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Day 429- Stuck?

People truly are good and amazing. I have had people who have never met me in person come from hundreds of miles to comfort me, send me messages, send me gifts, anything they can do to help me “through” what I am experiencing.  People don’t want me to be stuck and they’re doing everything humanly possible […]

Day 428- ‘Bye Felicia

Over the last several days, Colin Kaepernick has been in the news for refusing to stand for the Star Spangled Banner.  This blog is about my journey after Shayna’s passing and I’ve pretty much kept it non-political, but this will tie in if you stick with me. I personally support Colin Kaepernick’s decision. Whether I […]

Day 426- Just Tired

It’s Saturday. Kayla has been back at college for a week now.  Tywana and are are settling into the new normal. I remember a medium, about a year ago, telling me that I would get used to Shayna being gone.  I’m almost there.  I don’t look for her anymore. But, while I might get used […]

Day 424- Tempus Fugit

Time flies.  Time has always been my enemy. First, it couldn’t go fast enough. Then I wanted to freeze it.  Now, it can’t go fast enough again. They tell me time is an illusion. Damn, if it is, it’s the most powerful illusion ever. School is starting up.  Summer is over. Normally, I’m not a […]

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