Daniel John- A Medium Doing God’s Work

Daniel John is a father, husband, and certified medium who was raised Catholic, found Jesus in 9th grade, and is a dedicated follower of Christ consciousness.

At 37 years old, Daniel discovered his life’s purpose, even though it was something he didn’t believe in or agree with at the time. Still, sometimes God has different plans (Jeremiah 29:11). Since 2017, Daniel has been on a mission to serve God, spread Love and, help the grieving, connect with their loved ones in Spirit.

Daniel has completed thousands of mediumship/grief counseling sessions and has done a copious amount of research on the metaphysical, near death experiences, and life after death. Daniel says he is here on Earth, with direction from the Holy Spirit, to spread God’s unconditional Love to ALL!

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Close your eyes and imagine what are the things in life that causes the greatest pain, the things that bring us grief, or challenges, challenges designed to help us grow to ultimately become what we were always meant to be. We feel like we’ve been buried. But what if, like a seed we’ve been planted, and having been planted would grow to become a mighty tree. Now, open your eyes. Open your eyes to this way of viewing life. Come with me as we explore your true, infinite, eternal nature. This is grief to growth. And I am your host, Brian Smith.

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Everybody, this is Brian, I’m back with another episode of grief to growth today I’ve got with my friend Daniel, John Daniel. I think this is the third time he’s been on the program he’s been on before. He’s a great guy. We’ve become friends over the last couple of years. I’m gonna read his bio, and then we’ll get started. He is. He’s a father. He’s a husband and a certified medium who was raised Catholic. He found Jesus in ninth grade. And he’s a dedicated follower of Christ consciousness. When he was 37, he discovered his life’s purpose, even though it was something he didn’t believe in, or didn’t agree with at the time. But sometimes guys has different plans. And he quotes Jeremiah 2911. So it’s 2017 Daniels been on a mission to serve God to spread love, and to help the grieving connect with the loved ones and spirit. Daniel has completed 1000s of mediumship grief counseling sessions. And he’s done a copious amount of research on the metaphysical near death experiences and life after death. He’s here on earth with direction from the Holy Spirit to spread guides, unconditional love to all, so that I want to welcome my friend Daniel, John.

Daniel John 2:48
Thank you for having me, Ryan, I appreciate it.

Brian Smith 2:50
Yeah, I’m really excited to catch up with you today. We it’s been a while since we’ve talked and know what’s been going on in your life. I know you’ve been on the show before and people might have heard but we can’t assume that they have. So I’d like for you to tell people how you got into what you’re doing.

Daniel John 3:06
Yeah, so again, thanks for having me. It actually, like you said, didn’t start until I was 37. And I sat next to a woman in a restaurant. And I started getting these feelings impressions. I’ve never seen spirit and never heard them. But I started getting these feelings with information. And as I shared the information with her, she related to almost all of it on a really deep level with a lot of compassion, a lot of validation. And so after that moment, it was about a 45 minute, like meeting. At the end, she hugged me and said, Thank you, I’ve been waiting for that. And I realized how much it helped her. I found out after husband passed away instantly. And suddenly, they never really got to say goodbye. So I pustular spirit facilitated through me there goodbye. And it was so healing and so full of love. And so I had to kind of take a step back after that night and say, okay, everything I’ve ever believed I might have to relook at because that was amazing. And it felt good for her. And if I have the ability to do that for other people, I would love to do that. And so that’s when I started my investigation on afterlife studies and reread scripture and but with a different mind with more of an open heart.

Brian Smith 4:16
Yeah, you know, you and I’ve spoke about this before, and I get a lot of pushback, frankly, from people, Christians who read the Bible a certain way. And how did you feel when when this happened to you? What was what were your impressions before?

