Capturing Your Loved One’s Legacy- Ruthanne Warnick

Ruthanne Warnick advocates capturing family stories and experiences to connect generations. As a Family Legacy Guide, Ruthanne helps individuals glean the most important stories, experiences, lessons, and words of love and combine them with photos to create a lasting family treasure. She says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture plus the words is priceless.” As some of Ruthanne’s family members passed away, she realized how many family stories died with them and how valuable the stories and words she did have would become.

After becoming a certified Guided Autobiography instructor in 2012, Ruthanne founded Capture the Journey to help others take action, avoid the regret of waiting until it’s too late, and honor those already gone. With that goal in mind, Ruthanne speaks to audiences of all sizes, conducts workshops, and shares tips and resources to provide ongoing support. creates guidebooks and other resources.

She is the co-author of a recently published book, Life Boosts, Volume 4, and the author of numerous published magazine articles. In addition to her legacy work, Ruthanne’s experience over the past 30 years has included non-profit administration and volunteer leadership in a national women’s organization.

Advancing from the local to the regional level and then to the national level of leadership, Ruthanne has engaged, mentored, and trained hundreds of other women to become leaders.


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