Christine Duminiak- How To Get After Death Communications

I met Christine many years ago in her Facebook group that prays for people to have after-death communications with their loved ones. I didn’t realize she had such fascinating stories about her experiences.

In this interview, not only does she share her stories, she tells you how you can improve your chances of getting that communication we all long for.

Christine Duminiak is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, founder of ADC Prayer Wave, internationally recognized as an expert on afterlife signs, and author of “After-Death Communications: God’s Gift of Love” and four other books for adults and children on afterlife contacts. She conducts seminars and workshops on “Signs From Heaven” at National and Local Conferences.



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Unknown Speaker 2:11
Thank you, Brian. It’s an honor to be here with you.

Brian Smith 2:14
It’s it’s an honor to have you here. And as I as I said, you and I have known each other and I guess in a way for several years, I’ve been part of a group on Facebook, I found that not too long after my daughter Shana passed away. And it really your work has really helped me educate me on this thing called after death communications. So to get started, I guess we should probably define for people what is after death communications mean?

Unknown Speaker 2:40
It means getting an afterlife sign in some form from your loved one who has transitioned over to heaven. Now, some people will call it a spontaneous sign. But I don’t think that’s necessarily so because you can pray for a sign. And that would not be as spontaneous as if you never prayed for one. So any kind of a sign like a dream visit, hearing someone call your your name, a dime a penny some kind of coin that keeps being left over and over again, you may get a text message on your phone from their cell phone, which has been disconnected, you may get a picture on your computer from them. And you had nothing to do with that you may turn on the radio and a song that connects you to them will just happen to come on. So that those are the types of things that I’m talking about. Of course, there’s what I call apparitions, which is what happened to me back in 1998, which started me on this journey to find out all about after death communications. In 1998, my dad in law showed up in my bedroom, and they stayed for an hour. And I had never had spiritual experience before. So this was really mind blowing to me. And I woke up my husband to tell him his parents were in the room. But he did not have the ability that night to see them only I was able to see them. And they stay for an hour and I couldn’t keep my eyes open and the longer and I waved goodbye. And they waved goodbye back. And I thought well, this is really intriguing. And I thought it was just a one off. But every night for a few weeks, they kept coming back over and over again, which forced me to find out why the heck were they coming? What what was going on here. And that’s when I really got into the field of FTF communications. Because what I found was people who are getting a sign from their loved ones and recognize it as such, seemed to be so much more peace with the passing. But yet there were so many people out there that were just done Trying to get assigned, because they felt like they had to know that a loved one was okay. And they would say, unless I get assigned, I’ll never know that they’re at peace and with God. So that’s when I formed the after death communication and prayer wave. Because I believed in the power of prayer. And every Friday, we pray for people who want to get a sign alavez prayers, people who were longing to get signed, started to get signs, and we were getting an abundance of signs. It was really amazing how the prayers were working. And I think because to their unselfish prayers, you’re praying for somebody else. So some people have been healed because of that, because they realize that their loved ones can still see and hear them, not often a black hole somewhere, they’re still a huge part of their lives. So anything that you did not get a chance to say, before they passed over, you could still say to them, whether it’s verbally or in the letter, all those unexpressed emotions that you wish you had a chance to say was still available for you to say, because they still see us, and they still hear us. So it’s never too late to say goodbye to the physical you but hello to the new spiritual relationship that we’re now going to have. Or I love you, I forgive you. Forgive me, thank you for all those unexpressed emotions, that keep people from healing to a lot of people keep reliving things over and over in their minds, things that they might have done or said, because they didn’t have an opportunity to express regret for that. And by knowing that they can still see and hear you that’s open to you that it’s available to you and helps you in your healing.

Brian Smith 6:49
Yeah, absolutely. I do want to ask you I’m really curious. You said your in laws appeared to you the first time they stayed an hour. What were they doing?

Unknown Speaker 6:58
Well, I’ll tell you the whole thing that happened. I woke up from a dream around four in the morning. And I saw on the corner of my room. In the near the ceiling was a man. I mean, look like an Italian Padre, he had that type of hat on. It was black, he had on a red cloak. And they were sitting at a desk with his hands in a prayerful manner. He’s reading a book. And he was suspended in space. And I kept blinking my eyes thinking, what is this? And when’s it gonna go away. So finally, after about 15 long seconds, he did dissipate. And all of a sudden, there were spirits at the foot of my bed. But these were not the peaceful kind that this gentleman was. These were really scary looking. They had skeleton faces. Some of them were choking each other and said, Oh, my goodness, this can’t be good. What the heck is this, and I had rosary beads under my bed. So under my pillow, so I started praying the rosary. And next thing I know, the whole room turned blue with like white sparkling lights going through it. papers on my viewer were being rustled. And I saw this woman over my doorway, I have to do that well dressed in white, just her head and a veil, as if to say if everything is okay, now you can be peace and you can relax. It’s safe. And as soon as the happen, I felt this tremendous peace. I started to get into the whole situation, some thinking, well, there were still some spirits at the foot of the bed. They kind of looked like radio waves in a way. And I thought, Well, who would want to visit me I wasn’t grieving anybody. And then it came into my mind that my husband, father and mother had passed. And when his father had passed, he was so close to his father, that he cried every night for a year. So that person came into my mind. And I said, and I said, John, is that you? And next thing I know, one of the spirits came, like right up on the front of my dad, five inches in front of my face, yet on a fedora hat, a suit jacket, a little hankie in his pocket, a straight tie, and I said, Oh my gosh, time, your hair, I can’t believe it. And then I remembered his wife said that they would always travel together and they were very close. And I said, Well, Stella here to next, you know, a woman comes to my face, and she’s floating in front of John and she has on a flappers hat, red lipstick and pearls. And I said, Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’re here. I mean, I’m really going with it now Brian. And so then I remember Oh, my husband sound asleep and his parents are in the room and like he can’t miss this. So I woke him up. I said, pop up. Your parents are here, wake up, wake up. And like pointed to where they were, but he did not have the ability to see them that night. Just I had the ability to see them and neither of us could hear anything. But I knew my husband believed me because I could see his lips, like silently talking to them. And it made me feel good. At least he believed me didn’t think I was submit job. So, after about an hour, I got really tired. So thank you so much for coming. And what an honor and I waved goodbye and the weed back at me. And the next day, told my parents all about it. And they had never had a spiritual experience. And they were so excited about it too. And my parents were

