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Day 756- A New Low

There are bad days and there are worse days.  There are no good days. There are days when I can fake it. There are days when I can even mask it from myself. People think I’m strong.  People think I’m resilient. Reality is I’m a pretty decent actor.   My life, in a very real way, […]

Day 754- Not Guilty

We don’t need to add guilt on top of grief. It’s not easy, but it is simple to release the guilt. First, we all die. Every single one of us. The difference is when and how.  Death isn’t a tragedy. It’s something we know will happen when we come in.  Second, I believe that we […]

Day 747- A Long, Hard Day

I wake up in a funk today. There are just those days when I wake up like this.  Nothing in particular has happened.  I’m tired (emotionally) every morning.  But, physically, I’m ready to get up and get into the things I need to get done.  Today, I sleep in until nearly 8 o’clock. I decide […]

Day 734- Baa Baa Black Sheep

After your child makes their transition, it’s quite possible you will feel like the black sheep of the family.   Several years ago I heard “If you think there are no black sheep in your family, you’re probably it.”. There’s one in every family.  I am the black sheep in my family.  Shayna’s passing didn’t exactly […]

Day 727- Father’s Day

I made it through another Father’s Day.  I never imagine that holidays would one day become something to endure rather than to look forward to. Father’s Day has always been a bit awkward for me anyway as I don’t feel comfortable being celebrated for doing what I feel like I was put here to do, […]

Day 722- Suicide

Through early morning fog I see Visions of the things to be The pains that are withheld for me I realize and I can see That suicide is painless It brings on many changes And I can take or leave it if I please That game of life is hard to play I’m gonna lose […]

Day 713- HPH June Meeting

This entry will be short and sweet.  We are ten months into our local Helping Parents Heal meetings.  It looked like we were getting some traction over the winter with some regular attendees who said things would probably pick up in the spring when the weather got better.  We had some Compassionate Friends leaders who […]

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