was no movement was absolute pure stillness. And I said, Well, what’s this? And they said to me actually, they didn’t say they showed me my timeline, from birth to where I was. And they showed all my emotions that I had tucked away. Within my being. We’re all sort of ripple and triggers that caused my physical illness and all my problems, my emotional challenges my physical ill health, all of it was had an emotional component. And then I started to understand that I thought my job was to detoxify those emotions and those stuck patterns that that was the secret. And they explained to me on that detoxing, the physical body was the most important thing For my physical body, and that the emotional and spiritual and mental detox, were equally important. And they explained to me that everything was energy. And that I needed, meditation was critical, and understanding and connecting with this fabric of all of creation, which was love, and to keep the energy moving, to create that balance and to manifest, but that was the secret. It wasn’t about,

you know, doing more, or working harder, or some of the other, you know, belief systems that we have, that my job and my mission was to guide people, and myself, first healer, heal thyself, of that and to share this message, carrying forward that that’s our responsibility. This is our purpose is coming into alignment with that flow with the the the patterns of the universe, recognizing we’re not separate. So I’ve spent the last 24 years integrating that practicing that teaching that helping others understand, you know, where are they derailed? And seeing, you know, that were we, the seed of that, you know, when we were young, when we were so influential, influenced, well, strongly influence is, is that’s where the seeds begin. And so I started to my, my vision had shifted radically where I could see things that other people couldn’t see. That’s what when I came back from the n di, into my world in San Diego, I couldn’t function normally, it took me quite some time to start to understand that I had to turn down my clairvoyance, I had to turn down the Claire audience. And I had to learn how to manage my energy centers, so that I could work them like a dial on on a computer or in like a cockpit of an airplane. Right. And that’s what nobody’s really been teaching us that we are energy beings. And so we’ve got to learn how to use those controls. To function. Yeah, yeah. And so grief is in my choice of words, stuck energy. And when that stay stuck, it creates dysfunction and dis ease. And so in simplifying it, not demonizing it, or, you know, I facilitate within my own space, and with others, tools that can quickly get that movie, right, we don’t want to stay stuck in it, because we could talk about it till the cows come home, you know, it’s like that it just doesn’t, in my estimation, get us to where I want me to where I wanted to go faster. We’ll get

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Brian Smith 29:15
Wow. So that’s that’s fascinating. So when you had your NDA, it sounds like it was still quite a while later when you started having the downloads of all the information that you learned is that correct?

Amirah Hall 29:26
It was about you see, what I now understand is I had to work out that energy, whether it’s something that that I carried within my frequency from my own previous, you know, life or whether it was something that I picked up in Egypt, some dark energies and they call them the jinn, you know, or whether it was from the airport, you know, wherever we go, we’re receptive. If I’m so vulnerable and wide open after having that experience. I went so far out of my body, and that’s there’s no question that my body shut down. So if I was so wide open, I there’s a high likelihood that I brought in extra stuff, right? I mean, I was screwed up about and I had my own baggage, but you know, there it’s just we you know, there again, you know, speculation doesn’t really solve it. Yeah, there was there was a lot of foreign energy

Brian Smith 30:24
interfering with it’s not uncommon after people have in the ease to go through a difficult time coming back for whatever reason people I heard you mentioned, like, Where’s where’s Jesus? My NDAs like that. And I’ve heard people say, I felt like I was rejected, you know, I wish there wasn’t having Why didn’t I get a chance to stay? People can be depressed about coming back to this world, this world is tough.

Amirah Hall 30:46
And depression is stuck energy. And so the very, very Yeah, so depression, and also in my understanding is many people develop super, super powerful healing abilities, and vision or psychic abilities get cranked up. And if we don’t have any tools or ways to understand it, we shut them down, which makes it worse, or fear about it based on our religious programming, or families. Yeah, I went back to my family, and to tell them how much I love them. I mean, my heart was so wide open. And I just got pretty much slapped down. And my mother said to me, you know, well, if you’d stop going to all those exotic places, you wouldn’t die. And I mean, that was the mindset I was dealing with. So so that would shut you down. And, but yet my spiritual abilities, my, my superpowers, wanted to come out loud and strong, which we all have, you know, and we’ve just been repressed. So, yeah, that wanted to come out. And the other thing is, I’ve noticed a lot of people on the path or have after they’ve had this start to change their their relationship with money. Have you noticed that?