Unknown Speaker 10:39
interesting to hear my story, but they kept coming back, night after night. And until which really forced me into this field to find out what it was all about. And I don’t know if you knew of the book Hello, from heaven by the Guggenheim. Okay, so I contacted Judith Guggenheim. And I said, Do you have an idea what this is all about? I mean, they keep coming around. I don’t know what this is about. And she recommended a medium to me. Main sunny wells. And so I always felt uncomfortable about mediums because I’m Catholic. And, you know, were warned against going to mediums, but I felt like I had to go to a medium. I didn’t care what they say. And she was a Christian medium. So I felt that we had similar beliefs. And I felt very safe with her. And we contacted my guardian angel. And I asked him, What is this all about? Why are they coming in? It was just a health warning. And he said, No, they were just stopping by to say hello. And they explained I had a mission. And that he explained with the mission was that I was going to be helping people spiritually, emotionally, and eventually with touch healing. And, and God wants to know, if you accept this mission, I said, what it say was, God, well, what fool was gonna say no to God, when your angels presented that way? Okay, sign me up guys. And, and then I felt like everything that I was doing, had a purpose, and I had a divine purpose. And then, you know, as long as I honored God, and put God in my work, because he wanted me to do this, you know, I wouldn’t be up I, my, my guidance would be good guidance. And it would be very helpful to people because God wanted this and not me. It wasn’t like a prideful thing. Or, you know, I was coming, but God wanted this to help people who are grieving. So that’s how it all started from Ukraine.

Brian Smith 12:43
Wow, wow, that is quite, it’s quite a start. You’re in a mission from God. Literally.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
I read the Bible. I mean, I didn’t want to get you know, like lightning strike me. So isn’t sure sign me up?

Brian Smith 12:54
Well, you know, it’s interesting that you say that, because a lot of times people that are Christians that are Catholics are taught that this is this is wrong, that we can’t do this, that the dead are dead, they’re asleep. They’re in heaven. They’re whatever, they’re not here with us. So how did you overcome that?

Unknown Speaker 13:14
Well, it was interesting, because I had prayed really hard for guidance. And I was sent to sunny wills, the Christian medium. But Catholics have an advantage over others of some other belief systems, because we have all these books of these recognized saints that make apparitions. So it’s in our wheelhouse to have a saint to make apparitions. What I didn’t know was that normal, ordinary people who are now spirits could do the same thing. So that was brand new to me. And so well, they’re not sleeping, they’re, you know, they’re making visits. So, yeah. And I felt like, you can either listen to preachers and go with your philosophy, or you could pray to God’s Holy Spirit and go where he’s leading you. And I’d rather go where God’s leading me then where man was leading me. And that was my philosophy. That was my, how I felt about it. Yes.

Brian Smith 14:10
I love that. Because you know, I do get a lot of people pushing back on the work that I do, talking to people that nd ease, talking to mediums, etc. And so this is not this is not biblical. But I’ve also and I love you know, when you say the word even Christian medium, and so people consider it to be an oxymoron. You can’t Christian and a medium, but I know people who are they’re very prayerful, who have who studied the Bible, who asked God for what they want for what he wants for their life. And they, they believe this is what God wants for them. I believe

Unknown Speaker 14:38
it’s a gift from the Holy Spirit. And it’s talked about in the Bible anyway, in the New Testament, and in fact, because children naturally have a gift to see and hear spirits where we adults wish that we could, they naturally have it. And sometimes many times I get to stay with them. And so I wrote a book for children called heaven. He talks to children, which gives guidance to parents. All right, and how to do it safely how to protect them from spirits that are not from God. Because there are those as those skeleton faces that were tricking each other showed me that night, but not everything is good that comes to visit us. And sometimes they will exploit the the grief and pain that someone who is bereaved is going through. And you have to learn how to differentiate the good guys from bad guys from your real loved one who’s there to bring you comfort, and some other impostor Spirit, who, which happens lots of times in dreams, for instance, sometimes people get dreams of their loved one where they look like they’re in pain, or they’re bleeding or theirs, or they’re ignoring them, or they’re angry at them. When God sends our loved ones to us, it’s to bring us comfort, it’s not to upset us. And if that is happening, which I run, run across a lot of people who have that and they don’t understand it, and it makes them feel worse. Of course, I say same prayer protection every night before you go to bed, and you will find that this will start leaving in the good dreams that you want from your real wealth fund will start coming through. And you’ll see that that will that will end and that usually works if you do it faithfully.