Daniel John 4:30
So I was raised Catholic saints in ninth grade, I taught religious education in college. So I was if you look at it on a on a macro level, I always believed in something greater. You know, as Christians, we call it we call it God. We try to put a name on something we really can’t define. But when I first experienced it, that really wasn’t on my mind because I witnessed so much beauty and love from the moment that happened until the moment I kind of announced to the world that hey, this is a gift I have. I didn’t think much about it because I saw I saw with my own eyes and experience, like at that time, you know, up until my first actual sessions, you know, 20 or 30 sample sessions of experiencing like love and accuracy and like it was all beautiful, there was nothing demonic about it. And it wasn’t till about four months after I came out as a medium that I got an email from a former former coworker that led me to read some scripture in the in the Hebrew Bible and the Torah, and the Old Testament, whatever you want to call it, and I was like, Whoa, I gotta, I gotta stop. You know, this was before I, because I came out as a medium before I really started getting into more biblical studies. And so at that moment, I for about 10 seconds, I was like, Oh, my gosh, I gotta stop. This is against God, this has been all a hoax. And I was like, Wait a minute. And I started remembering, I think at that point, I had about 50 sessions already completed. And it was nothing much just pure love. There’s nothing but that nothing demonic or evil, people were actually returning to fake and going back to church after the sessions. So I had to, that’s when I read, reread, or at least listen to the audio, the whole audio book, it was like 42 hours of the Bible, and kind of looked at it with a more of an open mind. And so after that, I started reading the New Testament and a deeper level and looking at the Greek translations in the Hebrew translations of the Old Testament and kind of came to an understanding that this is anything but demonic. And in this facilitation, this communication wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for something greater to facilitate or be the source of this information. Yeah,

Brian Smith 6:32
but yeah, go ahead. Yeah, please,

Daniel John 6:34
was until I was probably going to answer your further question, your next question. So go ahead and ask is, I don’t know if I answered it properly.

Brian Smith 6:41
Well, you did answer. And the thing is, so we get this all the time. And people have a certain way of reading the Bible. And I get a lot of like, just go read your Bible. Just go read your Bible. And I always laugh because I think about you and all the hours of study that you put into this.

Daniel John 7:00
Yeah. So the simplest terms, I believe God is something that is undefinable, indefinable, there’s no way we can, and human with our human mind understand who what God is. That’s why I think like Jesus, for instance, spoke a lot in parables. If you look at the Hebrew Bible, in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and kings, there’s some verses that very clearly, could lead the reader to believe that communication with the spirit world is wrong or demonic, especially in ancient Israel when the books were written. But there are, so what we have to do and like you probably laugh as well, we have to take this book, and look at it as a Book of Love, than if you’re looking at it with fear and judgment and black and white. That is not I in my opinion, that’s not the best way to read it. Because there’s so much beauty and wonderful. I guess what’s the right word for it wonderful experiences that you can have if you truly read the Scriptures with the heart with love. And so not to get down the rabbit hole with it. But Jesus never once spoke about mediumship. Number one, there’s not one scripture in the New Testament, where Jesus mentioned anything about mediumship and Matthew 17, he goes on a mountain and talks to Moses. That is the definition of mediumship. By definition, Jesus is a medium, but people here’s the problem, people get caught up in the word, the medium, a medium by definition, and Oxford, and Webster. And all the main dictionaries is just a halfway point between two extremes. It’s the means in which information is communicated. So Jesus was bringing through information from spirit from God to unfortunately forces, God is Spirit. Paul was a medium we wouldn’t have a Bible if it weren’t for mediums and some Christians will will cringe or like, Oh, no way can hear that. But it really is just a word as an in between, like, how do you think Paul was able to write scripture in Galatians 111 It says that he didn’t obtain its information from men, other men or himself it came from spirit from something greater you can call it Jesus or Christ or God or spirit, but it’s all the same thing in the spiritual world. So if you look at also look at some of the Hebrew Bible you know, we’re supposed to stone our kids to death and we’re supposed to not deal with the unclean Jesus didn’t stone anybody. But you know, you look at he dealt with lepers and women and totally ignored like, ignored the purity laws in ancient Israel, John Hayden, three through 11, a woman is brought to him committed adultery. Well, according to the Hebrew Bible and Deuteronomy 2118. I think it is, you’re supposed to stone them to death, both of them. I mean, it’s kind of a black and white law back then. But Jesus didn’t stoner he just asked everyone around. Because everyone would want it to stone or the Pharisees were testing him and he said, Okay, you whoever has not sinned can throw the first stone and from the oldest from the oldest to the youngest, they dropped their stones and he says, you know, go and don’t sit anymore. So to me the New World Order, Jesus brought a whole new light to some of the ancient and Hebrew Bible and as Christians, we are taught to not judge, we are taught to not condemn, we are totally told to love equally. If you look at the Synoptic Gospels are very different than the book of John. I feel like Jesus paints himself in a very different manner. It’s more, it’s less a gimmick, if he asked me, but you have to remember these words. These were words, they were translated they were. And again, it doesn’t take anything away from me for the Bible, because I love the book. But I think we have to read it with a little bit more gray area. And we truly have to look at the deeper meaning of some of these words, for instance, and there’s a word that they it’s called meta, no error. It’s not metanoia. It’s farmer Sia. Well, the word they actually translate it to witchcraft, but it actually has nothing to do with it. It only because back in the day, pharmacy, meaning of drugs, but people who practice witchcraft were often in to psychedelics. But that’s like that now. So there’s a lot of verses in the Bible that we can really be misunderstood. And final thing, and there’s so we can go down into deep deep in the Scripture if you want. But I have prayed for the years that ever since that night happened to lead me to serve Him, because it’s not me of doing this work. And actually, at that glory goes to something we call God. I’m just used, like many others in this world, just like you in this podcast, are spreading love, and use your use as a tool to spread that love. And I’ve asked Milton not millions, hundreds of 1000s, probably 100 times a day, God, if this is the path you want me to take, please show me and he has shown me in every single way possible through scripture, through my life, through music through every venue possible that this is my path. And the last thing is I feel like God speaks through more than just a book, songs, license plates, birds, you name it, God speaks through everything. And if we limit ourselves to one book, read one way we can get ourselves in a lot of trouble.