Brian Smith 32:10
Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I think people are people sometimes in the become less materialistic, less concerned about, you know, worldly things. That’s, that’s very common also.

Amirah Hall 32:22
Yeah, so it becoming more, you know, connected with the heart and each other and understanding the value of having this life and, and what, you know, I still struggle with my sensitivities, and really have to work hard to keeping clear, so that I am a clear vessel, I take that, you know, with a high level of responsibility, that’s the job.

Brian Smith 32:48
Yeah, there’s a real balance of being a human being, you know, having this physical body but also having that spiritual aspect. And, you know, a lot of times I do interview about people with having the ease, and people say to me, who haven’t had in these, I really wish I could have an indeed and I’m like, No, you. It can be tough. It can be tough. It’s tough on your body. It’s tough on your psyche. There’s there’s depression that’s associated with a lot of times coming back. Why am I why am I still here? You know, there’s a common thing. And then, you know, pmhi waters, it takes an average person and adult seven to 14 years to integrate the experience. And for people that haven’t had one, they don’t really understand how it just blows your mind.

Amirah Hall 33:33
It blows up your world. You know, it really blows up your your, your relationship with 3d, right? Yeah. And try to re Yeah, reintegrate? Yeah, yeah. PMH Atwater? She’s done amazing. Work hasn’t changed.

Brian Smith 33:50
Yes, yes. Yes. And as you said, in 1998, we didn’t we didn’t have all this information. And people weren’t open about in the so now people have them, I think they’re much more likely to share them because everybody knows about it. But back then you didn’t share because people think you were you were crazy.

Amirah Hall 34:08
And so here’s the thing, I bring back a message that we can access all of those things that so many people talk about near nd ease through healthy. Using tools that can help release the blocks, you can turn on your spiritual abilities very easily. But you don’t have to do the end to sort of get your cosmic wakening. You know, I call I

Brian Smith 34:36
know you. You have a master’s in metaphysics. Tell me what that’s about. And where did you get a master’s in metaphysics?

Amirah Hall 34:43
Oh, it was the University of Sedona and I’m working on my my dissertation. So working on that PhD, right as we speak, so, I’m excited about that. But um, yeah, so I’ve always had a curiosity even as a writer as Catholic, I would secretly try and find books or information on on the occult, right, the hidden or the unknown or the secrets, always had a fascination never really retained it or, or kept it, but just secret little studies. So I was on a spiritual path are seeking since my early 20s. So it’s been over 40 years. And I remember taking a training in my early 20s, called the master key to riches. It was actually a book that Napoleon Hill worked, or he created his book from the teachings of this I think, Wallace Wattles wrote some of this, these teachings from the ancient long time ago. But then I realized I’ve been to Egypt now 13 times. And I’m we’re working on a group we’re going in October. And I think the ancients what their teeth they teach is metaphysics is the principles of alchemy and transformation, understanding that we are one and everything is connected and energy flowing, is is is the is the power behind healing of all healing. So, fascination.

Brian Smith 36:18
So speaking of healing, tell me what quantum healing is, I know that you’re, that’s something you’re interested in.

