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Hey there, I wanted to document something happened.

I want to start last week I’m recording this on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. So last week and the reason I with last week, a lot of things in my life seem to have foreshadowing. I think it happens to everybody. We just a lot of times aren’t aware of it. Seemingly random events will happen. And then later on, they’ll start to make sense as we look at them retroactively.

Last week, I had a conversation with someone. They said, that spirit seems to wake us up at three o’clock in the morning with messages. We were joking about how spirit wakes us up in the middle of the night. I said, “No correction, it’s four o’clock.” So that was the first conversation I had, I was joking, because I tend to get a lot of downloads/inspirations about four o’clock in the morning, I’ll be awakened and I cannot get back to sleep because I’ve got all these ideas running through my head.

The other thing that happened last week, there was a meme on Facebook, a random meme. It was about rich people, showers and how these showers a lot of times are open, they have no doors on them. They’ve got multiple showerheads, or they’ve got waterfalls, or whatever. I made the comment that when our contractor put in our shower, and when we remodeled our bathroom, he wanted to leave it open. He did not want to put a door on he said it would save us money or something. And I said no, I live in Ohio, it’s cold, I would rather have the shower closed. So I wanted to shower door put on him. So we did put a door on it.

These are the two conversations that I had last week, but didn’t relate to each other whatsoever. And neither seemed to have any real significance. So fast forward to four o’clock in the morning on Monday. I’m lying in bed, I’m asleep. I’m in the middle of a dream, a pretty peaceful dream, I think. And I hear this huge crash. I mean, just like tremendous, loud crashing sound. And I had no idea what it was I’m startled, I jumped in bed. And I look over and my wife is still asleep. So I’m thinking well, it must not have have been in the real world. It must have been in my dream, because it didn’t wake her up. So I’m trying to get back to sleep and I’m lying there. And I hear this noise coming from our bathroom. And it sounds like, all I could think of at the the time it sounded like a pipe had burst because it sounded like water were spraying or something. And so I’m like, okay, there’s something going on in the bathroom. I heard this crash, maybe a pipe burst. But pipes, you know, they’re not under high pressure in your house. And I don’t typically burst and make a lot of noise. And so I didn’t know what was going on. But I thought I need to go check it out. So I get out of bed, I opened up the bathroom door and there is glass all over the bathroom. I mean literally spread from one end to the other. The shower door had exploded. That was a sound that I heard. And if you’ve ever broken like that type of tempered glass, you know, it kind of spiders out and it makes us cracking noise kind of like the ice on the lake when it starts to warm up and starts to melt I guess. So this noise went on for probably five or 10 minutes after the door exploded all the pieces were breaking in even smaller pieces. So that’s the noise I was hearing from my bed. So obviously, you know this guy got a bit cleaner to do now as I’m cleaning this thing up. And I was thinking about how I got into, you know the thing that four o’clock in the morning it was it when I looked at the clock when I woke up after I heard the noise when I finally looked at the clock, it was 4:01 it was right after four o’clock. So I’m thinking isn’t this interesting? This conversation about spirit communicating those four o’clock in the morning, I had a conversation about the shower door and how I didn’t I wanted to shower door. But it wasn’t you know, the, the contractor tried to talk me out of it. So the conversation about the shower door and then the shower door A few days later explodes at four o’clock in the morning. So I thought well, this would be an interesting experiment. I have a lot of friends who are mediums, a lot of friends who are intuitive. So I thought I wonder if First of all, I wonder if this might be a message from spirit, there might be some significance. So I wondered about that. And I thought could somebody pick up on this now this is a very unusual event. A lot of times people in the spirit world would communicate to us by turning on lights, you know by electronic things a TV coming on and off, you know smoke alarms going off things of that nature. don’t typically think of things like something exploding like the shower door that but that it’s put this out there and see what will happen. So I put out a Facebook post and I tagged a bunch of mediums that I know some kind of celebrities, some not so well known. So I tagged them all I said something happened at four o’clock in the morning. Can anybody tell me what happened if there’s any significance to it?

