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Day 1203- Letters from the Universe

Day 1203- Letters from the Universe

I’ve been asking for signs, looking for synchronicities, trying to believe that the universe is conspiring in my favor (not against me as I was taught most of my life). And, it’s been working. The synchronicities become more evident. The validations come more frequently. The messages are more clear. I am a glass half empty, […]

Day 1179- Shayna Still Dropping In…

We had the privilege of meeting Suzanne Giesemann at one of her workshops in February 2017.  Since, then, Shayna has continued to drop in on Suzanne providing undeniable evidence that Shayna is still right here with us, and determined to communicate with us. Suzanne shares Shayna’s stories in her presentations. Here, at an IANDS meeting, […]

Day 1155- Jamie Clark- HPH Presentation

Day 1155- Jamie Clark- HPH Presentation

Last night, Helping Parents Heal, welcomed Jamie Clark.  Jamie is a medium who has been tested under controlled conditions by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a well-known afterlife researcher. Jamie has proven his ability. Jamie shared with our group his unique path to mediumship, based on a vision at the age of five years old, growing up […]

Day 1132- Dreams of Family

I spent this weekend at my sister-in-law’s house in West Virginia, my mother’s place of birth. Family was on my mind as I was with my wife’s family gathered to celebrate my nephew’s upcoming wedding. My birth family was in Chicago at a family reunion. Friday night, I had one of my weird dreams that […]

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