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Day 354- This Body Of Death

Yesterday Tywana told me that she was concerned about the amount of alcohol I am drinking. She’s worried about my liver. She’s also concerned about me smoking cigars. She’s worried about my lungs. She’s also concerned about my colon. I haven’t had a colonoscopy and I’m 55. She’s concerned about my prostate. Prostate cancer runs […]

Day 350- I Am Neither The Body Nor The Changes Of The Body

I am neither the mind, nor the intellect,nor the ego, nor the mind stuff.I am neither the body, nor the changes of the body.I am neither the senses of hearing, taste, smell or sight.Nor am i ether, the earth, the fire, the air.I am existence absolute, knowledge absolute, bliss absolute. I am Shiva, I am […]

Day 349-Awkward Moment

It’s a weekend day in June. This must be a graduation party. I’ve lost track of how many we’ve attended and how many more we have to go. This is the first weekend in June, but this is our third or fourth graduation party. It’s a neighbor’s daughter that we’ve known since she was born, […]

Day 348- The Greatest of All Time Has Made His Transition

Muhammad Ali, the great boxer, promoter and inspirational figure made his transition last night. I don’t say he died because in the world I now live in, I don’t see people dying. I see people going home. I see people graduating. I see people completing their missions. I old enough to remember when Cassius Clay […]

Day 346- The Wizard of Oz

This fucking sucks.   Some days I can get through, here behind the curtain, pulling the levers, pushing the buttons giving the illusion of competence and control and some days I feel like Toto has run behind the curtain and exposed me. Today is one of the latter.  I meet with my financial planner today. […]

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