Amirah Hall 36:24
Well, and I didn’t have the words for that, from my nd E, when I started to understand and understand that I could see the energy. And then later, it came to me with Deepak Chopra. And he started, you know, I had read his books, but I didn’t put join the dots, that Oh, my God, I am seeing the energy. And because I can see it, and move some, whatever I do with my mind that that is redirecting the quantum field. And so I coined the term and used it way long time ago. And now I’m hearing more and more people saying they’re doing quantum healing. fascinating to me, but it’s basically using my clairvoyant abilities to see the energy. And so I was reflecting on a client of mine, it was a royal princess from Dubai. And when she contacted me, she didn’t tell me what, who she was, first of all, she didn’t tell me what she wanted. And the long of it short of it. After about six, approximately one hour sessions, I was able to identify and release the energies from her mother. And also I remember seeing what happened to you at 18 years old. I’m getting ahead of myself, this woman wanted to get pregnant. She had three children, all within vitro fertilization, she was told by doctors, she could never get pregnant naturally. So she was doing the IVF a fourth time to get pregnant because as a royal princess in the Middle East, that’s their job. That’s their role is to continue creating heirs. Okay, but when that doesn’t happen, the husband has an option to get another wife. So this was a very important pregnancy, okay, a reason to exist. So when I, when she contacted me, I’m like, Oh, my gosh, you want me to do God’s work here? I mean, this is this is pretty, you know, talking about putting the pressure on, right? Well, I just, you know, as nervous as I was, and the prominence of this family was pretty significant. It made me all very nervous, concerned for my own well being. And when when I started to look at the energies and Spirit said to me, just do what you do just see what you see. And I communicate that and then I remove that. So I could see something happened to her at 18 years old. And I could see this block, I could it was like somebody jammed a big old square peg and in a in a hole and blocked her. And I could see that it cut off her creative flow, her baby maker, which is the second chakra energy, of where we create from that emotional space. Yeah, she took she was supposed to marry one guy, and the family made her marry the prince. And she didn’t want to marry him. So unconsciously, this woman literally shut down her reproductive organs. And after the clearing, she started reporting that husbands coming home early Friday, he had never done that in 15 years. And they’re having their little escapades middle of the day. And I said don’t be surprised Honey, if you get pregnant before you start your next hormone therapy. Sure enough, she got pregnant naturally delivered a happy healthy baby boy. So I’ve got I’ve got arms links of testimonies of people, and demonstrating that, you know, we can heal the most absolute, you know, negative thing going on in our space with energy. And I just, that’s, that’s what gets me up in the morning is not making babies and non traditional way. But yeah, is proving to ourselves proving to me over and over and over that this is how you do it just keeping the flow, whatever it is whether it’s creating a new business, or a relationship or, you know, healing our physical body.

Brian Smith 40:46
Right. Right. So keeping that keeping the energy flowing, right.

Amirah Hall 40:50
We know when you’re in the zone, Brian? Yeah, yeah, that feels. Yeah, you know, when you’re on with your clients.

Brian Smith 40:57
Yeah. I’m curious about your your mediumship, too, because you mentioned that you had some mediumship abilities before the end, the and a lot of times people open up after the end. So did you see a change in your mediumship after the end?

Amirah Hall 41:10
Well, I think I allowed it, or I didn’t have the the, let’s say the boundaries or the the wall like I was so ripped open. You know, I’m like, on full blast, like. I think all of the barriers and the the taboos to seeing or sharing my stories I had shut down with my family. And I think pretty much, you know, after my nd I kind of slowly withdrew from my family, it was sort of a progression of various things. But I think the biggest healing was stopping my connection with them. Because I had so much invested in, in being appreciated, being validated, being loved, who doesn’t, we all want to be loved by our family, right? I think it’s basic human nature. And when I was just never accepted, there was always something wrong with me, right. And so to me, that was a gift. It’s a painful gift. To be honest, it’s not fun thing that I like to talk about. I mean, I’m a Cancerian, that your family is everything. So for me, it was like losing everything. But it also allowed the other parts of me that had been repressed, to really come forward for me to really be who I am. All of it.

Brian Smith 42:28
It’s it’s really unfortunate. But I’m glad that you said that, because I think people need to understand our families are, we’re born into our families, you know, as my wife says, we can choose our friends, but we can’t choose our family. And a lot of times our family will repress us and I’ve interviewed several people that have had to make this very painful decision. That for me to be me, I’ve got to step away from my family. You’re not the first person I’ve talked to this, this has had to choose choose this path, because our, our families will want to pull this back the one that put us in a box. And it takes a lot of strength to say, I have to be me. And I have to I have to do what be true to myself and you and that’s that’s the number one thing is taking care of yourself.