Brian Smith 16:22
Yeah, I think that’s a really interesting point. And maybe a very important point that because I think people This fear is about these bad spirits. And I’ve talked to lots of Christians. I’ve said, Don’t do this, don’t do that. Because evil spirits can come. But you you as you said, you have to be able to discern,

Unknown Speaker 16:40
that’s right. And you and you ask for God’s protection. And and he wants to give it to you. But that’s freewill. That’s your choice. So yeah, and I have prayers of protection in there. And it’s for any medium really, who, who is dealing with the spirit world as some, some mediums don’t believe that there are there’s any evil out there. And they can be taken advantage of. So I hope my book, you know, we’ll leave a mark and give them something to think about, even if they reject that concept. Because I want to see everyone protected. I want their experiences to be the best they can possibly be. So yeah, and even in the Bible on John tells us how to discern spirits to be sure they’re from God. So obviously, the apostles were talking to spirits, because how would he know very how to do it? Right, right. Yeah,

Brian Smith 17:33
if you’re giving instructions on how to talk to spirits, I think it assumes that you are talking to spirits. And we all talk about that holy, the Holy Spirit and the fact that we’re all spirit beings. And but we’re told as soon as our loved ones crossover, we can’t talk to them anymore. That’s that’s a bad thing. That’s an evil thing.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Yeah, I think it’s fear. Because my husband’s brother was a priest for 50 years until we passed about 10 years ago. And when I first told him that his parents were visiting me in my bedroom, you know, I could see like the alarm button going off, because he was a Catholic priest, and you’re not supposed to be dealing with this. And when my first book came out, I was free to tell him because I thought, well, what’s he gonna think of me, you know, because these are all the stories of people’s experiences with their loved ones, their 20 Common afterlife signs and all their experiences. And, but I was really surprised, because at this point, years have gone by, and he was in a retirement home for priests, and he start selling like book to the other priests. So wow, he’s come a long way being to do that, because when I used to tell him about it in the beginning, we go out to lunch together when he was down visiting, and he would always say, warn me, and I believe crying. And I said, you know, we just have to agree to disagree on this, because this is my calling. And, and I know how to do it carefully to protect myself. So it’s okay. And so we stopped talking about it. But when my book came out, he was selling it all is priest, buddy. So that was a good thing.

Brian Smith 19:10
That’s absolutely true. And the other thing is, as you were saying, as I’m thinking about, you know, Jesus said it will know a tree by its fruits. And so I see what mediumship and what afterlife communications, as you mentioned, when we were first started, how it’s healed people, how it’s really taken people that are deep in grief and just transformed that.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Absolutely, yeah. So I mean, he assigned her to be my mentor. And that was really wonderful because we would sit and have chats with the angels regularly so you know, how do things work in heaven? And, you know, we all kinds of questions that we had and we even had a radio show for a while called St. Angels on BlogTalkRadio where people could ask the angels quite Christians, but uh, not only that I got to talk to my parents got to talk to my priest, brother in law, who apologized by the way for not believing me and not investigating what I was telling him. So when Sunday and I was Sunday contacted him, that guy talk for an hour and a half St. We could not get a word in edgewise. He was so excited to be able to talk to us. So it was really, really, really nice. And I got to talk to my in laws. And so it is really a very healing thing that you’ve I felt like it was just a phone call, I was talking on the phone to my parents, or whomever. And that is so healing. I agree with you, Brian, there’s just nothing like it.

Brian Smith 20:42
Well, it’s you know, it’s one thing for us to have faith and faith is great. And it’s one thing to believe what the religious people tell us and believe what the Bible tells us, but there’s nothing like experience. And I think people they don’t dare to even dream that they can have an experience that they can actually talk to that person again and have this communication. So, I do want to point out though, for people that are that are new to this, that apparitions are very rare, most of us do not see apparitions, but there are lots of very common signs. Right, right.

Unknown Speaker 21:15
And apparitions are rare, I did not realize that at the time. But but sometimes people will see visions of their loved ones like in their their mind’s eye where you know, maybe your eyes are open or closing, you see something that would be like a vision of them. And similar to how you would in a dream. So yes, apparitions, I believe take a lot of energy from the Spirit to be able to do that. And you know, with, it can be a little disconcerting to have a spiritual up in your bedroom. So you probably look for a dream visit, most normal people would I think

Brian Smith 21:53
it’s interesting. I think a lot of times we wish for things that we don’t really, we don’t really want if we really knew, and I’ve heard a lot people say I wish I would have an NDA II and it’s like you really don’t want an NDA. And think about how would you really respond if you saw your loved one show up in your bedroom? For I think you said for most of us, it would freak us out no matter how much we’re missing them.

Unknown Speaker 22:13
Right, right. Exactly, exactly. So I think that dream visits are probably the best. Because sometimes you get to hug them sometimes you could take into in heaven to see where they’re living. Just all depends on what God has in store for you what he allows you your experiences to be so I love the dream visits. They’re wonderful.

