Blind Mediumship Demonstration With Thomas John

This is a mystery. I know I posted this before, back in May 2018 when I conducted this experiment with Thomas John. But, it’s completely disappeared. So, here we go again.  Thomas John graciously agreed to submit to a test reading. I set up the test protocol. Only two people in the world knew who both the sitter and the medium were- Tywana and I. Thomas was given a Zoom link. The sitter was given a Zoom link. Thomas had been working with Helping Parents Heal and had given several of us readings, including me. He absolutely blew us all away. I wanted to have even more strict conditions since when a medium does a reading they will often have a credit card charge and/or a telephone number to call. With this information, someone could do social media research on you and find information. To eliminate this possibility, this was not a paid reading (no credit card information) and we used my Zoom account to make the connection. No one had any phone numbers. When you’re doing scientific experiments, you use blinds to make the results as objective as possible. There are single-blind, double-blind, triple-blind etc.  I’m not sure of the level here. Obviously, Thomas could see and hear Fran once the connection was made via Zoom. But, it’s not possible he could have researched her before or during.

The sitter, Fran, is a friend of Tywana’s. I had met Fran a couple of times. She has a daughter who has transitioned (as you’ll see when you watch the video). But, she is not affiliated with Helping Parents Heal. Besides, Thomas did not have even the first name of the sitter.

At the appropriate time, Fran and I got on the call. That’s when I told her the medium would be Thomas John. Thomas came on and the rest is recorded for you to see and judge for yourself. Afterward, I stayed on with Fran and did a short debrief. Fran was astounded by Thomas’ accuracy.