This blog is dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Shayna Elayne Smith, who passed from this world in June 2015.

Shayna continues to guide, inspire, push, and prod me. She has shown me signs of her continued and remains a daily presence in my life.

She is my inspiration for the work I do.

Day 1- The Organ Donor Call

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I forgot to include this on day one. We get home from the hospital after having been given the shock of our lives. My parents and brother have driven in from two hours away and are helping us cope. There is a voicemail on the phone. I check it. It’s LifeChoice with a “time sensitive” […]

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Day 2- Maybe It Was a Dream

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I wake often.  Maybe I’m awake more than I’m asleep. The first thought is always “Did it really happen?  Is she really gone?” I mean Shayna was healthy and athletic and 15. She went to bed Tuesday night and didn’t wake up yesterday morning. Then open my eyes and realize it wasn’t a dream. Next comes the […]

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Day 1- She’s Gone

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Yesterday morning I was sitting at my desk, doing my normal Facebook thing. I had just been out for a 4.5 mile walk. My wife had been working out and had gone to the basement to begin her day’s work. Shayna was supposed to come down and help her, but Shayna had overslept. Ty texted […]

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