Brian Smith 22:34
Yeah, and think about dream visits. Let’s talk about the difference between having a dream about your loved one and having a dream visit.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
Oh, well, I kind of think it’s one in the same. To tell you the truth. If they’re in the dream, that’s a dream visit? I believe so yeah. And it may be that you might even have a dream where you’re in a house, maybe where you used to live, and you’re not you’re not seeing them, but you feel their presence in that, you know, in the background. I remember one time my parents visited me in a dream. And it was a dream visit. I think they’re one on the scene. And if it’s bringing you comfort, so I was in the I was somewhere probably in heaven because everything felt very, very holy and sacred. And my dad was in the driveway, and he led me up the stairs. And I came into this apartment type building. And there was a kitchen on the left. And there was what you would call a parlor on the right. And it was a hallway. And I knew my mother was in that parlor. And everything felt so secret that I felt like when I go in that power, I bet my mom’s going to be reading a Bible because this place is really something else. But when I went into the room and saw my mother, she was just flipping through a magazine, not a Bible. And and I was so this is the first time I had seen her after she passed. And so I was so happy to see her I start crying. Oh man, I’m so happy to see you. And I missed you so much. And she was like, shocked that I she thought I was going to be very happy. And I was but she didn’t realize I was gonna break down in tears. So we were both surprised. So she waited a while before she came to visit me in a dream again, because I think she didn’t want me to feel sad at all. She was looking for a happier time. So she did come one other time. I had this dream where I was in a bedroom and I was lying in bed. There were a lot of people in the room and my mother and I think maybe her sister were by their doorway. And I looked around the room and I said this isn’t a dream is it and she looked around the room. They look for permission to whether she tells me or not. And she said no, not a dream. And I said oh okay, and I think they said you have to go now so when I left I actually felt my stomach dropped like I was going down the elevator very quickly. Like how of terror, kind of a feeling and conditioning world. And so I realized I was out of my body. And that, you know, when they sent me back, I was like, put back in my body very quickly with my spirit. So that was the only time I really felt that sensation. Yeah, but that was fun.

Brian Smith 25:17
Yeah, yeah. Well, what I meant earlier about the dream versus dream visit, you actually said, if something doesn’t bring you comfort, if you see your loved one suffering, or if they’re telling you to harm yourself or something like that, that is that is not of God, that is not a dream visit? That was my point.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And I like to tell people that a lot because they, if you’re not aware, you get taken advantage of and these things can really harm you and get you to be very depressed and sad. So yes,

Brian Smith 25:48
I know a lot of people long for Dream visits, that seems to be one of the preferred signs. But what I, I know you have a list of 20 signs that are available in your book. And we don’t have time to go through all this today, but give people some ideas of some things that they may not know their signs, we all know about coins and feathers. But what are some other things that people can look for, um, well touches.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
For instance, when my dad comes, he will massage the top of my head. And he usually does that when I’m in the middle of a seminar. And I’m talking about afterlife signs. And I feel probably the top of my head and it cracks me up. And when my mother comes, she will tickle the left side of my face. So now yesterday, I was on my way to an hour’s drive to studio for an interview. And on the way down, I heard my mother’s song on the radio that it came on TWICE, TWICE, not just once, but twice, I saw Mom Hi. And then when I was in the middle of talking, I felt like this tickle on my left whip. And I thought and I was trying not to laugh, because I didn’t want to like ruin the flow of the interview. But that was really cute. So things like that, sometimes you’ll feel them hold your hand, or pat you on the shoulder or stroke your hair. It’s see what else here Oh pictures, picture may fall off the wall of them. Or the picture of them that might be on your desk is the only one that falls over where you might find a letter left from them out in the middle of your living room. And there’s no way that could have gotten there on its own. So these are the other types of signs. And, you know, if you have this feeling that this is peculiar, peculiar is what we’re looking for. And that that signals that they’re trying to get you to notice, because when they give you an afterlife sign, they also simultaneously will put the thought in your head that this is from them. And that’s another reason why you notice. So animals to act like they knew you, or birds or insects to act like they knew you. That’s another way that they let us know that they’re around us.

Brian Smith 28:03
You just mentioned something that I think a lot of people aren’t aware of. And it might freak some people out that they can put thoughts in our head.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
Right, right, right. Yeah, yeah. And that’s, you know, they, they are not allowed to interfere with our free will. But they can help us with guidance. So and sometimes when they’re actually talking to us, you will hear a thought it’ll be strong. And many times it’s repeated, like maybe three times in a row. And you know, it’s not coming from you, because you weren’t thinking about that. For instance, my younger sister when my when my dad passed, she did not believe in afterlife signs. And my mother and I used to talk about, Oh, Daddy visit us this way. And it was that way, and we would be so excited. And my sister would walk out the room because she didn’t believe in it. And it bothered her, but finally start to get to her. And it was the first Easter after my dad passed. And my sister went to the cemetery. And she said, Daddy, Daddy, just speak to me. Speak to me speak to me. And she heard take care of mommy take care of mommy take care of mom. She heard that thought three times in her head. And she knew he was speaking to her. That’s a GSR. And that’s what she got. So many times. It can sound like your own voice talking to you. But you know, it’s not it’s separate. It’s like a separate compartment in your brain. That’s talking to you.

Brian Smith 29:30
Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s, I think difficult if people especially if they don’t know that it’s possible. And it’s not, you know, the idea of them putting thoughts in your head and it’s not mind control. It’s more like speaking to you. It’s where like, if I said to you, Christine, you should do this. You heard me audibly, but it’s an internal thing.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Right, right, right. Yeah, it’s not it’s not mind control. That’s a good, good term for Brian. I love that. Yeah. It’s like suggestions and helpful little hints to help guide us and it’s up to us we have free will. Whether We want to listen to the guidance that we’re getting or not.

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Brian Smith 31:05
So one thing when you were telling your your story of how you started with this, I thought was really interesting is that your husband’s parents who he was missing first came to you and you and you mentioned he wasn’t able to see them that night. So I have two questions. One is, was he able to see them later. But the first question is, why do you think they came to you as opposed to coming to him?