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frankly, most of the mediums I know that I tagged are very very busy. A lot of them are not on Facebook much so that no Buddy responded. So I gave it a day and nobody responded. Few people that are some of my friends were intuitive. They made some guesses. And frankly, none of the other guesses were very good or they weren’t. They were guesses. I could tell they were guesses. And that’s okay. That’s fine. Because it’s this is like a very unusual thing. So, I have a friend, her name is Carolyn clapper. She’s a medium she is fantastic. One of the best mediums I know. And I know she’s out on Facebook much these days, she’s going through some personal things. This is not on Facebook much these days. And I decided to reach out to her by text. And we don’t really ever text that much. We talked through Facebook, we talked on the phone or whatever. So I sent her a text. And I said, You know, I realized she probably hadn’t seen what I posted. And so I said, you know, something happened, you know, you have any ideas of what’s going on. So think about Carolyn, I kind of smile as I say this, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her less than an hour. Carolyn is not a Magnier Point A to Point B person. So our conversations are kind of like all over the place. So it’s this conversation. I really wish I could have documented it better, but it just can’t happen with Carolyn, she gave me a fantastic reading a few years ago, the first thing she ever did for me, and she’d asked me not to record it. And it’s it’s the best reading I’ve had ever by far. But unfortunately don’t have a record. So she and I start texting back and forth. And she says the first one, she got a couple of things. She was like, these are just again, these are in fact connected to this. But she said, someone get hurt, because Yay, a baby’s coming. There’s a baby coming. And I’m like, well, that would be a miracle. And she says no, not you. And I said okay, and she said, I think it’s a cousin. So it’s interesting. My nephew, which is Shane, his cousin, his his wife is due in a few days. So my mind immediately goes to Nicholas and his baby is coming in. It’s been a few days, a few weeks. And she goes now that your uncle’s coming in my uncle just passed away a few weeks ago. And so your uncle’s coming, it’s connected to your uncle. And then I realized that his his daughter, my cousin Milan is also due in a few days or a few weeks. And this is her first child. So Carolyn gets this. So then she starts asking me about my house because Carolyn can kind of see what’s going on in your house when you’re talking to her. It’s weird. So she’s asking about the way our house is laid out. She says do you have like a big hallway? And I said, Yeah, we do have a foyer as you come in. So is there a big picture hanging above the stairs? And I said Yes, there is. She said, Well, Shane has been trying to move that she’s trying to tilt that. She says is there another big picture at the top of the stairs. There is another big picture of Shana at the top of the stairs. And this is interesting because she’s talking about the layout of my house. And she’s talking about where the family or the living room is in relation to the stairs. But my bedroom is in relation to the stairs. And everything she’s saying is kind of backwards. It is weird to say things backwards, she would say left and it was right, she’d say right, and it was left but it was consistent. So she was apparently saying things kind of in reverse. Just a little aside. So I’m just like did something. Do you have a bathroom off of your mask after your bedroom? I said, Yeah, we do. And I realize a lot of people do. But the people that live in older houses don’t a lot of times. So yeah, like we do have a bathroom for our bedroom. And she said you know Shane has taken me to the bathroom. And she’s showing me there’s a double sink and with a double sink and she’s showing me two mirrors. And with two mirrors one over each sink and she’s she’s standing in the first mirror and she’s looking at you show me yourself in the mirror and she’s showing me the mirror cracking. And Carolyn light explained to me she asked Shana did she cracked the mirror and Shana said no. So then she asked me if there’s a toilet, you know, that’s in the nscs says there’s a shelf above the toilet. And I was like, No, she said, Okay, well, I’m getting a feeling of something crashing, I’m getting the feeling of water. And she said, so I’m thinking that maybe a shelf fell. And I was like, well, I wasn’t really sure. She said did something crash, you know? And I said, Yeah, that would be an understatement. You know, there was something was a big crash. So she goes, You know, I think something crashed. And then she asked me if we had a glass shower, and I said yes, we have a glass shower. And she said, you know, is it shaped like is it a weird shape, like a custom shape and it is our shower is tile on two sides, the sides that are against the walls, and then it’s glass and it’s a huge glass doors, probably seven feet tall, I think at the highest point and arcs down and there’s another arc on the other side. It’s hard to describe, but it’s custom and there’s there’s two sides of the glass and there’s a half wall that’s tile. So Carolyn’s describing the way the shower looks like it’s a custom shower. It’s got a weird shaped door. There’s a metal handle on the door and we have this big kind of fancy metal

handle that went through the door actually. So she said Shayna showed me the shower. She said she’s trying to she’s trying to turn on the water. She’s trying to she said turn on lights. She says nice, you’re in the shower. She’s just spinning around and she’s spinning, and her heads back to spinning as fast. You can’t just like saying I’m free or something. And meanwhile, Carolyn’s also in this person, this was stuff about my dog, and other conversations. She also tells me a story about a light bulb that exploded in her bathroom. I guess it was last week, and she said this light bulb exploded in the bathroom. So when she said that my mind went to exploding glass, and again, we’re talking about the bathroom. The other thing that’s really weird, I think two things I forgot to say. When she said that, we have two smart bulbs in our bedroom that are text our Alexa, they both stopped working simultaneous last week, and I cannot get the pin to connect to the Alexa anymore. They still come on, but they just won’t connect to the night. They won’t connect smart bulb anymore. So I haven’t replaced so so that was an interesting coincidence. The other thing is, as the class was breaking, this is going back. Not being linear. I had a fish tank I had to throw out last week and I had a temporary glass bottom and I hit it with a sledgehammer. And it just did that ripple that crackle thing which I again happened with the with the shower door. And I just threw that out last week. So the garbage people I went to what’s with this guy now the broken glass. So anyway, back to what Carolyn was saying. So she says Santa’s spinning around and spinning around and spinning around so that she hits up Do you have a shelf in your shower? Yes, we have a shelf and she said you have shampoo bottles and stuff on the shelf. We do. We have shampoo bottles on the shelf, it’s a built in shelf. So she thought that shampoo bottles might have been knocked off and actually ironically but the only thing that wasn’t knocked off when this shower door came down. The crash was so hard that we have a tile floor it chipped the tile floor in two places. And then we have cleaning products that were in the spa by my shower Those were all knocked over so she says I you know she said I’m getting like the feeling of like a tornado just like a tornado went through there. So this is what she kind of put together so it was you know the class cracking the mirror which Shana showed her that but she said No I did not break the mirror. A pipe exploding or water being turned on in St. And Carol asked her she did floated a pipe or wire turned on and she said no. But the thing is the class the sound I heard sounded like water. It was the shower which was class which is also associated with water Of course. And Carolyn said Shana basically led her like up the stairs which goes to our bedroom, through the bedroom in our bathroom, showed her the mirror showed her the shower, shorter with the shower looked like. So Carolyn got it. Now the thing is funny about Carolyn, if she would not take credit. She said Shayna told me exactly what happened. I wanted to say exactly what happened. But I wasn’t listening to her now Carolyn, or protect your privacy, but she’s got some personal issues going on, you know, some family or some friends that are sick and stuff. So that’s why she hadn’t gotten back to me. And she had a reading coming up. So she was like our like Plus she just woken up. But she told me when she woke up Shana was sending out her bed. Shana comes to her when Shannon wants to give her a message. And Shannon was just hanging around until Carolyn acknowledges her. So when she woke up on Tuesday, Shana was sitting on her bed, I guess saying you need to get back to my father. And as cherylin as Carolyn’s going through all these rabbit trails that we go down was funny. She said, Shane has now got her arms folded, saying now you need to get back to me. So my experiment, I would say was a huge success in and this is a thing that’s interesting to me. You know, I had that conversation about four o’clock in the morning, a couple of weeks or last week, and the conversation about the shower door. And when the shower door exploded at four o’clock in the morning, that next week, I thought there might be some significance to it. So I decided to put it out there, right, I thought this would be a really interesting experiment. And so I’m sorry, I couldn’t document more of it. I do have some of the texts that Carol and I set back and forth. But then Carolyn got so excited. And it was so complicated, that she called me on the phone. And so a lot of it was a phone conversation that I didn’t unfortunately have recorded, I did record a little piece of the end, but I didn’t get her permission. So I’m not going to put it out publicly. But I know she would be she would want me to have it to play to my wife because she really likes to share this stuff with Ty, so I’ll share that with her. But um, I just wanted to let you guys know that this stuff is very real. I was going to say nothing our life that happens is random. I don’t know if nothing that happens is random. But a lot of stuff happens in our life isn’t random, and look for these instances of like foreshadowing where something will happen, and then something later on will happen. That’ll be related back to it. And you can see how they kind of tied together. Carolyn said that lightning readings people been telling her things that are going to happen. And she told me some things that are going to happen and we’ll see you know if that happens or not. That would be really, really interesting to see how that plays out.

