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Day 518- More Death

If not daily, it’s weekly now that death comes near. This week I find out a good friend has a friend who has been brutally murdered. It came completely out of the blue. They don’t know who did it. They don’t know why. Just a life cut short in a seemingly random act of violence. […]

Day 509- 14º

It’s not even officially winter yet and it’s already cold and dark in Ohio. The first week of December has filled with those gray Ohio days where the sun rarely, if ever, makes an appearance.  I’ve got to make a decision on my exercise routine. The five-mile walk is pleasant in spring and fall, can be […]

Day 508- Carpe Diem or Nose To The Grindstone?

Wow. It’s only Wednesday. This is the longest week ever.  I am still waiting to hear from my developer about moving our ecommerce platform, which is strangling us.  I am seriously considering firing them after 10 years or so of working with them.  My marketing company can’t track conversions on Yahoo.  So, the money we […]

Day 507- When You’re Going Through Hell- Just Keep Going

Many years ago, two decades now, back in the day of AOL and dial-up, I used to frequent chat rooms on AOL. This was back when I was an evangelical.  I got word there were atheists and pagans in certain rooms trying to convince Christians we were wrong. Challenge accepted. I was right there, trying […]

Day 501- Thanksgiving 2016

Today is Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday since I have been grown. It’s a time when family gathers without the financial stress of shopping for everyone and the chore of trying to pick the right gifts for people who already have everything. Thanksgiving means spending time with either my famiy or Tywana’s. […]

Day 496-Groundhog Day

I think I’ve posted a blog with this title already.  Probably because I feel pretty much the same every morning.  My first thought is “Do I really have to do this again?” That’s followed by “I’m tired.” Then, it’s “Help me.” to whoever is listening. Then, I’m up at at ‘em again.  I put on my clothes in the […]

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