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Most of us spend around half of our waking hours engaged in “making a living”. But, what you do to make money is more than just a utilitarian exchange of your time for some money, at least hopefully. Your work can bring fulfillment. Your work can even bring you joy. Are you in a career that is providing you with more than only a paycheck? Would you like to be? And, if your job is merely providing a paycheck, have you thought of what that paycheck allows you to do? Just that simple shift in thinking about a “dead end” job can be helpful.

Education goes hand-in-hand with career in this knowledge economy. We must constantly reinvent ourselves to stay relevant. If you want to change jobs, you’ll to do something to make yourself attractive to an employer. If you want to be an entrepreneur, there are skills you will need to run your own business.

Are you making plans for the next thing you want to do? What can you do to get yourself ready?

Change is coming. Are you ready?

I graduated from college many decades ago now. When I graduated, you looked for one job with a company that would take care of you until retirement and provide you with a pension until death. Things have changed.

In college, I pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering, the toughest major I could think of. I’ve always been driven. Four years later, I had that degree and took my first job. At the first company I worked for, I was uncomfortable even answering the telephone and talking to strangers. Someone told me that to be successful I was going to improve my social skills. I decided to transform myself. I forced myself to make that change by getting a sales job with IBM. I was going to sink or swim. I was either going to learn to persuade people or be fired. After eight years with IBM, I left for companies where I could have more autonomy, finally moving to own my own internet company which I have run for seventeen years. I am a sole proprietor, along with my wife, teaching myself skills in web design, HTML, marketing, logistics, etc. And, now as I approach my sixtieth year, I am embarking on another career.

Constant reinvention is necessary today to remain relevant and to be available for opportunities to present themselves.

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