Are You A Wayseer?

Attention all you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers, all you free spirits and pioneers, all you visionaries and nonconformists…

This morning, as I was walking, a song by Jon Secada came up on my random shuffle. The song is “I’m Free.” The lyrics in that song prompted me to listen to Wayseer Manifesto, a piece that always makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. That, and reading The Seth material lately, led to this article. So this is how my brain works. 🧠💭

I’m writing to you because I believe that we are hardwired to change the world as spiritually evolving people. We see things differently and cannot be repressed by societal norms. We are the revolutionaries, the pioneers, the visionaries, and the change-makers who, throughout history, have dared to defy the status quo and make a lasting impact on humanity. These are the Wayseers who can sense and follow “the Way.” 🔮✨

The concept of Wayseers is reminiscent of the Tao, an ancient Chinese philosophy representing the universe’s natural order, an underlying force guiding all things. Like the Way, the Tao is eternal and transcendent, urging us to align ourselves with its principles to achieve harmony and balance. C.S. Lewis also discussed the Tao in his work, noting its striking resemblance to the divine spark, or “the Way,” that Wayseers tap into. 💡🌍

Some notable Wayseers include Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Martin Luther King Jr., who, despite facing adversity, broke free from societal constraints to contribute to the world in profound ways. Their minds resonated with “the Way,” an innate understanding of the natural order of life that transcends societal rules and laws. As Wayseers, it is our calling to tap into this divine truth and break free from the mold society has created for us. We must challenge conventional norms, disrupt the status quo, and realign humanity with the Way, the Tao, and the All That Is. The opening line of this article is the opening line of the song. If you feel like you’re out of place in the world, good! 🔥🌟

The All That Is, as explored in The Seth Materials and Seth Speaks books, is a concept that encompasses the totality of existence, the source from which all things emanate. By connecting to the All That Is and embracing our roles as Wayseers and Speakers, we can manifest our highest potential and contribute to the greater good of humanity. Speakers, much like Wayseers, come through the collective consciousness of humanity to remind us of profound truths. Because Speakers both channel collective consciousness and emanate from the collective consciousness, they remind us we are all creators and creations simultaneously. They are the emissaries of wisdom and knowledge, helping us rediscover our intrinsic connection to the universe and our potential as creators. 🌈🙏

Let this serve as your calling. Recognize your potential, embrace your inner truth, and defy society’s limitations. You’ve found your tribe; welcome home. Together, we can create a world where the Way’s flame burns brightly, illuminating the path for all who dare to walk it. Take a few moments, listen to The Wayseer Manifesto, and see if it speaks to you the way it speaks to me. 🎧✨

I hope this message resonates and inspires you to embrace your inner Wayseer. Never forget you are a creation and a creator simultaneously. By connecting to the All That Is and embracing our roles as Wayseers and Speakers, we can manifest our highest potential and contribute to the greater good of humanity.

Thank you for being a part of this community of spiritually evolving misfits. Let’s continue to break free and be the change we wish to see in the world.

With love and light, 💖🌟

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  1. After since I was a little girl, I always looked at the word differently and I would ask my aunt, why I see what I see and she would say, you have a Godly fairing eye and you actually see the world even through its cover up. I’m very thankful for all the insightful information brought my way. I will continue my journey to the very end and will have all my teaching with me to spread the word with love positivity. May God Holy Spirit be upon us and wish all many blessings.

  2. I’ve always felt I was different from everyone. I didn’t know why I felt different. As I got older I would read things that are at the same place I am. I found out so many things. I always wondered why my heart felt it was overflowing with love. Then I’m a person who loves everyone. I was taught respect also taught about kindness caring. I wondered why I would feel other peoples pain and emotions. So I read it was because I’m an empath. The reason I feel I want to save the world from evil. Protect everyone. I found out I was a way seer. And the verses I get are exactly what I’m going through or experiencing. After all these years maybe I’m beginning to find out who I am.