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Day 1612- Treasure In Heaven

Day 1612- Treasure In Heaven

“If we provide our service not solely for the monetary reward but in the spirit of love and dedication, this will be reflected in the quality of our afterlife and will make our work much more gratifying and enjoyable in the process.” Jurgen Ziewe   Vistas of Infinity Yesterday, my friend Ruth Altschuler was giving […]

Day 1337- Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings

Day 1337- Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings

I have a tendency to minimize the good things and emphasize the bad. Losses I remember. Victories, I take in stride. I am turning that around. It’s mid-February, we are already a month and a half in. I am acknowledging several beginnings this year. Tywana’s got a new job. Kayla will be graduating in a […]

Day 1321- Why We Need Black History Month

Day 1321- Why We Need Black History Month

I stay away from political topics on this blog even though I find it very difficult, to separate politics from faith from spirituality. For me, your faith or spirituality should have sway over your politics. And, politics are how we collectively exercise our values. Given that disclaimer, this post isn’t exactly political. But, it’s a […]

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