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Day 410- Broken

Most days I will wake up with a phrase or a word on my mind. That time between sleeping and waking it when my inspiration or my theme for the day will come to me. Today, it’s a single word- Broken.   The last few days have been particularly rough. i could try to figure […]

Day 408- Metta

The word metta has been translated as “loving kindness”. I think of it as unconditional love for each and every being.  It is my goal.   As I am now surrounded by people going through crazy loss in life, it keeps bringing up the question “Why do we do this?  Why are we here?  To what end?” […]

Day 405- Back To School

This weekend is Ohio’s sales tax holiday for back to school shopping. I make the mistake of going to Office Depot over the weekend, to pick up name tags for the Helping Parents Heal kick off meeting.  The place is full of kiddies and mommies loading up with back to school supplies. I realize Kayla […]

Day 403- Group Meditation

Tywana’s been looking around for various healing opportunities in the city and we have found several that help from reiki, to the Oneness Blessing, to some meditation techniques.  Today she is heading over to a group meditation at the Episcopal church in Wyoming- about 20 minutes away.  It’s at 9 o’clock on a weekday morning. […]

Day 401- Heart of Gold

One of the highlights of the family reunion weekend was seeing my first cousin once removed (had to look that up), Harlem. Harlem is the youngest of my young cousin D’art.  I’ve only met her once, over a year ago, so there is no way that she remembers me. When I walked into the room, […]

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