Amirah Hall 43:17
In from your perspective, I admire that that you said it takes strength for me, I saw it as weakness. And I felt like I was there was something wrong with me. But at the same time, it was the most painful thing ever talk about grief is losing family when they’re alive. You know, and I’ve even gone so far to say I don’t have family, you know, and that almost brings me to tears just to say it, you know, but that’s the honest truth. They’re not there. For me, if I get real raw, they weren’t ever I was there for them always to be to do more, to love more to give more for validation. And, and it would never come because they just can’t see me. After doing this work for over 20 years, my mother would continually say to me, please don’t call yourself that. Isn’t there another word that you can call yourself not a psychic. Because, you know, for years, it’s like a psychic sort of a catch all term for a lot of things. And it kind of gets my goat in terms of marketing is like I don’t even know what the eff I am you know, I am. I’m a cosmic soul that’s dancing and I can’t just pick one thing that I’m really good at right because the nature of spirit and the nature of flow is and the more you open up, the more amazing you are with amazing abilities. Right right spiritual gifts, knowing, seeing hearing, manifesting and healing. It becomes your become a rocket ship of all of this, you know, rocket fuel, ready to blast off in any direction,

Brian Smith 44:59
I would say You’re a healer with many different tools. I’ve talked to so many people that are like yourself who have studied this and studied this and you’ve got different tools. So someone comes in and they have an issue, it might be a medium reading for one person they need to hear from a loved one for another person that might be stuck energy that they need to have moved around. So you’ve got you’ve got these different tools, but people we all we do we want to put people in a box. So what are you know, pick one? Yeah,

Amirah Hall 45:25
I called myself the soul mystic, a mirror haul. And I registered that domain name over 24 years ago, right? So yeah, that’s what I’m the sole mystic and whatever shows up we work on and, and it’s it’s always liberating. It’s always mind blowing. And I’ve get many messages from from loved ones, they come in, they say, Hello. Yeah. And it’s It’s so heartwarming to know that we’re not alone and our True Family. And those of maybe that we’ve never met in the body are on the other side of life. And saying hello, and reminding us for our wonderful abilities and to keep our hearts open. And to be all that we can be.

Brian Smith 46:15
Yeah, well, what you said, as I appreciate you being so vulnerable. And I think it’s really important because most of the people that listen to my program have gone through some sort of a grief of that. And a lot of times grief. It brings up it first of all, it makes us a different people, we can allow it if we allow it to it breaks us up and we become different people and then people get uncomfortable with us. And one of the one of the surprising things about grief for a lot of people is the people that you thought were going to be closest for you the people you thought were going to be there for you or not. They they go away, they get uncomfortable. But the flip side of that people that you had no idea, we’re going to become close to you become even closer and they become they become your family. And so I say anybody that loves you unconditionally, that’s your family, whether you’re related by blood or not doesn’t matter.

Amirah Hall 47:01
It’s so true, Brian, I remember when my gifts and abilities start opening up. I had friends that I had known for years, that told me they could no longer associate with me because I was doing the work of the devil. So there’s a lot of different ranges of, you know, understanding that people have. And at that point, I was kind of like, Okay, as you wish one day you’ll find out.

Brian Smith 47:25
Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s, and that’s another thing that you know, in the work that we do, I got a few this morning. It’s interesting, because on my YouTube channel, I get these comments. This person’s lying. This cannot possibly be true. They had an MD and they didn’t mention Jesus. What do you mean? They said they went to heaven. They’re Buddhists. They couldn’t possibly go to heaven. This is all this is all Satan, you know, in disguise trying to trick you

Amirah Hall 47:49
just want to swat the fly and make it go away. Right?

Brian Smith 47:53
Yeah, you know, but I’m at the point now I feel sorry for them. I really I really do. Most of them. You can tell they’re not they’re not very well educated. I hate to say that. But the way that they write, you can tell they’ve been brainwashed by what they’re stoned or something like that. Yeah. But they’ve been brainwashed into saying that the Bible says I’m, I’m a big advocate of the Bible. I’ve read the Bible. I’ve studied the Bible, I’m like, You’re wrong. You’re wrong about what the Bible says. So first of all, even if even if the Bible said that in the Bible would be wrong, but it doesn’t say that the Bible doesn’t say there’s no and the either there’s no afterlife, or you can’t talk to the dead. I’ve got some friends that are mediums, good friends that are that are very devout Christians that are mediums

Amirah Hall 48:35
Great. Well, in Christianity, you know, what’s the Prophet? You know? I mean, what’s the saint? Yeah, messages. And I know that when I was working and living in Dubai, I was quite surprised, because I found that the Islamic people, the whole population, first of all, they don’t, you know, put down Christians, they, they embraced me. And they, they respected my abilities to a very high level, and honored me in ways that I never felt here in the West. In fact, they were more receptive to the quantum healing, and to the non physical world and me connecting with them, then the Christian folks were here over here in the west. So that really shocked me about how receptive they were and opened to the unseen world. And not afraid of it. Well, they don’t like to engage with it because they respect it too much. They don’t want to wake up up the demons, so to speak, right. But yeah, it is fascinating, isn’t it? And all of these folks just are where they’re at. Right? Like, maybe that person will wake why are they watching these channels anyway?

