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Day 714- Love Will Find A Way

Tonight, Kayla goes out with some high school friends for ice cream.  Tywana and I are watching Prison Break (the reboot) when she comes home. She is casually telling us about her time with her friends when she mentions her friend has gone to see a local psychic, Rose. This name rings a bell with […]

Day 699- Without Reason

I wasn’t going to write an entry today, but a synchronicity  prompted me to take this down. As I was walking I was listening to a Podcast by Roger Ray, one of my favorite pastors at the time, if not my favorite. But, I have a  big problem with Roger Ray. He’s basically an atheist. […]

Day 652- Tilt-A-Whirl

Tonight is a rainy, stormy, night.  We know from one of Shayna’s essays that she enjoyed listening to thunder storms. It’s never been my thing, but a gentle rain hitting the roof does seem to put me into a deeper slumber and the deeper the better as far as I’m concerned. When we head up […]

Day 650-EVP Communication with Shayna

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  It’s one of a larger set of phenomena known as ITC or Instrumental Trans Communication.  As long as there have been radios, televisions, cameras, etc. strange phenomenon have occurred where it appears that spirit is causing images to appear on televisions, on film, using radio to broadcast messages, etc. […]

Day 639- Doors

Doors have been on my mind.  This week I started a book by George Anderson. In the opening of the book, he mentions how life is like a series of doors or portals. We come into life through the portal of birth. We exit through the portal of death. In between, we are a met […]

Day 625- Happy Thought Bubble- Suzanne Giesemann

The medium who gave us our reading said that every time she thought of Shayna she would see this Christmas ornament sized object.  Shayna keeps “dropping in” on Suzanne.  This was bright, reflective of light, something like the “flower of life”.  The image on the right is the image she sent to us.  On the left […]

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