Unknown Speaker 31:27
Well, when spirits visit, they may not visit the person who’s principally affected, because maybe you’re really grieving. So the goat is someone who is much easier to receive spirit communication. And the idea is not to bypass you or to make you jealous, but to get a message to you that they’re around that they’re a piece of there. Okay. So now in my case, it was a lifestyle change. Because my I used to be in the business world. And I was a stay at home mom for my two children. And they were becoming teenagers. And I was contemplating going back into this world. So this was like a change in direction. For me they want God wanted me to be in a different wanted to be in the grief support world. And so if they hadn’t become in such a big way, I never would have chosen this path. I mean, it just wouldn’t have, you know, ever dawned on me. So we had a really gave me that burning bush kind of a thing to get me going because it was just so amazing that it I had to follow it. Follow it.

Brian Smith 32:33
Yeah. So there was there was a mission, there was a message for you, as well as the message for your husband. And again, was he able to see them at other times?

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Never, no, never. And which was really cute. And he doesn’t even remember his dreams. So I know they visit him in his dreams, but he just doesn’t remember. So. But he’s okay with that. I mean, he’s right. And he in the beginning, he had a hard time with what was happening to me, but eventually became like, my biggest fan, you know, and would come to my seminars if it were local. And yeah, and in the beginning, I felt like he kind of was, wasn’t sure, but now like, no matter what I tell him, okay. So he’s, he’s really, he’s beliefs and, and he loves when he sees how it helps other people, that’s very gratifying to him. And when people share even friends, their experiences, he loves to listen to that, because he knows we’re on the same wavelength. And he’s accepted it so it’s good.

Brian Smith 33:37
Yeah, that’s fantastic that he support you that way. You know, I the thing is, is with people, sometimes people I hear will get upset because their loved one will come to maybe not even immediate family, maybe a cousin or neighbor, and the neighbor will deliver the message. But there’s a reason for that. It’s not because your loved one doesn’t love you, it doesn’t want to come to you.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
It’s just way easier to get to the other person. Because they may have a little gift and, or and when you’re so into grief. Like I know a lot of parents, especially moms will say to me, I was so into my grief. I didn’t see all the signs I was getting outside of myself. And it took me a number of months to start to recognize the signs I was getting. So it’s almost like you put up a steel door sometimes and they they’re knocking to get through but they can’t because there’s just this ball door. So they’ll go to someone to get that message you Oh, I saw them they’re fine. They’re, you know, they visit me in a dream or a piece. They look great. And, and I like to reiterate, it’s not that they don’t want to visit you and you should never feel jealous. They just took the opportunity to get to someone who get you that message who could ease your receive from them. So that’s why they do it that way.

Brian Smith 34:57
Yeah, and there’s some Have as you said, your husband does remember dreams, some of us don’t remember our dreams, that can be a thing they might have come to visit us. And we don’t remember. Because streets dreams fade really fast when we wake up, it’s just the nature, what are the few tips about that

Unknown Speaker 35:13
Brian might be helpful. That’d be great. Yeah, so if you are desirous of a dream visit, I always say ask God every night before you go to bed to allow your loved one to visit you in a comforting way and dream. And then imagine yourself before you go to sleep, being with them in a maybe your favorite spot together, for instance, and keep a pad and pin right under your pillow. Because many times when you get that dream visit, you know what, and then you’re sharing the wake up and starting to fade. But if you start scribbling down on that pad before you’re fully awake, you’ll get bits and pieces of the dream and realize, Oh, yes, they visited me even though I can’t remember right now. Now, of course, the dreams that are really, really vivid are very easy to remember, they will stick with you. But not all dreams are that vivid. And unless you wake up right away, you may not remember it. So that’s why it’s good to just jot it down whenever you can, you know their name or whatever, where you are, you know, your room, whatever. And then you realize, oh, these things do visit me they did this with me.

Brian Smith 36:20
Yes, absolutely. And dreams are. Again, I think they’re made the biggest thing we love the dreams. But when people are saying when they can’t get to us through gym, sometimes, you know, they can maybe get through through coins and feathers, and all the other things that we think about songs. But if you’re not open to that, if your eyes aren’t open to that, then you you’re going to miss them and your loved ones going What did I just did that.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
You can simplify it for yourself too. For instance, I always say if you want a sign from your loved one, and you might be getting lots of signs, but they’re very subtle, most of them are very subtle, so it’s easy to overlook them. So I say, go to God, yes to God to allow your loved one to leave, he was fine. And then state something specific to your loved one that you would recognize as a sign from them, say, you know, a butterfly or a type of bird, or whatever it is that comes across to you. So then when that does happen, when you get that particular bird visiting you, you’ll know all Yes, I press my sign because you requested that specific sign. So that’s another way to be able to get the want to know that they’re visiting you because you requested it and they delivered. Yes, what people don’t realize that some people don’t realize that spirits can do anything that they want to do. They need permission, there’s a hierarchy up there, and God’s at the top. So, you know, sometimes God might feel, well, this is not the right time, or you know, I have a different plan, or so he’s always looking out for our welfare. So if you go to him, and you know, I also don’t believe that you should just pray to your angels, because the angels for knowing their messengers of God, they’re helpers, but they only can do what God assigns them to do. So if you’re bypassing god, you’re bypassing the biggest source of help and love you could possibly have in your life. So always go to the top guy and ask him, you know,

Brian Smith 38:21
that’s an interesting point, I and one thing I say to people, I say, you can’t always get what we want. But I think we get what we need. And as as limited beings living from a limited perspective, we may think that this is the best thing for us, whatever this thing happens to be, I want a dream visit or I want an NDA II or I want an apparition. But that may not be the best thing for us at this point in time. So there’s a there’s an element of trust that what we’re getting is what we’re supposed to get.