Brian Smith 49:47
Well, you know, that’s a great question. It’s funny you said that because just yesterday I’m like, why are you watching this video? I the video says, you know, John Davis takes a tour of having that’s one of the ones that is getting a lot of a lot of play right now. And I’m like, why are you watching it? You know, but you know, and it’s funny because I have a friend and I interviewed her for my channel. She said several near death experiences. She had a disorder where she was literally dying all the time. So I think she said, like, 18 indies or something. But I interviewed her and she said, you know, in the end the community, she feels like she uses the term god, she’s she’s a devout Christian. Because well, sometimes people don’t like it when I use the term God, I’m like, we’re just using different language for the same thing.

Amirah Hall 50:29
Right. Great. I know. I appreciate that. You know, speaking of Jesus, you know, I was detoxing once this was before my nd E. And I actually, I would after I was when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. And I started on this campaign of detoxing. 30. Day Detox is twice a year, and I’m talking intense detoxing. I was doing water fast for three or four days. And I was on my bed, I was kind of weak that one point. And I remember just looking and staring into space, and Jesus appeared to me. And he had his hands out, I only saw him from the chest up. And he had his hands out like this to me. And I was so stunned and so shocked. And I’m like, Oh, my God, I would have had a list of questions that I know and you were dropping in, you know? Yeah, but you know, Jesus can appear when you least expect it doesn’t have to happen in the end D. And my thinking about the Indies, I often thought was mine an N D E, or is it an OBE? Or is it this? Or is it that? You know what? Let’s stop trying to you know, pigeonhole it and realize that the transformation, the messages, and the teaching is where we’re we should really be focusing not on Oh, Amira was smoking some good shit, because that’s how she got knocked out of her body. Excuse me, this lasted for nine months. Yeah, you know, this was not just a hit on some stupid joint, you know? And so I get annoyed, and quite honestly, because of my story, I felt ostracized from the end. So a foul followings, right? Oh, it was the real one, early in the day, right? It’s just like, Oh, that wasn’t a real one. Or oh, if you know, unless you have a medical documentation that you died, right, I really didn’t. And I’m like, they were asking me if my chest was bruised and pounded the crap out of me, right, trying to get the heart going. Okay, it’s primitive, but they did their best.

Brian Smith 52:31
You’re absolutely right. And we do have these people that want to pick it apart. I remember listening and because I listen to them all the time. And a guy he was he was on LSD, and had an NDA. So people might will say, Well, how do you know, it wasn’t just a trip? How do you know it was it was an NDA, but they’re all trips? Yeah, exactly. That’s the thing. And I think there’s there’s fascinating overlap between forgotten the technical term, but for plant medicine, so when people do DMT, and people do iOS for watsco,

Amirah Hall 53:00
one time, yeah, well, three times down in Peru the year before. Did you okay? Yeah. And so okay, there’s a fine line now as a clairvoyant. And when I leave my body in meditation, how is that different? Because I go to some incredible places, I come back with messages from the celestial sanctuary, you know, where I go to get my information. And sometimes I’m when I’m least expecting, it’ll get a visitation from Saint Germain or somebody. So the more we’re in alignment to these experiences, the more they happen, and I’ve been saying this for at least a decade, now, you mark my word, we’re coming into an era where many more of our spiritual abilities are going to get cranked up, because many of us have been opening and paving the way. So if all of a sudden you’re sitting on the sofa, and you start hallucinating, and I had a guy come to see me a couple of weeks ago, that had this very thing, same thing, and it and so we start thinking, you just walk through the wall, or you just saw grandpa standing there in the corner, and you turned away and then he’s gone. This is going to happen more and more and more because the veil is thinning. And so people are going to be freaked out when they don’t understand it or they don’t they can’t control it. And what to do, it’s going to it’s going to rattle their cage, so to speak.

