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To Bury or to Cremate

This is something you should think about before you die. Do your family this courtesy. But,my ou don’t expect to have to discuss their preference with your children. It might seem burial is the better option. No horrible images of your loved one’s body going up in flames. However, there are pros and cons to […]

Why This Blog

Shayna Elayne Smith is her name. Shayna is Hebrew for Beautiful.  Elayne means light. Shayna was named Beautiful Light and that is precisely what she was while on Earth.  Shayna was given to us on January 13, 2000 and taken from us suddenly on June 24, 2015.  She passed peacefully in her sleep in her […]

Day 5- I Hate Waking Up

The small amounts of sleep I get are such sweet relief from this world. I wish I could just sleep until it’s time to join her again.  As painful as just functioning with every thought focused on her is, I think the worst part is the waking up.  Each day we begin life anew when we […]

Day 4- Ha Satan Whispers

Every morning when I wake up it’s a terrifying realization. “What is happening with her body now?” though I know intellectually she left it long ago.I go over all the things we will never do again. I count all the ways I will miss her. Today though there is something new. Satan whispers in my […]

Day 4- More Tears

I wake up today to more tears. A good cry every morning before getting out of bed is the new normal. My friends and family are rallying around me in unbelievable ways. Food has been brought to the house. Everyone asks what she can do. Gestures are made. Offers to do anything and everything I […]

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