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Day 1108- You’ve Always Had The Power

Day 1108- You’ve Always Had The Power

I was listening to Home by Stephanie Mills, from The Wiz. It’s one of my favorite songs.  One of my favorite movies, for as long as I can remember is the Wizard Of Oz.  The older I get, the more I get from that movie. As the tears were rolling down my face from the […]

Day 677- The Discovery

A couple of weeks ago Netflix released The Discovery.  The Discovery is a movie about a scientist who discovers proof of an afterlife by measuring consciousness leaving the body at the moment of death and going somewhere.  The Discovery leads to a rash of suicides as people start killing themselves to “get there”.  Some are people […]

Day 608- The Arc Of A Life

Last night we watched the television program “This Is Us”.  If you haven’t seen the show, it’s must see TV.  If you haven’t seen the episode from February 22, 2017, spoiler alert. Stop reading now. In last night’s episode, Randall takes William on a road trip back to his home town of Memphis.  William is Randall’s […]

Day 564- Ordinary Pain

I’m re-reading the book The Shack in anticipation of the movie coming out next month on what has to be the ten year anniversary of the book.  I’ve read the book two or three times, but not in almost a decade.  The last time I would have read it, the girls were probably somewhere around […]

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