So again, just wanted to share that with everybody. It was too complicated to try to type out to type out. I might try to transcribe this for people that want to see it typed out but care Arlen clapper, and amazingly there are a lot of them out there. Carolyn was one that happen to get back to me on this. My daughter Shane is an amazing communicator. Carolyn, you know, she said she was saying she thought she’d like Cena down because Cena did a really good job of trying to get across to her. You know what had happened and Carolyn did get all the elements of it. So she got pretty good. She got everything. I was gonna say pretty much everything. She got all the elements of it. So really cool. You guys have a great day.

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I had a reading with Becky Hesseltine as part of a certification program. The protocol was that she did not know my name or anything personal about me. I connected with her via Zoom. The meeting was set up by a third party. Until the moment I got on the call, Becky knew nothing about me. Even then, all I told her was my first name.

My daughter, who I wanted to hear from, came through right away. Becky knew the spirit was a female and immediately said, daughter. Often in readings several people will come through and the medium will have problems identifying the relationships. This was Shayna from the very beginning. I could even hear the emotion in Becky’s voice. I could not see her and she could not see me.

The thing that most impressed me about the reading with Becky besides some very specific information was the way she knew about my daughter’s personality and our relationship. It was so comforting to hear my daughter express how much she cherished and still does cherish our relationship.

Becky brought up specifics, like me making pancakes on the weekends for my daughter; and that she liked chocolate chips in hers (and I do not). In fact, I had made pancakes the previous Saturday and I very, very rarely do that anymore. She knew about my daughter’s meticulous nature. She asked if there were cut flowers in the house and mentioned this being a time of year we would think of my daughter. Given that it’s fall and her birthday is in the winter and her angel date is in the summer, I thought this was a miss until Becky said “Anniversary”. Our 30th wedding anniversary was a week to the day from the reading and there were flowers in the house from a surgery my wife had had. Becky brought up a bookshelf that we still have in the house. She brought up Harry Potter books and Beverly Cleary books. She also brought up Nancy Drew books.  I knew Kayla had read all of the Harry Potter books. Shayna I wasn’t sure about. I thought the books were on the bookshelf in Kayla’s room. Someone told me there are lot of elements of Nancy Drew in Harry Potter. When I went to check Shayna’s bookcase, this is what I found:


I would highly recommend Becky. I came away from the reading feeling as if I had just spent time with my daughter. It was just the right blend of evidence and message.

You can reach Becky here: Becky Hesseltine

I received this email from someone who just had a reading with Becky:

Hi Brian,
I don’t know if you remember me, you had kindly provided me with a free consultation a little over a month ago (I didn’t have video set up on my phone). Anyway, I listened to the beautiful reading you had posted with Becky Hesseltine the other day. My husband and I have been trying to find just the right medium for our first experience. We set up an appointment with Becky. Her response was quick and we just finished our first reading with her today. She is absolutely wonderful-she displays such love, kindness, and seems so genuine. We were able to connect with our son in Spirit and she had some very specific evidence that she brought forth. It was such a beautiful reading, so grateful for your suggestion and her. Thank you for all you do!
Take care,

Here is the audio of the reading:

I am a host of some of the Helping Parents Heal meetings. I’ve seen Daniel John read before last night and during our interviews, he’s brought through little things about Shayna.

Last night, as I was interviewing Daniel for Helping Parents Heal, he mentioned a sign that Shayna used to give us.He also told my wife that there was something about earrings. She had thought about changing her earrings before the meeting because she thought they were too small to show up on the camera.

