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Why do we grieve?

What is grief?

What can you expect from grief?

How do we handle grief?

How can I use my grief to grow?


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All of us will experience grief sooner or later. Even so, we’re caught unaware by grief when it visits us. In his book, Brian writes movingly and eloquently about his own grief at the passing of his beloved daughter and describes what helped him get back and stay on his feet. It’s filled with timeless wisdom (we’re not material beings) and practical tips (how to develop good healing habits) on dealing with profound grief. So much wisdom in so few pages. This is not just for those struggling with grief, but for all of us. For, as Brian reminds us, we must prepare ourselves for dealing with it when it comes. I plan to read this again. And again.

Srini Chandrasekharan


Brian Smith In the beginning of your book you talk about the intellectual study of grief and the experience of grief. Your book is a beautiful juxtaposition of these two elements. You give us practical tips and physical symptoms to look out for as well as baring your soul and sharing your grief experience with Shayna’s transition.
This is a powerful tool for healing. Thank you for doing the work required to be able to write such an important book I am buying several copies to share with my loved ones who are grieving. I know you have already helped so many people and I believe this book has the potential to help so many more. This book is concise, from the heart and practical at the same time.

I recently heard Liz Gilbert say “the honor in grief is loving someone so much that their departure breakers you”. You have honored your grief and your love for Shayna by sharing this with all of us.

Hoping to see this book remain #1 on Amazon for a long time to come! ???


George Kao

I’m only 10 minutes into reading this book, and already I feel like I’m better equipped the next time a friend, colleague, or family member is dealing with grief.

The author is both a researcher and experiencer of grief, and does a good job of describing the experience, and how to cope with it, in a way that is EASY to read (important especially for those going through grief), and easy to understand.

George Kao

Vincenza Volpe-Carter

As a shining light parent who is a member of Helping Parents Heal, Brian has been one of my role models thru this awful journey. I strongly recommend this book for those who are struggling with grief, especially those who are grieving the “loss” of their child. In this well written book Brian has gone beyond the typical book for the grieving, and offered practical, easy, ways to help live with the grief.

Vincenza Volpe-Carter

Grief. We avoid talking about it. We avoid thinking about it. However, every one of us who lives long enough will experience it. Since you are reading this, you are likely experiencing grief at this moment. It is also likely you’ve given little thought as to how you were going to cope with grief when it came to you, and the pain caught you off guard.

In Grief 2 Growth, I explore what grief is, what you can expect while in grief, and how you can best cope with the universal human experience of grief. Grief is not an emotion. Grief is a container for a myriad of emotions that ebb and flow. Rather than a linear process, grief is more like a dance. Once I have explained what grief is and what you can expect from grief, Brian gives simple, practical methods for coping.  You can do more than deal with grief. You can transform your pain into an opportunity for growth. When a great tragedy befalls us, we can see ourselves as either planted or buried. Being buried means we are done. Being planted means, we are in a position where growth is about to take place. My approach to handling grief is rooted in a firm understanding of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience

I became well acquainted with grief in 2015 after the sudden passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter Shayna. This book is based first hand knowledge and hundreds of hours spent with hundreds of grieving parents. In my work with them, I have interviewed many experts in healing, grief, and the afterlife. In the book, I teach you what I have learned.

I first learned how to survive for the sake of my wife and surviving daughter. I studied in depth the nature of life and death and how to progress through grief. Currently, I do volunteer work with organizations dedicated to helping parents heal from the passing of a child. 

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