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Day 550- The Good Place

I’ll watch anything with an afterlife theme, at least once.  I’ve been watching a show called The Good Place. It’s not deeply theological, but it’s amusing.  The premise of the show is a woman who is a bad person has, through a clerical error, ended up in The Good Place. She’s selfish and rude and […]

Day 536- Travelers

I’m watching a Netflix series now called “Travelers”. Time travel has always fascinated me.  The paradoxes- what happens if you change something in the past that prevents your birth? How could you do such a thing if you weren’t there to travel to the past in the first place?  Is time linear? Could we actually travel […]

Day 521- Collateral Beauty

A couple of months ago a friend sent a link to me. It was the trailer for Collateral Beauty. The trailer is beautifully done.  In the trailer we learn that Will Smith has lost a daughter at a young age, has given up on life and has raged at the cosmos for answers. We are […]

Day 499- Me Before You

Tonight, Tywana and I sit down to watch a movie. As usual, she’s not thrilled about any of the movies I want to see (and I tend to want to watch the free ones). She wants to see “Me Before You” a chick flick with Emilia Clark (Daenerys from Game of Thrones). OK… a chick […]

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