I was on with my good friend Roberta Grimes for a second time. Roberta is a pioneer in the afterlife studies field. Her podcast was one of the first two that led me out of the wilderness of my grief. It’s always a joy when we get together, even when it’s just over the internet.


Patrick invited me to be a guest on his podcast about the paranormal. He’s a delightful host, full of energy. We became instant friends and had a great conversation.


I appeared on Ease and Flow for the Purpose Driven Soul to discuss my life’s work and to experience a healing session with host Devora Devora Gila Berkowitz. Devora specializes in helping people who are overburdened by stress and feeling like they’re being pulled in many different directions (me).

I have experienced Devora’s healing before and it’s always been helpful. Listen in on our talk here.

From Overwhelm to Calm and Confidence 


I joined the Podcasters’ Roundtable to discuss diversity or the lack thereof in podcasting.

Click the image to watch:

The summer that Shayna transitioned, I needed something to bring me hope. Robert’s podcast “Seek Reality” was my lifeline during that summer. Roberta and I began corresponding and she introduced me to Susanne Wilson a few months after Shayna had transitioned. The rest, as they say, is history. I never dreamed when I started listening to Roberta that less than five years later I’d be a guest on her show discussing my life coaching, grief partnering, and my podcast.

The episode is here: http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/seek-reality/