I was there just to interview Daniel. But, toward the end of the meeting, he mentioned he could do some readings if we had the time. Since all of the parents love readings, we decided to have one or two.

Earlier in the interview, I mentioned Shayna and he said he had felt her draw close. He mentioned a lamp. I told him that just a couple of hours before I was talking with a client about how signs don’t always stay the same and Shayna had not turned off our bedroom lights much lately.

One of my pet peeves is sitters, in group readings especially, who do not take the evidence for them. I’ve seen mediums struggle to get people to recognize what is for them. However, in my defense, Shayna never comes through in gallery readings. And, as the host, I expected messages for someone else. So, I wasn’t expecting at all Shayna would come through which is why I missed this!

The first thing Daniel mentioned was an M-a name and he specifically said “Matthew”. We don’t have sons. So, I thought this was for someone else. I was thinking of a Matthew in spirit. We have a nephew Matthew, Shayna’s first cousin. They are only a year or two apart in age and were extremely close in life, like brother and sister. Shayna has mentioned Matthew in readings before- almost like a brother. Both are the babies of the family so they share that bond.

Daniel said the number 13 is big. He also mentioned 22. And, he mentioned January. He said numbers are almost never wrong in his readings. Shayna’s birthday is January 13th and her sister’s birthday is on the 22nd. Still, all of this is going right over my head because I’m thinking this is certainly for someone else.

He mentioned a sense of humor. Shayna has an incredible sense of humor, the trickster fo the family.

He mentioned Tigger and said it would be significant. Shayna’s sister LOVES Winnie the Pooh. Her personality is so much like Pooh’s I sometimes call her Pooh. Daniel mentioned bouncing which Tigger is known for and is very, very much like Shayna.

He mentioned something about eyes and specifically, this was not just pretty eyes. Everyone comments about my wife’s eyes, Kayla’s eyes, and Shayna’s eyes. But, Daniel said this was specifically something else something may be wrong with the eyes and they were saying it’s OK. I don’t want to say what this is.  Because while it is public, it’s really not easy to find. But, this is very significant and I know exactly what he was talking about. It’s not something anyone looking anything up would know how to find. Let’s just say there was an issue with Shayna’s eyes that make it a very significant message for me.

He mentioned a police officer and said it was someone close. This I really didn’t pay much attention to because I cannot think of a single police officer in the family with one (long ago and not exactly a police officer) exception. However, my nephew Matthew took his state trooper exam yesterday, the day of the meeting. I did not know this at the time. This is contemporaneous evidence that Daniel could not possibly know other than through a connection.  You could not look this up.

Lastly, he mentioned the movie Gremlins. We have a small dog that Kayla calls gremlin which I always chastise her for because I tell her our dog doesn’t like being called that.

I entirely missed this reading was for us until after the meeting my wife said that Shayna might have been piggybacking and pointed out the connection to Matthew that I didn’t know. Once I went back and looked at it, I realized we could take everything I mentioned above.

So, this is my public apology to my buddy Daniel. I should have picked up on all of this. But, it’s an example of how we can miss what’s right in front of our eyes if we’re not looking for it. Gotta keep those eyes open.


Here is the video. The reading starts around 46 minutes.

I sat for a test reading with a medium- Danielle Hope Wolfe. Danielle may have been told my first name. But, she had no other information about me. She set up a Zoom meeting for us to meet and Mark Ireland emailed the meeting information to me. I did not know who the reading would be with until I joined the Zoom and saw her name. I did not recognize her name.

The reading was about an hour. Right out of the gate, she felt my maternal grandmother coming through. She knew she had been like an extension of my mother. My grandmother lived with us from the time I was around the age of 6 until she passed when I was 21. She knew she had had a lot of children (10). She felt one of her sons with her, said his death felt tragic, then exclaimed: “Was he murdered?”. She knew about the frustration with the police. I felt they didn’t do much to solve his murder.

When Shayna came through, she described her as beautiful and angelic. She used that word repeatedly. Then, she asked if I had a daughter in spirit. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, Tywana bought a painting of Shayna, as an angel. It’s hanging in our family room.


She said she saw me kneeling over Shayna praying. She saw me kneeling at my bed praying. Praying over Tywana. All of this happened the day Shayna passed. I took her from her bed to put her on the floor (a hard surface) to do CPR. I prayed as I knelt over her. When the paramedics arrived. I knelt and prayed in my bedroom, with Tywana, as they worked on her. This was the last time I knelt to pray.

She knew approximately how long it had been since Shayna has passed. She estimated five years. It will be four years in three months.

When she sensed Shayna in spirit, she told me she shifted the reading to be more of messages than evidence. Even though she was being scored, she threw that out of the window. We had a conversation and she gave me a lot of healing messages and encouragement. She knew I was a writer. She knew I was writing a book. She has written a book and gave me tips on writing and publishing.

She saw “Princess and the Frog” in her mind’s eye and asked me if Tywana’s name is Tiana. No one has ever gotten that close to Tywana’s name. She saw me standing in front of men guiding them in marriage, in a church. Tywana and I participated in the pre-marital ministry at the Vineyard for several years.

She did get a couple of things wrong. She thought we have four children. We only have two. But, I am one of four and my brother has four. She sensed that Tywana or I have a brother in spirit. Even though one other medium insisted I have a brother in spirit and asked me to ask my mother if she had had a miscarriage. I do not know of a brother in spirit. (correction- this is why it’s important to have someone else listen to your reading. When Tywana listened to the recording, she reminded me she has a brother who was stillborn over 40 years ago. Her mother was pregnant with triplets. Two were born alive. I forgot about her brother in spirit). So, she was right about that, too.

