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Animal Communication: Insights into the Mysteries of the Human-Animal Bond

Dr. Doolittle introduced many of us to the idea of animal communication

Have you ever wondered what your furry friend is thinking or wished you could have a deeper connection with your pet? Animal communication may sound mystical, but it’s simply tapping into our natural intuition to understand non-verbal cues and signals.

In this interview, animal intuitive Maribeth Decker demystifies interspecies communication, sharing practical tips to strengthen your relationship with pets and animal companions. With over 15 years of experience connecting people and animals, she provides heartwarming perspectives on the eternal nature of cross-species bonds.

Getting Started with Animal Communication

While some are born with extra sensitivity, Maribeth explains that anyone can learn basic animal communication skills. It all starts by getting quiet, centering your energy, focusing your intention on connecting and allowing information to flow.

You may receive images, words, physical sensations, emotions, or inner knowings. The key is tuning into animals’ vibrant non-verbal language and receiving communication with an open mind and heart.

To send information telepathically, visualize relevant images the animal can understand, state your message clearly, and infuse it with supportive emotions like love or reassurance. Simple consistency builds trust and stronger soul-to-soul connections over time.

Deepening Your Bond through the “Energetic Heart Smoothie” Exercise

One powerful practice for energetically connecting with pets is what Marybeth calls the “Energetic Heart Smoothie.”

To do this, visualize all the souls in your family, including humans and animals, standing together in a circle. Imagine vibrant green light emanating from your heart chakra and flowing into each being’s heart center.

As the green light circulates around the circle, verbally express your care, support, and commitment to the relationship. Infuse the beam with emotions like unconditional love. This helps amplify telepathic communications whether in times of joy, during periods of separation like vacation boarding, or even once a companion has passed over into spirit.

Navigating End of Life Care and Decisions with Compassion

When animals enter senior years or receive difficult medical diagnoses, grief often starts immediately for guardians envisioning life without a beloved family member. However, pets live fully in the present moment without the same fears or projections we have as linear-thinking humans.

Maribeth reminds guardians to savor each new day despite declines in health or mobility. Engage in activities that bring your animal joy, consider alternative pain management therapies, use massage to ease sore muscles, and be fully present together as much as possible. Communicating reassurance and optimism helps them maintain emotional equilibrium.

Eventually, if suffering seems to outweigh quality of life, trusting your intuition and acting from a place of compassion regarding euthanasia transitions a pet’s spirit back to the worlds of light where they exist free of a failing physical body.

Animal Communication Is Natural and Intuitive
Animal Communication Is Natural and Intuitive

According to Maribeth’s communications with animals in spirit, they don’t hold grudges about the timing of this decision. Their soul memory centers more around the loving bond you share. So whether you feel you acted too early or waited too long, forgiving yourself is an essential part of grieving deeply and making space for another animal companion to come into your life soon.

The Soul Contracts of Animal Companions

Maribeth believes animals have soul blueprints and make agreements both contractually and energetically to assist human partners. Their teachers show people unconditional love and presence. They stretch humans to practice trust, patience, and acceptance. And their seeming impermanence provides spiritual lessons about attachment, grief, death, and learning to live in the moment.

Some even theorize certain courageous animals volunteer as part of food industries to compel society toward more ethical treatment. Regardless of why specific creatures suffer, increased empathy and activism help raise collective consciousness so all might eventually know peace.

Strengthen Soul Bonds through Animal Communication

Rather than regarding cross-species relationships as random or transactional, this cosmic perspective validates how animals and their people choose each other, are destined to meet, and are forever transformed by their partnerships.

Through intentionally communicating from the heart and better understanding pets’ viewpoints, needs, and emotions, human guardians open mystical portals to magical, mutually healing connections operating simultaneously across space and time.

If you’re ready to communicate intuitively with your animals or discover professional animal communication services, visit for empathic coaching sessions via phone or Zoom.

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