Unknown Speaker 38:51
Right? Exactly. And I have found in my work that the people who really do believe that God loves them and has a relationship with God, are the ones that heal the best heal faster, they don’t seem to be they just seem to be more up more peace with things that are happening and, or what has happened to them. And in a lot of people don’t believe in God. And and I always say, Well, okay, you don’t believe in God. But what could it hurt to say a prayer? It can’t hurt, right? It could be really something wonderful can happen. So you know, throw it out there and see what happens, if God has might be waiting for them so he can answer their prayer in some way. So they can establish that relationship and know that he exists and that they’re loved, you know that they’re loved. So,

Brian Smith 39:47
I love the fact that you use the language that you do that you talk about God and you talk about the Holy Spirit and those things because I think it gives permission to people who have that background to say This is okay. But that term is very loaded for a lot of people as well. A lot of people have been burned by religion. And I’ve talked to a lot of people who are call themselves atheists and say they don’t believe in God. And I’ll ask them what what guides don’t they believe in? And it’s always a God, I don’t believe in either that there’s, you know, there’s judgmental guy, this guy who condemns us, this guy who’s always looking out to see we’re doing bad. And you know, some of us have a lot of baggage with that term. So I think for some people,

Unknown Speaker 40:28
I understand, yeah, I understand that because, well, you can substitute with like, divine source or creator, whatever makes you feel comfortable. But I remember I mean, I went to a Catholic school, and we had very strict nuns teaching us. And they never told us that God loves us. They’re always like, God is angry, and he’s gonna be mad. And it was, I fear to God. And, and then one day, when I was maybe around 20, I really didn’t want to think of God that way. And I remember that Jesus was always so kind and loving and, and I found this picture of Jesus with children all around him. And I bought that picture, and I have it hanging on my wall to this day. And that picture, transformed, transform me into thinking of God as loving and not an angry God. Alright, okay. So the Old Testament, he’s angry, a lot, no doubt about it. But the New Testament, Jesus is full of love, he used love. And I like to follow that Jesus, you know, that God. So that picture always reminds me of how sweet and kind he is. And I also think of God as, like giving us TLC. And I pray, like about the tiniest little things, if I’m working on a little carpentry project, you know, but Oh, please let me get this gallon, please. And then it’ll work. Do you know, and I pray about the tiny little things. And maybe people think that you should only talk about big things, but he’s this way, God’s incorporated in so many things in my life, I’m praying to Him for help all the time. You know, and I, that’s why I’m always a hopeful person, because I feel like he’s gonna take care of me. And in fact, my mother, all through our lives, she would say, Oh, God will take care of it. Oh, God will take care of me. Oh, God, and like, I grew up with that mantra from my mother. And that must have internalized in me, because every moment when things were rough in my life, that really helped see me through a lot of like, adversities. And, yeah, yeah. So I think the more little things you pray about to start to see, oh, he’s helping him this little, little way. And maybe you’re helping in a big way. And it just becomes a process of just part of the daily relationship that you have with God. It’s just so second nature.

Brian Smith 42:53
I think so You know, it’s interesting when we talked about Jesus, because for me as a kid growing up, but to hear about this guy, and I was like, I love Jesus. But I don’t know about this guide guy. I’ve always been, I’ve always been an admirer of Jesus, I’m still an admirer of Jesus. But, you know, God needed like a makeover, he needed a reputation rehabilitation. And I think that’s why we have Jesus. Because nobody can relate to that guy that before, you know, they got and, and that’s not who God is. I want to make that clear to people. That’s, that’s man’s view of God, that that we we impose on him, but we were told his kids well, God does love you, but he has to be he has to have justice to so therefore there is this eternal place that will send you to, you know, and those types of things,

Unknown Speaker 43:39
but by God’s a forgiving God. So, you know, just ask for forgiveness. You won’t have to be afraid of the next world. And you’re just like, you know, we should forgive other people. And we want forgiveness. A lot of times people are angry at God, and they just so angry at him. And I say, Well, you know what, God forgives you. Maybe you can just try and forgive God even if you don’t understand why this is happening to you. Just Just give him the benefit of the doubt. Just give him some forgiveness. And I think you’ll feel more peace. Now this I think especially happens Brian, when a loved one like your daughter, for instance, passes for you think is the right time, like an old age or whatever, and you don’t understand why would God be so mean? Why Why would he Why would he do that? Why does this person have cancer, whatever they have, and if you’ve been on like a lot of near death experiences, I love what we learn from them. And my favorite one is embraced by the light by Betty Evie. I don’t know if you’ve ever read that. That just when I read that I said Beam me up Jesus this is where I want to be. But what I learned from her and also with my conversations with Sonny well and angels is that we before we come here to Earth guy had created a spirits with him, and we have, we volunteer for certain missions and lessons to be learned. And it’s always meant to bring us closer to God have a ripple effect on other people, there’s always always supposed to be a great deal of good to come out of what was happening. So for instance, your daughter, you know, she may have like, had an agreement with God that this is the way she was coming in, this is the way she was gonna go out. Because maybe that would be a catalyst for your work. You see, like, the mothers and mothers mad, for instance, their children, part of their agreement with God was to leave that way, because they knew that would be catalysts for their moms to start this movement, which helped to save a lot of people and bring awareness of unnecessary deaths and meanness from accidents due to drunk and driving. So, like, people, young people, many times they’re called, they’re what we call angels unawares. And they’re actually angels in consciousness, that volunteer for these missions, even though they’re hard to help the world around them to help you for instance, and, and yeah, to bring about a better world. So you probably never would have been in this field. If you hadn’t lost your daughter at an early age.