Overall, I gave her a score of 86% accuracy with 12 bonus points, bringing her final score to 98%. More important than the percentages though was the reading had more than enough evidence to convince me that she was genuinely connecting coupled with healing and encouraging messages and a genuine conversation.

Recently, Jon Oliver published a program about psychics and how they are all fakes. Tellingly, at the beginning, he admitted he wasn’t going to go over the pros and cons of psychics because there are no arguments for any of this being real. He selectively chose examples where psychics were stunningly wrong or just flat out faking it with cold or hot reading techniques. It was a hit-job and a pretty poor one that that. I’m a fairly experienced sitter. There was no possibility of a hot reading (looking things up) in this situation because there was zero contact between Danielle and myself up until the moment we joined the Zoom call. Cold reading is not going to give you the fact that my uncle was murdered, that I’m writing a book, Tywana’s name, or the fact that I taught in a premarital ministry. And, these are just some of the highlights.

Michelle Clare is a medium recently certified by Mark Ireland’s certification program. Michelle is interested in working with Helping Parents Heal and was kind enough to offer a complimentary reading to me.

Michelle is an intuitive life coach as well as a medium. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her as it had an abundance of evidence to show she had a true mediumship connection. Some mediums just deliver vague fluffy messages. Some will just reel off evidence. The best mediums balance evidence with messages of love and hope. In addition to making the connection with Shayna, she gave me useful guidance about my life that brought me peace.

She began by saying Shayna is very high energy, very bright. She said that Shayna sends many signs, feathers, coins, dream visits, etc. She mentioned license plates and said that she thought I might not have noticed those. (She was spot on with the coins (specifically dimes some of which seem to magically appear). I told her I would have to look for the license plates.)

She then said there is a car connection. She said maybe someone was getting a new car or just got one or something. (This is also common in readings with Shayna. She was six weeks short of being 15-1/2, the age in Ohio when you can get your temps. In a mediumship development exercise I was in last weekend, Shayna came through with the car connection to one of the people trying to pick up on her. This comes up in almost every reading.)

Then she said “You’ve almost become a life coach for other people.” (This struck me because my friend Kat Baillie directed me to a life coaching course a couple of weeks ago. I had never spoken with her about becoming a life coach. Taking this as a possible sign, I bought the course and started taking it. A couple of days after I started, I had a meeting with George Kao. I am enrolled in a program with George called MasterHeart on building authentic businesses. This was the first time I had spoken with George one-on-one. Unprompted, George mentioned that he thought I would be a good life coach. A couple of days after that, I had a meeting with a life coach, it was a session that she offered just to get feedback on her services. She said that she thought I was already doing life coaching. So, Michelle was the fourth person in less than two weeks who said either they think I am a life coach or should study life coaching. Three of them had no idea I had just enrolled in this course.)

Michelle told me that Shayna was telling her Tywana and I are more than Shining Light parents. She said we are more like beacons. She said that Shayna says she looks like her Mom.( I’m looking at a picture taken just a few weeks before Shayna’s passing. It’s Tywana, Shayna, and Kayla. Same high cheekbones. Striking resemblances.)

Michelle mentioned water and the ocean. (We don’t live anywhere near the ocean or water. But, the girls loved the ocean. They wanted to go every year. They would stay in the water for hours and hours. Michelle mentioned a crane, which has no significance to me. She said Shayna mentioned Florida. We took a couple of trips to Florida, one to Disney World they were 8 and 11 and one to Destin.) Michelle said in a future trip to the ocean we will find a white feather, possibly from a crane.

She said Shayna has an electronic connection with me. (Shayna loved technology. She always wanted the latest phone. She loved video games. She and I were the ones who would play together for hours. She sends me signs through my phone. I told Michelle about the time my computer was down mysteriously for two days. It simply would not boot. All of the files were there. It wasn’t a hard drive crash. I tried troubleshooting for two days. My Mac consultant said it was time for a new computer. Then, just as I had given up on it, it started working again. That was over a year ago. I relayed this story to Michelle. About then is when my image on the screen froze. Michelle couldn’t see me through the Zoom conference we were using. I tried shutting down other programs, but my entire computer had locked up. I couldn’t even shut things down. This went on for two or three minutes. Then, I got the message “Your internet connection is unstable.” I use Zoom several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I had done a Zoom the day before. I did a Zoom the evening after. It’s usually very reliable and stable. But, just as we were talking about Shayna sending signs electronically this happened. Then, it was back to normal and we continued the reading.)

Michelle said she was getting the initial K. Then, without hesitation, she said the name Kayla. She said she feels Shayna is around Kayla all the time. If Kayla isn’t a sister, she said, Kayla is as close as a sister. She felt like a best friend.

She went on to say Kayla has some mediumship skills. (This is absolutely true.) She said in spite of the fact Kayla’s connection to Shayna is so strong that developing those skills would clear up their connection even more.

She asked if Shayna had a blood disorder. (She did not. But, she did have an autoimmune disorder- rheumatoid arthritis. She asked if Shayna passed from this. I told her no. She could not get the cause of Shayna’s passing. This is not unusual Shayna doesn’t usually give it.)