Brian Smith 54:26
I do want to ask you, since you’ve had both experiences, how did Ayahuasca experience compared to your other experiences, whether it’s the NDA or your other out of body experience,

Amirah Hall 54:35
similar in different ways. The first moment when I first went again, I had done a detox for 30 days before so I was super clean. So I didn’t know first of all, I didn’t know anything about ayahuasca I was going on a trip to Peru. I had no idea what iOS 9097 No idea what I was doing or anything, but I cried on the plane all All the way from San Diego to Lima, Peru, I saw like a baby, I had strangers holding me in the airplane, and just consoling me, I wrote letters to my family, because I felt like I was going to die. And I thought it was going to be an airplane crash or something, I just I, the whole, my whole body wouldn’t stop sobbing. And so I was, you know, plugged in to this, this release of letting go of who I am how I perceived myself, all of that death was sort of like living the death, right? And call that grieving, got to Peru, we went embarked on the journey when the Amazon when we started the journey, they told me people are going to throw up. And okay, I didn’t throw up. There were two other ladies, they had done several journeys, and I had not, this was my first. So everybody was vomiting violently, okay, it’s not a nice sound, or, you know, I started to get a headache. And my head was, I thought it was going to blow up like an atomic bomb. It hurts so bad. And I was trying to contain myself and stay grounded and be present. Well, three shamans started praying over me, and rattles and doing all their rituals, whatever. And, you know, I kept waiting for my head to crack open, it was just going to explode. And after about half an hour, all of a sudden, there was this black smoke that came out of my forehead. In that moment, I understood that there was a shaman that I was working with in San Diego, that he was plugged into what I call my pineal gland, my sixth chakra, center revision, and he was Hijacking My spiritual information for his own superpowers. And then I blasted that energy out. I later found out that the shaman did not want to conduct the ceremony, because somebody was supposed to be going blind. And that person happened to be me. But it turns out, it was I was able to release that energy. Again, stuck energy seems to be my theme. That energy that was foreign to me that was Hijacking My spiritual abilities, got evaporated. And I knew in that minute, I could not associate with those people anymore. And then I had to cut ties that they were not helpful for me and my my growth. The next day in the next ceremony was when I had another vision of me coming through again, another, as I’m saying this, I’m seeing the theme. I was shooting like a shooting star through the cosmos. But I came through a diamond shaped opening that I later called a portal. And I knew that I came to a place early Egypt. So it was part of the Egyptian I guess territory, I think it was in Byzantine time, or Byzantine era where I came in, not in that moment, I knew I was a star seed. And I came to Earth in and I embodied in probably was like Iraq or the Byzantine. That’s all I knew. And I didn’t I wasn’t curious. I didn’t do any more research. I just left it there. I’m like, oh, yeah, that’s nice to do. It’s like, what am I going to do with that? Like, okay, so big deal back in 1997? So I’m a star seed. I didn’t I didn’t have anything to do with it. Like, I didn’t. I didn’t attach my ego to that or, or make it a big thing. I honestly repressed it. Because, you know, I see people do well, I’m a star seed really get over yourself. Yeah.

Okay, so I have a bit of an attitude over that. I just and that that’s really, there was no going back after that. After after coming back to Egypt. I couldn’t get a corporate job to save my soul. Every time I re re interviewed for those those jobs that I was previously doing, they would never hire me after the third interview. I’m just like, Okay, well, okay, spirit. I get it. I get it. I’m supposed to be doing this work.

