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Day 624- Shayna Cat Girl

We had a reading with Suzanne Giesemann recently. Afterwards, she called with some additional information.  She said that Shayna came to her dressed up like a cat with whiskers drawn on her face and her hands up like paws, dancing around and laughing  and just having a great time. Tywana immediately thought of this picture […]

Day 502- Weird Happening

It’s been almost exactly a year since my first medium reading and we had been discussing medium readings in group I’m in.  So I wanted to go back and listen to the reading again. As I was listening, I noticed there was a section of the reading that was missing.  I knew there were some […]

Sun Dogs

To the left of the sun, you can see (it doesn’t show up great with the camera) one of the two rainbows (sun dogs) I spotted in the clouds on the way to meet our friends Lynn and Doug. A sun dog is a particular type of rainbow that forms to the left and the right […]

Day 458- If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude

Today I am at the monthly meeting of the Cincinnati IANDS group (International Association for Near-Death Studies). It’s the first Sunday of the month and our Helping Parents Heal meeting is tonight. I haven’t had an NDE, but going to the group allows me to hear stories that help in the transformation I am trying […]

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