Brian Smith 46:24
Oh, I definitely would not be doing that. So we’re gonna be talking to you. That’s 100% for certain in the thing is about this trusting guy, which has been it’s been a factor for me for a long time, because I was a kid, I would look around and see what bad things happen. You know, bad things happen to good people. So how can I trust God because, you know, bad things happen. But that’s, that’s that limited perspective that we have that we need to expand beyond understand that we are spirits, we are preexistent spirits that that came here for a short time. And then we all go home? You know, it’s just a matter of when and how and so I would say it’s like, the only differences is when and how, what age are we and how do we pass but we all go. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s part of the plan.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
Oh, yeah. Because that, I mean, just imagine a paradise where you’re in no pain, we can fly by your thoughts, where you feel loved all the time. And, and you you have great existence, and there’s different worlds, so explore and create missions that you can make. I mean, why would you want to be here, I’m gonna roll Hold on. I don’t want to leave. I don’t wanna leave. But yet, soon as you transition over there, oh, what was I fighting? This is a great, great place to be. So and some of the fun things to do in heaven, which, when I got to talk to my parents through Sunday, wells, they, my dad, and I used to golf together. So I said, Well, are you golfing and have any sale? Yeah, yeah. So he names the names of people who was golfing with. And so what are the golf courses like? And he said, Well, you can create, you create them yourself. You all get together and we say, What do you want, you know, on your golf course. And they create it with their minds that they’re going to golf? And my mother said to me, do you believe I’m a golf widow up here? So, and they used to love the ball. They were on a mixed team bowling team. And my mother said, Well, yeah, we bowl up here, too. She said, Now we could really cheap, but then everybody would know. So we don’t do that. Yeah, so there’s a lot of fun things to do in Heaven’s just, yeah. Well,

Brian Smith 48:31
I you know, it’s interesting that because that reminds me of a quote, I’m not gonna get it right. Exactly. By CS Lewis. I remember when I was a kid reading as he talked about how were children playing with mud pies, you know, at the at the beach, and we are, we could be having a day at the beach, or we could be you know, somewhere else. And we like what we know, we know. So we say I want to be here, I don’t want to die. That’s the worst thing that could ever happen. But then on the other hand, I’m on Facebook all day long with people who are complaining about everything about this world, because we complain about it, too. Because it is it is a hard place to be, but we don’t. And this is what’s so great about your work, because we don’t really understand or believe what great things wait for us.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Exactly. And that’s why I love reading near death experiences. Because our knowledge through the Bible is very limited about what happened is like, but and I’m sure that’s got that’s why God allows so many people to have near death experiences and write about them and talk about it. So it just shows you what a wonderful place is waiting for us. And it takes the fear of the unknown out of it for you. So you’re not really afraid to die once you start reading these wonderful stories. I mean, didn’t want to go through the death process, of course, by Daedalus is quick. But yeah, but then if you’re not afraid, because you have seen your eyes have been opened and what awaits you and loved ones and your angels and then it just you’re okay. I had my dad when he was in his 80s Read embrace By the light, and it took all the fear out of him dying. Yeah, he wasn’t afraid at all.

Brian Smith 50:06
Wow, that’s awesome. I love hearing that, again, even better, because I love the NDA II, I absolutely love. I love the fact that I know I’m gonna see my daughter again, that that motivates me to go forward. But also with your work, we know that we can talk to them right now that they’re still with us are still part of our life. That’s, that’s like the bonus. And that’s the part that really frankly, isn’t in the Bible. That doesn’t really tell us so we can still have that relationship.

Unknown Speaker 50:32
Well, I’m actually, as far as fine, you’re correct. But I do remember the time and people who insist that you sleep until you know, the resurrection. Yeah, there was a time when Jesus was here. And he was talking about. About Lazarus talking to Moses, and maybe Elijah I forget, and and how Lazarus wanted to warn his brother or honor the rich man wanted to warn his brothers. And, and he said, Well, what good does it do them? Because they won’t listen. And so Jesus was giving a parable of talking to the dead. No, that on the other side, so what’s the you know, that you can talk to dead that they’re alive? And well?

Brian Smith 51:18
Yeah, well, Jesus also had a quote that said, God is the God of the living, not the dead, you know, so that there is eternal life. So there’s a lot there a lot of clues in there. But the end the end, and it’s funny, because I had a discussion with a friend of mine, who’s a evangelical Christian, and we were talking, you know, on the stuff of men too, and he’s like, Brian, you’ve got crazy. And I, you know, I interviewed these people have and the ease I said, I won’t say his name. I said, you know, I interviewed someone, so they had an envy the other day, and and so they they died, they saw a light, they heard a voice. They were transformed. And now they’re a different person. I said, who does that sound like in the Bible? How about Paul on the road to Damascus? Oh, right, where he saw on light, heard a voice, he was struck blind for three days. And then he comes back with these amazing abilities. And he goes on the mission even changes his name, he changes so much. And Paul

Unknown Speaker 52:09
talked about visiting the seventh heaven. Yes. The seventh heaven.