Michelle tells me she has been hearing a song “Peace Be Still” by Lauren Daigle. (I’ve never heard of the song or Lauren Daigle.)She tells me that the theme for our conversation today is peace. Shayna is praying peace over us. She says when Shayna crossed over, she felt peace, love, and compassion immediately. Michelle is getting an overwhelming sensation of love as Shayna lets her know what it feels like. (As I complete this write-up three days after the reading, I realize this is another one of those things that didn’t make sense at the time but does now. Tywana and I were watching TV last night. For the first time ever we watched some of “World of Dance”. We switched from that to watch a movie. When the movie was over, “World of Dance” was still on and a couple of the upcoming dancers looked interesting. So, we decided to continue watching rather than watching something we had recorded like we normally would. A group came on and danced to a song by Lauren Daigle. It wasn’t Peace Be Still. But, I had intended to listen to the song. Due to the craziness of the week, I hadn’t had the chance. People often claim mediums are doing cold readings or hot readings. Some surely do. But, when they come up with hits like this- future things- someone explain that to me. I had never watched this television program. That had to happen. I had never heard of Lauren Daigle and only recognized her name because Michelle had told me about this song.)

She says Tywana will have dream visits coming up in the next two weeks or in the past two weeks. Tywana and Shayna are so strongly connected the dream visits are so real that Tywana does not want to let go. So, she might not be allowed to or able to remember how the dream ends. (Tywana had a dream visit with Shayna within the last two weeks.)

Getting six weeks. Six weeks a birthday or anniversary. We don’t have either coming up in six weeks. Then, she says maybe six weeks in the past. Shayna’s birthday was almost exactly six weeks ago.

She sees inner strength in Tywana. Being shown a pillar. Mentions Tywana’s connection to God being like a pillar.

Dog connection. Shayna is on the other side with a dog. (Chloe crossed the rainbow bridge when Shayna was about five years old.) Michelle asks if we have a dog here, too. (We have two). She asks if the dog stares into space. Stevie does all the time. We’ve thought it was Shayna visiting. Michelle says Shayna and Chloe are visiting and we should ask for a sign that we can see while she’s here.)

She says Shayna helps other children transition. (We have heard this more than once before).

She said Shayna keeps bringing up Florida. (We had a couple of very fun vacations there. The girls love the beach. And, Shayna’s last full week was the national volleyball tournament in Florida, where she stayed on a resort, and Tywana spoiled her for a week.)

She said Shayna is very much an old soul, wise beyond her years. (She always was.) She asks me “Do you write? I see you doing something with your hands. I know you use the computer a lot.” I tell her I do write. She tells me that Shayna uses me as a channel or conduit. (Suzanne Giesemann told me that Shayna says she writes through me and she’s a better writer than I am.)

Shayna now wants to talk about Kayla. She says they are still best friends. She says Kayla struggles to be able to live life when Shayna cannot. May have “survivor’s guilt”. Shayna’ message is that Shayna is experiencing life through Kayla, living vicariously. She wants Kayla to not hold back and to do things for both of them. She says this summer there will be a change in Kayla’s job. (Kayla graduates in May and her job is babysitting two little girls. That will come to an end when she leaves Toledo.) Says Kayla will excel at her profession because of her compassion. (She doesn’t know that Kayla’s chosen profession is mental health, especially working with children.) Says her mediumship/intuition will make her successful in her job.

She says I need balance in my life. I need to not take on too much. She sees a guy with plates twirling on them. (I have had this same image). She says I need to learn to say no from a place of love. (I just quit one volunteer job and I feel guilty about it.) She says there will be more opportunity with Helping Parents Heal. In the next two months she sees things starting to clear up. (That timing aligns with that I think I’m beginning to see happening. I will have completed my life coaching certification, my joint project will either have launched or it’ll be time to put it aside, and I hope to be able to drop one of my moonlighting gigs).

Just then, Michelle gets the message on her Zoom “Your internet connection is unstable”. She says this is a message for me that I need to seek balance and not take on so much.

Says that Tywana has a lot of her mind. Sees the color green, heart chakra. Some worries. More than normal. (I’m not 100% sure on this. But, we do have a friend going through a health scare. It might be that.) Tells her to look for dream visits. Many more are coming. Also, look for butterflies. more than normal.

p.s.- during the reading Michelle and I talked about signs. I told her I have asked Shayna to stop sending me signs that cost me money. Once my computer suddenly stopped working for two days. After consulting my support guy, he determined I needed to buy a new one. I piddled around with it a little more and, inexplicably, it started working again. That same week, a GFI outlet stopped working. After I called the electrician, I decided to give it one more try. It too started working. So, neither actually cost me money. During the reading, Both Michelle and I experienced unstable connections. Then, that evening, Kayla texts me this picture. She was making chewy bars and set the pan on the counter, as she always does. A few minutes later she heard an explosion. Shayna!

Shayna has dropped in on several people I know. Some are professional mediums, a few have been just ordinary people who are highly sensitive. A few weeks ago my friend, I’ll call her Carla because I did not get permission to share her personal information, started messaging me. She’s in Helping Parents Heal. We’ve come to believe our children are together on the other side. Whether they arranged our meetings on this side or our meetings on this side arranged theirs, we don’t know. Her daughter would have been a little older than Shayna. In connecting with her daughter, she began talking to the other kids also. Shayna talked back. So, she messaged me to verify some of the messages from Shayna. The most wild thing is I don’t golf anymore. I haven’t in years. The day before she sent this to me, I had commented to Tywana that when I get to heaven I’m going to do two things- play golf again and learn to play the guitar. The message opens with her asking me a question about golfing.

