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Can Mediums Reach People With Dementia- With Stephanie Banks

Can mediums reach people with dementia? I think the answer is yes.

The intriguing world of intuitive channeling is often clouded in mystery and misconception. But Stephanie Banks, a professional intuitive channel, mentor, and guide, aims to dispel the uncertainty surrounding this spiritual practice in our latest podcast episode. Stephanie shares her extraordinary journey, beginning with her mother’s mental illness and dementia, and reveals the techniques she used to maintain a soul-level connection with her mother despite these challenges.

Channeling is connecting to divine energy, and we are divine energy

stephanie banks

What Is Intuitive Channeling?

Intuitive channeling, as explained by Stephanie, is a process of connecting to divine energy, which is inherent within us. While you’ve heard of mediums, you may not have heard the term “intuitive channel.” Several years ago, I was listening to a medium describe reaching someone in a coma. Mediums can channel people with dementia, as Stephanie found out. By maintaining excellent self-care and tuning into this divine energy, one can effectively bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.

Training And Research In Intuitive Channeling

Stephanie’s exploration of intuitive channeling wasn’t a solitary journey. She had the opportunity to participate in a long-term study at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Here, she learned to become comfortable with channeling and took the bold step of sharing her experiences with the world. Channeling offers fascinating data for those interested in understanding this practice better. There are potential benefits for individuals unable to communicate verbally.

A New View On Death And End Of Life

Stephanie’s journey through intuitive channeling led her to confront topics such as end-of-life issues and cultural attitudes toward death.

We tend to feel like we’re losing our loved ones with dementia, but they are still very much present and available.

Stephanie banks

Channeling Non-Humans

Channeling, according to Stephanie, is not limited to humans. She speaks about her experiences channeling animals and trees. She talks about how their energy can offer grounding and connection to the earth. Moreover, she underscores the need for individuals practicing channeling to maintain a high vibrational frequency and attune to higher consciousness. Stephanie says that even the Earth itself, Gaia, is an energy we can communicate with.

Mediums Connecting With People With Dementia

When discussing dementia, Stephanie encourages listeners to understand that their loved ones are still present despite their deteriorating cognitive abilities. By transcending verbal communication and connecting at a soul level, individuals can maintain a deep and meaningful bond with their loved ones.

The Power Of Intuitive Channeling

The power of channeling is its ability to provide access to our late loved ones and ancestors. It is a tool for exploring the subtle realm of intuition and connection, and for differentiating one’s thoughts from those of a loved one.

The exploration of intuitive channeling with Stephanie Banks offers an enriching perspective on the intersections of spirituality, science, and human experience. Her insights challenge conventional understandings of consciousness and inspire listeners to delve deeper into their connections with the spiritual realm.

If you can find a way to join your loved one with dementia, do it. It’s worth it.”

stephanie banks

Key Takeaways:

  • Soul-Level Communication in Dementia: Stephanie’s experience with her mother, Joanie, emphasizes the importance of connecting on a deeper level.
  • The Power of Intuitive Channeling: Channeling is not just a way to communicate with the spirit world. Chalnneling is ameans to connect soul to soul, even with people still in the physical realm. This challenges conventional beliefs about the boundaries of spiritual communication.
  • Free Will and Pre-Destiny: An interesting tension exists between the concept of free will and the possibility of certain life trajectories being pre-destined. Stephanie’s belief in free will’s role in shaping our life’s path while considering pre-destiny offers a nuanced view of spiritual destiny.
  • Presence in Dementia: Stephanie’s account of her mother retaining her spirit and ability to love even while losing cognitive function highlights the need to view individuals with dementia as still “present” in some form.
  • The Right Brain’s Untapped Potential: Stephanie’s experience in enhancing her right brain capabilities for better intuition and creativity brings forth the conversation about our society’s underutilized right-brain potential.

How To Reach Stephanie

You can reach Stephanie at her website:

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