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Day 480- Mediocre Mediums

There was an event this evening. A group of local mediums had a gathering where they were demonstrating five different modalities of doing mediumship messages.  I guess 40-50 people were in attendance and it was a two hour event, so there was a good chance of everyone or nearly everyone getting a message. The messages, […]

Day 468- All The World’s Indeed A Stage

Today I hear from my friend whose friend passed 2-½ weeks ago. Since then she has been desperate for a sign from him. She and I chat often. I send her Podcasts, recommend books, recommend YouTube videos and give her whatever wisdom/knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way.  Anything to ease her pain, to give her […]

Day 467- Winter Is Coming

I wake up today and it’s pitch dark. Just a few weeks ago when I left the bedroom in the morning, I would see the sun streaming in from our East facing foyer window and hitting Shayna’s picture in the foyer.  But, now it’s totally dark when I leave the bedroom in the morning. I […]

Day 466- On The Radio

Today, Tywana and I are making a radio appearance. This will be our second local radio station appearance. The first was about five years ago to talk about our company.  Today, we are talking about Helping Parents Heal.  A lot has changed. With Shayna’s passing, we are on another mission in life- helping other parents […]

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