Today, I attended a mediumship demonstration by my friend Kat Baillie. For two hours, with no compensation, she sat and delivered messages to parents desperate to hear from their children in these days immediately before Christmas. When I hear people say mediums are doing the Devil’s work, I wonder if any of those people have ever met anyone doing this work or seen them work. I watched the faces of parents as they change from deep grief to even a few smiles when their children deliver messages through Kat.

One of the validations in particular stood out for me, probably because I was able to get a visual. Kat tells a mother about an image she’s getting of a picture of angel wings, not an angel, just angel wings.  Kat describes it as colorful. The mother looks a little confused. Then, an expression of recognition washes over her face.

Thank you to Kat Baillie today for making reference to the Angel wings that my daughter was speaking about. On any given day, this would mean absolutely nothing to me as I don’t associate Angels with (my daughter) or see feathers routinely or anything like that. But Kat was saying it was just Angel wings (not an Angel) and there was GOLD around it. I just received this painting yesterday from a friend of my daughter’s (whom I have never met, and my daughter passed over 4 years ago!) I didn’t recall all the gold around it. It was only the second time this girl had ever contacted me so it was particularly neat that Kat picked up on this message today. By the way, no other medium has ever mentioned Angel wings so this is really significant evidence for me.

A few days before Shayna dropped in on Suzanne Giesemann and I saw the demonstration with Isabella Johnson, I did a test reading with a medium. The reading was very good with several pieces of evidence that I found to be absolutely amazing. Here is one I can show you with a visual.

The set up is the medium knew my first name and that I would be contacting her via Skype at 2 PM. I had her Skype address. She had no other information on me. It was a one hour reading.

During the reading, The medium mentioned a picture of Shayna that is one of Shayna’s favorites. She said Shayna is holding a “small animal”. She also mentioned a photo that I “salute” every day (the medium is Irish).

Just outside of my bedroom door, in the upstairs hallway is a canvas photograph of Shayna holding Stevie. We didn’t know at the time that this was taken a few weeks before she would make her transition. There is another picture in the foyer, above the stairs, that is the first thing I see when I open my bedroom door in the morning. When I leave the bedroom, I start each day by telling Shayna “Good morning” and I blow her a kiss.

This is the conversation I had with the medium the day after the reading.

This is going to be a bit complex, but try to follow along, because this is how Spirit works. Things we think are random, things we think are our own independent thoughts, are not random. They are not solely our thoughts. Things are put into our heads, prompts or nudges if you will. If we act on them, with no idea why we are doing it, magic can happen.

Today, I receive an email from Suzanne Giesemann introducing me to a woman who has written to Suzanne. This woman’s middle name is Elaine (same as Shayna’s different spelling). The woman has written Suzanne telling her a story about a painting associated with her name, which she happens to know means “Shining Light”. Suzanne forwarded the email to me saying she felt like it was a setup from Spirit. I read the email and write the woman back introducing myself to her and telling her about our Shayna Elayne whose name means Beautiful Shining Light. At the time, I kind of wonder why Suzanne feels like this is a setup.  The woman shares a middle name with our daughter. But, it’s not a terribly unusual name. It is unusual that someone would know what the name means. Suzanne knows the meaning of Shayna’s name from our conversations.

It’s always nice to hear from Suzanne. And, I leave it at that. Tywana replies to the email filling in some more information. The woman got the painting that prompted the original email in Jamaica. We honeymooned in Jamaica.  Interesting… The woman sent Suzanne a photo of the painting, and Suzanne pulled up a photo she had of Shayna to see if they looked anything alike. While she was looking at Shayna’s photo, Suzanne felt Shayna drop in on her. She immediately texted Ty to ask why Shayna would be talking about something that sounded like “Tweedledee” or “doodling.” When she comes back to her computer, the image of the sacred geometry that she saw when Shayna showed her the Happy Thought Bubble is up on her screen. Shayna then tells her something about one of us digging in the dirt. It’s December in Ohio. There’s not a lot of digging in the dirt going on right now, maybe in Florida where Suzanne lives. We think about it for a moment then remember that Tywana dug a flat spot in the landscaping out front so that the penguin she put out for Shayna wouldn’t fall over. The texts are going back and forth, and Suzanne asks if someone has had a thyroid issue.  Kayla was recently tested for a thyroid issue (test was negative). Shayna’s dropping evidence. Suzanne asks if someone has been doodling. I’ve been using an app called Doodle and Kayla often doodles. The first two are amazing evidence. The doodling maybe not so much. Then, Suzanne asks if there is a crack in the Happy Thought Bubble.  Well, no. Not that we know of. Interestingly enough about two days ago as we stood in the kitchen, the bubble was swaying back and forth. There was nothing that should have been making it move. There was no breeze. It’s December. The windows are closed. The dishwasher wasn’t running. It hangs right above our sink. We’ve never noticed it doing that before. The Happy Thought Bubble has made a lasting connection between Shayna and Suzanne. It keeps coming up.

I examine the bubble as it hangs there. It’s blown class with a pattern that kind of appears like cracks all over it. They aren’t cracks though. We’re trying to make this fit. But, there aren’t any cracks. However, as I’m looking at it, I notice how dusty it is. I take it down to dust it. Just as I take it down, Suzanne texts “Is there a small hairline crack at the top, where the string attaches?” Well, it’s in my hand now, I take a look. Again, I don’t see a crack. Then, wait… There it is, a tiny hairline crack maybe an eighth to a quarter inch long. It’s so faint, that I’m not sure if it’s a crack or just the way the light is hitting the glass. I put my thumbnail in it to feel it. It’s a crack! No one knew that crack was there. We certainly didn’t notice it and wouldn’t have noticed it. I tried to capture a picture of it, but it’s barely visible on the picture. Then, Suzanne delivers the main message: “I love you, Mommy”. The evidence is there to let us know that it’s really Shayna. The message is love.