Brian Smith 52:14
Yes, talked about being out of his body and said, I don’t know what said, I don’t know if I was in the body or out of the body and talks about the things that he can’t even speak about. Because there are beyond words, which is sounds just like people that have had nd E. So there are clues in the Bible that tell us that this is very real. And we do know that we’re spirit beings. So I think it’s wonderful that we can have this relationship. And so I do want to do before we run out of time, I want to talk about your books, because you got some fantastic books, and on people know what you have and what they can get from them.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
So I have this is my first book after death, communications, God’s gift of love. And this is probably for any adult who is grieving because it has the 20 common signs, tips on receiving and sign tips for grief healing, survivor’s guilt, the purpose of our lives, why do bad things happen to good people, so that is probably the most important book. And then for any medium or child 72 children, and it is 100, over 100 sample examples of children’s spiritual experiences talking to loved ones. And then if you’re missing a grandpa if their child grandpa visits from heaven, because they do. And then there’s Graeme visits from heaven for children, and also in the pages of the book is pictures of heaven, and the fun things to do in heaven. So when you are trying to explain to a child when Heaven is like, they, they have no idea. But if you can show them pictures, and the reunion and the party that they have when you get there, and that you can swim and go down sliding boards, things like that. And then this is for military families, daddy visits from heaven for military families. It’s also good for first responders. So it helps to explain and what the funeral is like. So I think it’s just easier for parents, if they have illustrations with the story, to try and explain where that person is to a child who has no concept of what heaven is and what angels are and what spirit bodies are.

Brian Smith 54:21
Those are so needed, and I’m so glad that those are available. I wish they were available when I was a kid and you know your book, haven’t talked to children after like context. I think that’s important for parents as well to understand that when your children are saying these things, they’re still remembering and a lot of times in our culture, we talk them out of it. And I’ve noticed I’ve studied that other cultures, people tend to hold on to their pre existence memories longer, because they’re not told that it’s just a fantasy. So kids remember as funny I remember our girls when they were like seven and four, because three years apart, said that we remember Getting up in heaven and choosing you as our parents. This is a concept that did not hear from us. I did not hear from anybody that I that I’m aware of.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
There’s some stories in my book, just as you were talking about just like that, that they remember being in heaven and who was there with them? And yeah, and they’re so sorry about a little girl in the book. She was saying how she was pretty anxious how she misses Jesus, and she wish she could see Jesus and give them a hug. And, you know, she remember Jesus, you know, a little kid. Yeah,

Brian Smith 55:29
yeah. So we do have that that veil of forgetfulness. But there’s still it’s kind of leaks through, you know, and I think I truly know that babies still see angels and spirits. They just can’t speak yet.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Absolutely, yeah. If they’re looking off, and they’re giggling at something like in the corner of the room, you know, it’s like a grandparent, probably, or an angel, or someone that’s coming to play with them. So yeah, yeah. Like, they don’t miss anything. And that’s the same with people who are grieving. Our loved ones come to their weddings, and the birth of their babies and their birthdays and their anniversaries. Anything that’s important to us is important to them. And they will be there. And we’ll try and show you that they’re there. Yeah. So my dad often when we all get together my family and massage the top of my head, and I’ll say, daddy’s here, and everyone has a dad.

Brian Smith 56:23
That is That is so cool. When you can include them as part of the celebrations, you know, because we all feel sadness. We all miss them on those days. I remember when my nephew got married a couple of years ago. You know, those things remind us of the people that aren’t there with us. But he they took pictures of Shayna, and all the other people in the wedding party, all the guys had a picture of her inside of her ties, and all the girls had been Emma their dresses. And at the reception, they had a picture of Shane on the table. So it was just you know, we include her as part of the celebration, it makes it a lot easier to go through these things.

Unknown Speaker 56:59
Yeah. And she loves that. She just loves it. You remember her and and being part of it? Yeah. Because she’s enjoying it just like you are. So yeah, that’s very neat. Along with that.

Brian Smith 57:09
I also want to let people know about your Facebook group, because I think that is such a good resource to tell people about the group.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
So then our mission is, is to pray for other people to get an afterlife sign from their loved ones. And then you can posted in my group you can you tell us what you receive. And we do this every Friday, we pray for the whole group. And so if you are grieving and you want people to pray for you to get assigned, please visit us on Facebook at after death, communication and prayer. Wait, it started out on a message board back in 2000. And now it’s 2020 22. So we’ve been around for 22 years, praying for people to get that sign. So

Brian Smith 57:51
yeah, I know you’ve helped so many people. I know you, you helped me. So I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
You know that? I’m glad to hear that. Thanks, Brian.

Brian Smith 57:59
Yeah, absolutely. So Christina, let people know where they can reach you if someone wants to reach out to you.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
Sure. So on Facebook, Christine demoniac. Or I have a website. Christine, do So you can see my books are there. And if you want to have an appointment with me, I do over the phone appointments, if you’re military there for free. And I’m where I’m going to be my different venues where I might be speaking so yeah, just go to my website to find all that.

Brian Smith 58:34
Alright, I’m going to spell your name for people because it’ll be in the show notes. But some people listen when they’re out in our in their car or something. So it’s Christine, ch, RI s t i n e. And the last name is Dominique de UMINI a k. And it’s all Christine is where you can find Christine, find her books, and find all the links and maybe a separate appointment to speak with her.

Unknown Speaker 58:59
Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s so great meeting you. You’re just a lovely person. And God bless you for the work that you’re doing to help other people.

Brian Smith 59:06
Well, thank you for being here. I can’t believe it’s been seven years. It’s the first time we’ve actually spoken but it’s it’s good to talk to you, I’m sure run into each other again.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
I hope so. Take care and thank you again, Brian.

Brian Smith 59:19
All right. Enjoy the rest of your day. You too. Bye bye. Don’t forget to like, hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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