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Day 1932- Public Apology to Daniel John

Day 1932- Public Apology to Daniel John

I am a host of some of the Helping Parents Heal meetings. I’ve seen Daniel John read before last night and during our interviews, he’s brought through little things about Shayna. Last night, as I was interviewing Daniel for Helping Parents Heal, he mentioned a sign that Shayna used to give us.He also told my […]

Day 1764- Shayna Making Connections

Day 1764- Shayna Making Connections

I don’t know exactly what is happening. Weird stuff has been happening in our house. My iPhone went unresponsive. Then, Tywana’s phone. Then, my iPad. Then, her Fitbit. All just weird random things that were eventually all fixed after several attempts. Kayla’s work laptop stopped working. Then, her personal laptop stopped working. Both were eventually […]

Day 1318- Just Your Ordinary Drop In

Day 1318- Just Your Ordinary Drop In

Shayna has dropped in on several people I know. Some are professional mediums, a few have been just ordinary people who are highly sensitive. A few weeks ago my friend, I’ll call her Carla because I did not get permission to share her personal information, started messaging me. She’s in Helping Parents Heal. We’ve come […]

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