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Day 485- Weather Report

Some days I wake up and know just what I need to write about today. Be it positive or negative, it comes to me during that in-between time of being in the blissful world of dreams and this world of reality. The last couple of weeks have been a struggle. I’ve written some things that […]

Day 484- Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

At Uncle Jack’s memorial service it came up again. Our family legacy.  Going back to Pop (Dad’s father) and even his parents who were both Methodist ministers, our family has always had a penchant for service in both a formal and informal capacity.  The same on my mother’s side. It’s just expected.  It’s part of […]

Day 478- 16 Candles

A couple of nights ago we went to The Funny Bone to see a demonstration with two mediums. We sat at the table with a couple and when we were asked who were hoping to hear from, Tywana said, of course, Shayna, our 15 year old who passed 16 months ago. 16 months. Really? The […]

Day 468- All The World’s Indeed A Stage

Today I hear from my friend whose friend passed 2-½ weeks ago. Since then she has been desperate for a sign from him. She and I chat often. I send her Podcasts, recommend books, recommend YouTube videos and give her whatever wisdom/knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way.  Anything to ease her pain, to give her […]

Day 467- Winter Is Coming

I wake up today and it’s pitch dark. Just a few weeks ago when I left the bedroom in the morning, I would see the sun streaming in from our East facing foyer window and hitting Shayna’s picture in the foyer.  But, now it’s totally dark when I leave the bedroom in the morning. I […]

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