I am a host of some of the Helping Parents Heal meetings. I’ve seen Daniel John read before last night and during our interviews, he’s brought through little things about Shayna.

Last night, as I was interviewing Daniel for Helping Parents Heal, he mentioned a sign that Shayna used to give us.He also told my wife that there was something about earrings. She had thought about changing her earrings before the meeting because she thought they were too small to show up on the camera.

I was there just to interview Daniel. But, toward the end of the meeting, he mentioned he could do some readings if we had the time. Since all of the parents love readings, we decided to have one or two.

Earlier in the interview, I mentioned Shayna and he said he had felt her draw close. He mentioned a lamp. I told him that just a couple of hours before I was talking with a client about how signs don’t always stay the same and Shayna had not turned off our bedroom lights much lately.

One of my pet peeves is sitters, in group readings especially, who do not take the evidence for them. I’ve seen mediums struggle to get people to recognize what is for them. However, in my defense, Shayna never comes through in gallery readings. And, as the host, I expected messages for someone else. So, I wasn’t expecting at all Shayna would come through which is why I missed this!

The first thing Daniel mentioned was an M-a name and he specifically said “Matthew”. We don’t have sons. So, I thought this was for someone else. I was thinking of a Matthew in spirit. We have a nephew Matthew, Shayna’s first cousin. They are only a year or two apart in age and were extremely close in life, like brother and sister. Shayna has mentioned Matthew in readings before- almost like a brother. Both are the babies of the family so they share that bond.

Daniel said the number 13 is big. He also mentioned 22. And, he mentioned January. He said numbers are almost never wrong in his readings. Shayna’s birthday is January 13th and her sister’s birthday is on the 22nd. Still, all of this is going right over my head because I’m thinking this is certainly for someone else.

He mentioned a sense of humor. Shayna has an incredible sense of humor, the trickster fo the family.

He mentioned Tigger and said it would be significant. Shayna’s sister LOVES Winnie the Pooh. Her personality is so much like Pooh’s I sometimes call her Pooh. Daniel mentioned bouncing which Tigger is known for and is very, very much like Shayna.

He mentioned something about eyes and specifically, this was not just pretty eyes. Everyone comments about my wife’s eyes, Kayla’s eyes, and Shayna’s eyes. But, Daniel said this was specifically something else something may be wrong with the eyes and they were saying it’s OK. I don’t want to say what this is.  Because while it is public, it’s really not easy to find. But, this is very significant and I know exactly what he was talking about. It’s not something anyone looking anything up would know how to find. Let’s just say there was an issue with Shayna’s eyes that make it a very significant message for me.

He mentioned a police officer and said it was someone close. This I really didn’t pay much attention to because I cannot think of a single police officer in the family with one (long ago and not exactly a police officer) exception. However, my nephew Matthew took his state trooper exam yesterday, the day of the meeting. I did not know this at the time. This is contemporaneous evidence that Daniel could not possibly know other than through a connection.  You could not look this up.

Lastly, he mentioned the movie Gremlins. We have a small dog that Kayla calls gremlin which I always chastise her for because I tell her our dog doesn’t like being called that.

I entirely missed this reading was for us until after the meeting my wife said that Shayna might have been piggybacking and pointed out the connection to Matthew that I didn’t know. Once I went back and looked at it, I realized we could take everything I mentioned above.

So, this is my public apology to my buddy Daniel. I should have picked up on all of this. But, it’s an example of how we can miss what’s right in front of our eyes if we’re not looking for it. Gotta keep those eyes open.


Here is the video. The reading starts around 46 minutes.

I don’t know exactly what is happening. Weird stuff has been happening in our house. My iPhone went unresponsive. Then, Tywana’s phone. Then, my iPad. Then, her Fitbit. All just weird random things that were eventually all fixed after several attempts. Kayla’s work laptop stopped working. Then, her personal laptop stopped working. Both were eventually fixed. All things with no explanation. Rebooting, software reinstalls fixed them. If Shayna is sending signs by breaking things, I’ve asked her before to find another way to send signs.

Suzanne Giesemann called Tywana yesterday. Shayna dropped in on her again, as Shayna does. The lights in Suzanne’s house started flickering. Shayna told her to introduce a couple whose child had passed to us. Whenever Shayna drops in on Suzanne she gives her some evidential message to let her know it’s actually Shayna and that she’s still connected to us.

In this case, the message was a big piece of green cloth. She showed it to Suzanne as a current event. Suzanne thought maybe we were buying a pool table covered in green felt. She had no idea what it could mean. Unbeknownst to me, Tywana had spent time the day before looking at green muslin because she was thinking about making a green screen for videoconferencing.

Shayna had her arm around this little girl saying that she had met her across the veil and that she wanted Suzanne to connect her parents to us.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Shayna has dropped in on several people I know. Some are professional mediums, a few have been just ordinary people who are highly sensitive. A few weeks ago my friend, I’ll call her Carla because I did not get permission to share her personal information, started messaging me. She’s in Helping Parents Heal. We’ve come to believe our children are together on the other side. Whether they arranged our meetings on this side or our meetings on this side arranged theirs, we don’t know. Her daughter would have been a little older than Shayna. In connecting with her daughter, she began talking to the other kids also. Shayna talked back. So, she messaged me to verify some of the messages from Shayna. The most wild thing is I don’t golf anymore. I haven’t in years. The day before she sent this to me, I had commented to Tywana that when I get to heaven I’m going to do two things- play golf again and learn to play the guitar. The message opens with her asking me a question about golfing.