Category: Dreams

Day 777- You’ve Got Mail

Last night I had a dream that featured a mailbox. I don’t ever recall dreaming about a mailbox.  My mailbox had been knocked down, I put it in the back of my truck, took it out of my truck, put it back in my truck. Then, today, not five minutes after another synchronicity occurred, I […]

Day 652- Tilt-A-Whirl

Tonight is a rainy, stormy, night.  We know from one of Shayna’s essays that she enjoyed listening to thunder storms. It’s never been my thing, but a gentle rain hitting the roof does seem to put me into a deeper slumber and the deeper the better as far as I’m concerned. When we head up […]

Day 639- Doors

Doors have been on my mind.  This week I started a book by George Anderson. In the opening of the book, he mentions how life is like a series of doors or portals. We come into life through the portal of birth. We exit through the portal of death. In between, we are a met […]

Day 561- You’re 10?  You Don’t Look A Day Over 8

Tywana and I had a phone conversation with Kayla last night.  IKR?  An actual telephone conversation.  Kayla has been having more dreams and more vivid dreams. I have been dreaming about Shayna more often.  I’m so grateful for the fact I can fall asleep easily and stay asleep.  It’s my escape from this reality into […]

Day 569- Reunited

My dreamscape tonight takes me to a huge house that I recognize from a previous dream. It’s impossibly big and beautiful. In my previous dream, the house was mine.  In this dream, someone else has bought it and remodeled/expanded it. They’re letting me look around to see what they’ve done with the place.  On one […]

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