Brian Smith 59:37
Yeah, well, I think I think these events A lot of times put us put us on our path. And so we I believe in the EES are tailored by believe they’re tailored for the individual. And you get what you need to get you back on the path that you were supposed to be on. And for a lot of us it’s not you can’t go back to the other world. It’s, it’s interesting you were saying that IO Aska when you’re going to put From Peru, you had this premonition that you were going to die because I’ve heard people compare I WASC, a trip to death, that that it’s like you, you actually die you, you come back a different person than you were when you went into the experience,

Amirah Hall 1:00:12
no question about that. So again, could it be like we weren’t in an era then of the internet, I wasn’t on some research, there wasn’t the documentation, I was in my own little world, isolated processing all this and, you know, savoring it or trying to forget it, you know, it’s sort of both both sides to that. But over the years in communicating with a lot of deceased loved ones, on the other side of life, I’ve come to the understanding that regardless if it’s a near death experience, and where we go, and what we perceive, or whether it’s a person that’s left this world, and they’re in the other world, it’s what our conscious how we’re able to develop our consciousness here. That is what we take with us and or how we experience our nd ease. Right? It’s my own some summer summation is like, I remember connecting with this gentleman on the other side, this lady came to me and she wanted to have his Where is he? What’s he doing? And all I could see him was in his woodworking shop. And he was just planing or leaving, I guess it’s a planer. And he was just, he was like, in this time loop, like a little gif, you know, or GIF. He was like in this perpetual little mini video. But he was stuck there. But that’s His heaven. She goes, oh my god, he loved woodworking. So that was where he found his piece. That’s where he found his connection to his heart, perhaps. And that was his idea of heaven. And she was good with that.

Brian Smith 1:01:52
Yeah, and that might be what he does for a while, you know, it’s, it’s just, I tried to integrate these things, right. So the OBE is, and I have people I know, people actually have really good friends with the guys on the internet. Now who he does, I guess it’s called Soul Retrieval, that sometimes when people cross over now, this is controversial, people like to hear it. But sometimes we cross over, we do kind of get stuck, we don’t go to the place we get stuck in between. And so there are people that are on this side that will actually go help those people like okay, we connect you with your guides, so you can so you can move on to the next level.

Amirah Hall 1:02:27
So perfect example, I was just at a friend’s he lost his wife three months, six months ago. And I’ve been to the home several times. And when I leave, I’d start I would feel so depressed for three days, and have to go deep and like what is that? Is that me? Is that what what am I picking up here? Well, I was meditating at the park just earlier this week. And all of a sudden, I could see her. And she came to me and showed me she was in this perpetual setting the table in the in the dining dining room. She was stuck in making sure all the place settings were right. Everything was perfect. And I said to her, Well, what are you doing? She was somebody’s coming companies coming. I’m like, well, who’s coming? Who are Who are you with? And she could say she wasn’t looking at me. She kept looking at her setting. And she kept saying, Well, my aunt’s over there. So I thought, Well, her parents, and she’s got other siblings. And nobody’s with her. On the other side, she’s stuck setting the table in the home that I was always feeling depressed at when I went. So I’m thinking to spirit well, and I don’t know this woman and the gentleman doesn’t talk a lot about her and what her traits were. So I said to spirit, well, what do I do? And so I opened the back door, and I opened the front door, and golden light just shone bright and filled the house and filled her. And all of a sudden she went to the door and opened it. Or like there was a crossover perception of that. And there was her family and everybody greeting her. And yes, she was stuck setting the table. She was stuck in 3d. So I later asked my friend, did she have a spiritual or a you know, really any kind of connection with Christ or Jesus or Christian? He said No, nothing. Her heaven her. Her connection was making everything perfect in this life, right at the table setting. She had no idea where to go or what to do. Right. And the family was all there. There was just no opening for her to connect with that vibration. Well, hopefully we’ll see. It’s only been three, four days. So hopefully everybody can move on and, and, and it’s the process of her energy actually releasing so that people can take

Brian Smith 1:04:52
that. Well. That’s why I think sometimes when people hear this kind of conversation, they might well go well so what you know, but it’s important We understand this while we’re here because you said something really important. I think earlier. When we cross over, we take our perceptions with us. So for stuck to this plane, if we’re stuck, if we’re, if we’re all about whatever’s going on here, and we’re not ready to move on, we don’t necessarily move on to that next phase until somebody comes to help us.

