Everyone tells you that you should meditate. But, you can’t stand sitting in silence with your legs crossed. You get bored. Your mind wanders. Are you doing it right?

In this fifteen-minute talk, I share my experience with meditation, how it’s helped me, and how I found a way to do it that works for me. If you say you can’t meditate, I say you just haven’t found the way that works for you, yet.

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I met Daniel a couple of months before this interview. Daniel was doing volunteer work for an organization I’m associated with- Voice Of Our Angels. I moderated an event he did where he gave reading to parents whose children are in Spirit. I was impressed with Daniel’s mediumship abilities. But, I was more impressed by his giving spirit. Daniel is a father of three small children and holds down a full-time job. But, he is developing his mediumship and works as a medium in addition volunteering his time.

I wanted to have Daniel on to talk about mediumship and being a Christian. Daniel was raised Catholic and was “saved” as a teenager. Daniel is passionate about his relationship with God. So, when his gift was revealed, he studied and prayed about whether it was God’s will that he does this work. We had a fascinating conversation about how we read the Bible and what it says about “consorting with mediums”.

Daniel gives free readings on Monday evenings on his Facebook page (see link bel0w).

for more information on Daniel, see his website at: https://www.danieljohnmedium.com

Daniels’ Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/DanielJohnMedium

Daniel has recently opened a meditation/reiki healing/mediumship center in Geneva, NY: https://www.thezomestudio.com

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In this episode, I had the great privilege of meeting Mark Earlix. Mark is known internationally as a healer and intuitive. Mark also teaches others to heal. Mark has a fascinating backstory that we get into in the episode. How he was lead to this life is just about as amazing as what he does today. You can get healing from Mark when he’s in your area. He travels all the time. Mark also does remote healing and teaching.

for more about Mark, visit his website at : https://www.markearlix.com

I’ve known Elizabeth for three years. I consider her to be a good friend. How we met is just one of dozens of synchronicities in my life and in hers. There is no way it was an accident.

When we say “Shining Light Parent”, we’re talking about Elizabeth who practically glows when you see her. She’s a bundle of energy and all of it is focused on making a difference in the world.

Elizabeth has two children who have crossed to the other side, Chelsea and Morgan. In this episode, Elizabeth tell us how both children have played a major role in the founding of Helping Parents Heal, an international organization with well over 10,000 members and growing. Helping Parents Heal provides resources and support for parents whose children are on the Other Side.

An hour isn’t enough time to do justice to Elizabeth’s story. But, we did the best we could in that time. I hope this episode lifts you up.

In today’s episode I spend just a few minutes talking about the roles of death and illness. But, this all came about as I thought about healing.

A few nights ago on Helping Parents Heal, we had an amazing healer speak to our group. This healer has had three near-death experiences and been miraculously healed herself. When you have a healer speaking to a group of people who have each had a child transition, you’ve got a built-in conflict because clearly our children were not “healed”. When a healer is telling you about what they have seen and done, you tend to ask why not my kid? Why did my kid die? Why wasn’t she healed of her illness? Was her guardian angel asleep?

These questions, posed by some of our parents, started the wheels in my head turning. As I thought about healing, my thoughts turned to the greatest Healer who ever lived. And, I thought about why there are death and illness at all.

Michelle Clare is a three-time Near Death Experiencer, a certified evidential medium, and an intuitive life coach. I met Michele as a test sitter for her mediumship certification.

In this episode, Michelle shares with us three very different Near Death Experiences. I believe that NDEs are tailored for the individual having them to provide them with the lessons they need and that they need to share with the rest of us. Michelle’s experiences support my hypothesis as each experience came at a time in her life, with a lesson that she needed.

Michelle, as an evidential medium, delivers messages, with evidence, that she is connecting with your loved ones in spirit. As an intuitive life coach, Michelle connects with your spirit guides, angels, loved ones in spirit, etc. to bring you guidance for your life. This was a fascinating conversation covering a wide range of topics.

You can find Michelle at https://www.michelleclare.net

Yes. This is that awkward episode in which your host is the guest. This feels weird because I don’t want to make this podcast all about me. But, I think this episode is necessary. In case you don’t know me, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you so you know what to expect from this podcast. A lot of things had to happen to lead me to the point of sitting in front of this microphone, speaking to you on this topic, today.

Grief 2 Growth came about because of the things that happened in my life to lead me to this point. I hope that I can share some of that experience in the coming episodes. We will have guests who will talk to you about how they have endured what life has thrown at them and thrived. Their stories will inspire and uplift you. And, we will have guests who can help you along your way.

In this episode, I tell you a little about my history; hopefully not more than you want to know. And, I share my vision for the podcast.

After the loss of a very close loved one or after a deeply spiritually transformative experience such as an NDE, many people feel an intense longing for Home. If we verbalize this, it can be seen as morose. It’s a taboo subject, but I wanted to explore it. I asked Peter why he chose to stay after his NDE(s) where he experienced pure bliss. Nearly 40 years after his first NDE, Peter is still here. Reverend Peter Panagore is a 2x Near Death Experiencer, Professional Speaker, Best Selling International Author and broadcaster with 30 million Views Annually.

Peter is the author of Heaven is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning and Two Minutes for God:  Quick Fixes for the Spirit.

Peter is a former pastor. But, he continues to minister to people and is a regular guest speaker in churches.

I invited Peter to talk to a group that I volunteer with. During our conversation, he mentioned something that I wanted to go deeper into. I called him up and he agreed to this interview.

Peter has had two near-death experiences. After the loss of a very close loved one or after a deeply spiritually transformative experience such as an NDE, many people feel an intense longing for Home. If we speak of this, it can be seen as morose. It’s taboo to talk about wanting to die. But I wanted to explore it and Peter was kind enough to explore it with me. I asked Peter why he chose to stay after his NDE(s) where he experienced pure bliss. Nearly 40 years after his first NDE, Peter is still here.

You can reach Reverend Panagore at:  https://www.peterpanagore.love/