After we text the picture of the penguin in the front yard to Suzanne, she texts us back with a picture of a penguin in her house. We find out that Suzanne loves penguins. No wonder Shayna loves to drop in on her.

Did you follow all of that? This woman we’ve never met and who had no idea we exist, had the nudge to email Suzanne with a story about a painting she found in Jamaica and later learned was associated with her middle name, Elaine. After a couple of days, she goes with the nudge and emails Suzanne. Suzanne, not knowing exactly why, copies us on the email. Shayna somehow manipulated Suzanne’s computer to bring up the image that reminds Suzanne of the Happy Thought Bubble again. We also found out is that Suzanne was just coming off of teaching a workshop. After her workshops, she takes some down time because the high energy leaves her with a bit of a spiritual hangover. She’s not looking to plug into Spirit at that time. But, Shayna wanted to get that message through. Suzanne follows the prompts, Shayna drops in some evidence saying “This is me, for sure. And I know what is going on with my family. I even know what they don’t know.” – about the crack.

Once again, we are blown away. Tywana’s crying tears of joy. For some reason, this continues to surprise us even though it happens over and over and over again.

This evening we have a Helping Parents Heal meeting. Our guest is Isabella Johnson- the Soul Reading Medium.  Isabella has helped dozens of our Helping Parents Heal parents giving readings that have been off the charts good. She is certified by Mark Ireland and I was one of her test subjects for her certification. Isabella is a natural-born fourth generation medium who actually sees people in spirit. She says she sees them more clearly than she does people in bodies. She volunteered with another group last night that I sat in on. So, today, I’m seeing her for the second night in a row.

Isabella starts her presentation/demonstration by telling us about her life and what has led us to this point. I don’t know how much of this she shares publicly. And it’s a closed group. So, I’m going to respect her privacy. But, we find out that she is a Shining Light Parent, with a daughter in spirit. We find out that she has had a Near Death Experience. This makes her so much more relatable to us as we learn of her doubts before her Near Death Experience, even with the amazing abilities she was born with. She comforts parents who have been told that people sometimes have a choice as to whether they can return after their bodies have “died”. The choice offered to some NDErs tortures many parents who think their children chose to stay in “Heaven” rather than return. They are devastated thinking their children chose “death” over coming back. Isabella tells us that even though she had small children at the time, she would have chosen to stay. I’ve heard several mothers say this same thing. There is no blame for those who might choose to stay and we should not feel a whit of guilt that our child may have made that choice (and may not have). After giving us general messages of comfort and hope for about several minutes, Isabella starts in on the readings, giving us detailed messages from our children which are always “I love you. I’m so proud of you.”, etc. But, she delivers evidence with each message so we know it’s our child speaking.

When she’s bringing my friend Heather’s son through, after describing Ace to a T, she asks Heather if she found a spider. There’s a confused look for just a second, then the recognition hits her. Heather starts digging around saying “Hold on”.  Heather was packing for a trip she would be taking the next day. She felt compelled to remove a brooch from a coat of her grandmother’s and put it on her purse. Heather lives in a part of California where they rarely need winter coats. So, she had to go to a storage closet to get the brooch.  The brooch is… wait for it… a spider brooch (image below).

This is just one of the astounding things Isabella brought up. People are completely floored when Heather holds the spider brooch up to the screen.


For those skeptical of mediumship, as to whether it’s real or not, I challenge you to explain Suzanne’s knowledge of Tywana digging in the dirt (in Ohio in winter) or the crack in the Happy Thought Bubble. How could Isabella have any knowledge of the brooch Heather had found that very day? If you’re wondering whether synchronicities happen, think of the series of events that led to Suzanne being open enough for Shayna to drop in on Suzanne that day. Shayna knew we needed to hear from her and she found a way to get the message through.

I’ve had people tell me that mediumship is dangerous. I dare them to spend some time talking to someone like Isabella or Suzanne. They live in service to Spirit. They live to heal. When I wrote to Isabella thanking her for the messages of hope she thanked me for the opportunity because, since her NDE, just like Peter Panagore, she has dedicated her life to bringing messages of healing to people to make this journey just a little easier.


In December 2017, I had a reading with Carolyn Clapper- The Next World Medium.  I met Carolyn on Facebook and we have become friends. I’ve had the opportunity to have readings with many mediums, some very famous. Some stunningly accurate. Carolyn is among the top three or four in accuracy I have seen or had a reading with. Carolyn’s gift came to her after an NDE on 11/11/11. She is a natural medium. I have since referred several people to Carolyn and they have all given her the highest praise possible. As of this writing, you can still get an appointment with Carolyn. I don’t know how long that will last as word gets out on her. I keep telling her she’s going to be famous. She will be, whether she wants to or not.

Here are my notes from our reading. A few days before I had the reading with Carolyn, my friend Geo’s wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. I had mentioned this to no one. After my reading with Carolyn, I mentioned this to her and she immediately brought through information on Bonnie. I had no idea if any of it was right until I confirmed with Geo because I had only met Bonnie once many years ago. You’ll see this at the end of my notes- linked below.

carolyn clapper reading 12-06-2017