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Day 399- Family Reunion

We made it to the family reunion dinner. In one of our readings Shayna said that our family is royalty. I am very proud of my family of origin. Not only are most of my family members highly educated and professionals, they are good parents, responsible citizens, dedicated students and have a good sense of […]

Day 397- The Risen

I feel like Neo after he’s seen beyond the Matrix, Alice after she’s fallen down the rabbit hole.  Up is down, down is up.  This life is the dream. The “next life” is reality.  Death is to be celebrated. Birth is entry into the school of hard knocks.  The fallen are The Risen. The book I’m […]

Day 396- Looking Forward

Words are funny things. I’ve always had a fascination with language, the way words sound, the origins of sayings- all that stuff. Since Shayna passed I’ve become particularly sensitive to words. Words like death,  when it comes to human beings, are all wrong for the way I view life now. Life never ends, therefore we […]

Day 395- Learn To Be Still

“It’s just another day in paradise As you stumble to your bed You’d give anything to silence Those voices ringing in your head You thought you could find happiness Just over that green hill You thought you would be satisfied But you never will- Learn to be still” Today is the day that Tywana and […]

Day 394- Killing Time

Today is Tywana’s birthday. She and Kayla went to Pennsylvania to visit her sister and I’ve been here with just the dogs for a day and will be for the next two days.  Just sitting around, doing nothing and killing time. Yesterday, after they left I spent the day relaxing. I sat on the deck […]

Day 392- You’re Never Alone

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about suicide.  I have also posted on our Helping Parents Heal page an article about suicide prevention by Dr. Mark Pitstick (When You Are Considering Suicide).  Sadly, in the last two weeks I have had contact with three people on Facebook who were considering suicide.  This […]

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