Amirah Hall 1:05:20
It’s what they call limbo. Yeah, stuck in limbo or purgatory. And I think that’s the way that Catholic faith talked about it. But I’ve seen it like many people I’ve helped move to their next day. Well, because because when they’re open and wide, they’ll they’ll show up and they’ll talk to me like it’s, it’s amazing. Their deep wisdom and their connection and they’re busy and they’re learning and they’re engaging with different things. It’s, it’s miraculous. So and they’re radically different. My ex husband shot himself over the over the COVID lockdowns and everything. And I tried to connect with him for a year and a half. And now, I’ve gotten to the place of being in gratitude with all of the times that we did share and things that I’m grateful for. And he’s starting to feel like an end, he was definitely opposed to any any kind of this conversation. He was somebody that was that was off his his wheel. Yeah, but he’s definitely still stuck. And I am not, I guess I’m not the person to facilitate that, you know?

Brian Smith 1:06:28
Yeah, well, we can only do so much. And we all have our own agency. And I think people, you know, the difference between you mentioned purgatory, and I get in a lot of conversation with people about hell, because I deal with a lot of Christians. And the difference is God puts us there. You know, it’s because it’s because of sin that we’re like, we’re placed there. I think it’s the other I think it’s the opposite thing. Sometimes we feel like we’re not worthy to move on. And we’re scared of going over. So we we actually put ourselves in these situations where it’s like, I don’t feel like I deserve to move on.

Amirah Hall 1:07:01
That’s why being stuck in fear and all of our judgments to me, that’s hell on earth. I mean, so you’re gonna, you’re gonna go there. Yeah, if you’re feeling it here, nobody’s gonna forgive that. It’s an inside job. Exactly. That’s what I’ve understood. It’s me. It’s not anybody outside of me when I had my review. It had nothing to do with what anybody was looking at the way I will, how I treated it, but it was how I treated me.

Brian Smith 1:07:26
Yeah, exactly. Well, I we’re gonna have to wrap up here, we’re working my gosh. It’s really, really fast. So I want to give you an opportunity to let people know like how they can reach you. I know, You’ve written several books to talk about your books and your website and all that stuff.

Amirah Hall 1:07:42
Okay. Yeah, I’ve written several books manifesting miracles, one on one, it’s really a guide book I wrote after or for my mentoring students that guide them along the process of clearing their channels and clearing themselves so they can have what they really are here to fulfill in their heart. on every level, I recently released The Essential Guide to spiritual awakening with a little bit of my story in there. But also the things as people are starting to wake up what they need to look at and reflect on and how the signs are showing up for them. And sometimes we don’t realize that it’s all part of that spiritual journey that we’re we’re on, that’s actually getting triggered. My website is Amuro And I’m sure you’ll put that in the description. And yeah, I invite people, I do virtual group sessions, once a month, where you can find that on my website. And I’m also launching next week. I don’t know when we’ll post this, but anybody can jump in. It’s a manifesting challenge. So I will be it’s not interactive, I will be simply guiding people live for 30 minutes, for five days, in July, five days in August, five days in September. So to just get us revved up and rollin and keep flowing. Thanks, spirit. And so yeah, to manifest manifest what’s in your heart?

Brian Smith 1:09:07
Awesome. So people can reach out to you from for mediumship or for Yes, healing as she feels.

Amirah Hall 1:09:12
I do have sessions on my website, they can reach out to me for that. And just to chat and we can decide where to go with it.

Brian Smith 1:09:21
Sounds great. Well, it’s been really wonderful getting to know you today. I do want to spell your name for people because I will definitely put it in the notes. But sometimes people are listening when they’re walking whenever. So it’s a mirror. It’s a mi ra h and it’s mural Hall. So there’s two H’s if it’s a mural So you can find a mirror there so great to meet you and have a great rest of your day.

Amirah Hall 1:09:41
So thank you so much. You’re psychic yourself, you know that right?

Brian Smith 1:09:45
I’ve been told that yeah, you

Amirah Hall 1:09:47
are. Awesome. Thanks.

Brian Smith 1:09:51
Now that you’re here at grifter growth, I like to ask you to do three things. The first thing is to make sure that you like click Notifications, and subscribe to make sure you get updates from my YouTube channel. Also, if you’d like to support me financially, you can support me through my tip jar at grief to It’s grief and number two jar or look for tip jar at the very top of the page or buy me a coffee at the very bottom of the page, you can make a small financial contribution. The third thing I’d like to ask is to make sure you share this with a friend through all your social media, Facebook, Instagram, whatever. Thanks for being here. Don’t forget to like hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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