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Connecting With Loved Ones in Spirit: A Mother’s Letters to Her Son

Is connecting with loved ones in spirit important to you? If so, make sure you don’t miss this episode.

“The only agenda is love.” This profound statement from Claudia Milligan’s son, David, epitomizes the unbreakable bonds that exist even after a loved one passes on to the next life.

When Claudia tragically lost 29-year-old David to suicide, she refused to say goodbye. Through a journey of grief, intuition, and eventually evidential mediumship, Claudia built an even deeper connection with the spirit of her beloved child.

Her new book Letters to David chronicles this powerful relationship via ongoing correspondence between this world and the next.

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Connecting To Loved Ones In Spirit- Letters To David by Claudie Milligan with David Milligan

In this riveting interview, host Brian Smith taps into Claudia’s wisdom, helping countless fellow grieving parents embrace the eternal nature of love. Read on for uplifting insights into communicating with loved ones in spirit.

Moving From Skeptic to Spiritualist: Claudia’s Unexpected Journey

Though Claudia maintained traditional religious beliefs, she considered herself far from “spiritual” for most of her life. She prided herself on keeping everything neatly under control.

As an accountant focused on spreadsheets and accounting, there was no room for flights of imagination or mystical notions in Claudia’s self-described “left-brained” world.

The birth of her son David changed everything. This exuberant child brought creativity, joy, and a boundless thirst for adventure into Claudia’s life. He certainly kept her on her toes!

When a shocking tragedy took David far too soon, Claudia was catapulted onto the most transformational journey of her life.

She recalls the moment her paradigm began to shift:

“Four days after he passed I just said out loud ‘I love you David’ because he’s up there you know? And I heard a thought – ‘I love you too Mom.’ That’s not my voice.”

Claudia milligan

Though doctors suggested this was nothing more than a grief hallucination, Claudia learned to trust her intuition. Incredible connections continued unfolding far beyond coincidence.

Eventually, Claudia found herself consulting evidential mediums who could verify specific details – right down to David’s favorite catchphrase. Her beloved son was making his ever-present existence undeniably clear.

Claudia began channeling David’s wit and wisdom directly during sitter readings, moving skeptical clients to tears when recognizable personality traits shone through.

“To be able to speak, and I’m conscious…I can’t imagine anything more precious than hearing the words of my child. The inflections, the choices.”

claudia milligan

While Claudia’s experience is extraordinary, she believes we all have latent abilities to transcend apparent boundaries between this world and the next. As David said:

“We don’t all become ‘Shaktis’ right after we transition.”

Loving Bonds Never Broken: Connecting With Loved Ones In Spirit

Heartbroken survivors often torture themselves thinking about all the things they wish they could have, would have, or should have said to someone before their passing.

They despair that it’s now “too late”, doomed to merely reminisce about the past without creating new memories.

Yet David told his grieving mother:

“Please remember to pay attention to gifts…I will be close to you this year, but you may not always know it. Believe it anyway.”

david milligan

Claudia and Brian intimately understand the painful illusion that death is an impenetrable barrier. Both making exceptional connections with their transitioned children, they are passionate about empowering people to move beyond disempowering assumptions.

In a society that barely whispers about death, we have much collective grief work ahead before openly communing with deceased loved ones becomes socially mainstream.

Yet pockets of pioneers bravely share Hard-won insights – not just believing, but knowing life’s greatest adventure continues on.

Claudia encourages anyone questioning if subtle signs could indicate their loved one’s energetic presence with an open-minded exercise:

“How did you feel? My heart jumps.”

Beyond the logical mind’s incessant judgments, the heart offers a compass guiding us to truth.

Simple Ways to Open Communication Channels

Seeking solace in religious or cultural beliefs about what happens after death serves many people well. For others, direct personal experiences provide the “evidence of things unseen”.

If you feel called to improve your connecting to loved ones in spirit, Claudia suggests getting quiet with an open heart and asking for signs.

Then, carefully notice how you feel physically and energetically when you perceive them near. Keep a journal documenting synchronicities and sensations associated with visits.

Claudia began intuitively writing to David as if corresponding just like when he was on earth, then listening deeply for his replies through ideas arising in her mind.

Handwriting heartfelt letters sent to your loved one on the wind or at a gravesite ritual can also help facilitate a space for exchange.

Working with reputable mediums specializing in evidential communication can also bring verifiable details precisely attuned to your personal situation. Choose practitioners conveying messages shared in the voice and vocabulary of your loved ones.

Skeptics might first talk to the empty air, noticing where inner resistance arises. Staying open to unexpected grace unfolding in divine timing prevents frustration over control.

As David reminds his mother, “watch for gifts” beyond limited ideas of what form connection may take. Let their loving impatience guide you!

Insights From Non-Physical Entities

Claudia’s primary focus lies in nurturing relationships between grieving parents and their departed children. Yet her explorations expanded well beyond direct David communications, too.

She has trained extensively across modalities, attuning to a reality alive with diverse conscious energies existing just outside our perceptual awareness. These aren’t just departed human personalities either!

Claudia channels an entity dubbed She – a seemingly formless font of supreme wisdom peering into humanity’s destiny beyond the constraints of space or time.

This guide gently nudges people to release outmoded ways of thinking restricting their growth. During the interview, She advises:

“My wisdom is your wisdom…It is wisdom you have not yet learned to say yes to. All of you have the ability to expand beyond what you know.”

She (supreme healing energy)

We may visualize our individual journey as a solitary trek up a mountain. Yet, seen from overhead, countless teachers cheer us on!

We need only open the floodgates of direct revelation as our true multidimensional nature comes into fuller view. Each insight then ripples transformation outward.

Serving Traumatized Survivors While Shining Light Into Shadows

Both Claudia and Brian experienced the absolute worst nightmares parents or siblings can endure – losing young, cherished family members unexpectedly.

The concept of continuing bonds tells us how important connecting to loved ones in spirit is to the grieving process.

Each found their calling assisting others in confronting unimaginable loss without losing connection with the deepest meaning.

Claudia’s 25 years as an accountant prepared her for meticulously documenting astounding conversations unfolding beyond the veil. She now guides others to trust subtle senses, revealing a world more wondrously bizarre than fiction!

Brian has dedicated his life to supporting bereaved families while educating seekers on navigating the often treacherous terrain beyond death’s doorway.

They appreciate skepticism about our capacity to engage in so-called “supernatural” phenomena. Yet their extraordinary journeys stand as a testament to revealing more remains possible than society’s materialistic worldview suggests.

In a conclusion sure to give skeptics pause, Claudia remarks that eventually her erstwhile atheist accountant’s mentality underwent radical revision:

“Looking back, I can’t believe that I couldn’t even deny it.”

claudia milligan

If someone as hyper-analytical as Claudia can move from ardent disbelief to channeling the ascended masters – where might your open-minded explorations lead next? Why not begin finding out now by whistling up a loved one in spirit!

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