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Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Katie Beecher- Soul Inspired Healing

Katie Beecher, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Medical and Emotional Intuitive with over thirty years of experience. She is featured in Goop, Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh and Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics Blog. Katie has a unique way of working with clients, creating a detailed, individualized, physical, emotional, and spiritual report and symbolic painting, […]

Grief 2 Growth Podcast- Jacob Cooper- Life After Breath

Jake Cooper is a fascinating young man. He’s certainly wise beyond his years. After reading his book, Jake and I sat down for this interview to discuss his amazing experience at the age of 3 when he died and experienced Jesus (as an Orthodox Jew) and more! Jacob Cooper is a Clinical Social Worker, Certified […]

Day 2086- Know Your Value

If I hear Mika Brzezinski say “Knot Your Value” one more time, I’m gonna scream. But, Mika has a point. Most of us need to value ourselves more. The world spends years bringing us down exposing our weaknesses; even emphasizing them, as expressed in Pink Floyd’s album The Wall. I was inexplicably mesmerized by the […]

Curtis Childs- Swedenborg and Your Life

Curtis Childs is the director and host of Off The Left Eye, a Swedenborg Foundation. Emmanuel Swedenborg was an 18th century Renaissance man, who late in life began having spiritual experiences and wrote about them in a series of books that are as relevant today as they were then. Swedenborg was ahead of his time […]