Brian Smith 11:50
Yeah, I really wish I could just, I am recording, I was gonna say, I wish I could record you play you for all of these people. That that hit me with all this. And I love what you said there, especially at the end. You know, there’s more than one way to connect with God, the Bible. And he always kills me when people call the Bible, the Word of God with a capital W. And I’m like, the Bible is not the word of God, the word is Jesus. You know, so this the, you know, I love the fact that you you’ve studied this, that you prayed about this. Before we started recording, I asked you what you’re up to now and I know you’re a man that you ask God, about everything in your life, you just you constantly seek God’s God’s guidance and wisdom on things.

Daniel John 12:35
Proverbs three, five through six, my absolute favorite Bible verse in different translations, but what I I’ll say what it says, know what it means to me. It’s trusting the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and always to acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. It’s really four lines that say, well, listen, you have to admit there’s something greater than you. Humble yourself, right? But you don’t have it all. But if you just like lean on that thing, it will guide you, you can call it a law source universe, God, we try to label these things and think that we know it all. And we don’t. So if you let that source guide you or the universe or God guide you, then you take the ego out. Because there’s things over the years, Brian, where I wanted to do very much so God said no spirits have No, he wasn’t a gambling, you know, I used to drink alcohol. I don’t do those things anymore. Because it puts me at an energetic vibration. So that spirit can work through me to help other people.

Brian Smith 13:32
Yeah, yeah, I think. So when, when we read the Bible, he said, we have to, we have to understand that it’s a it’s a different book, the Hebrew Scriptures, I don’t like to use the word Old Testament, because they’re the Hebrew Scriptures. And we, you know, I see these people that they pick and choose, as we were saying, and we all do we all pick and choose. I mean, let’s just face it, no one takes the whole thing, because you can’t, there’s so many contradictory things in it. And so we still say, well, they’re prohibition against eating shellfish. That was just for them. That’s okay. For at the St. Shellfish now. But the thing about homosexuality, for example, well, that’s, that’s for all time. You know, not consulting with mediums. That’s, that’s for all time. And it’s just amazing how people make that distinction.

Daniel John 14:22
Do you know the simple cover all to all of it is, it’s one word, it’s love. And by that, I mean, what is your intention? If you’re taking scripture and using it to attack judge, condemn and leave with fear that is just as demonic if not more than actual do actually doing something that may be considered that and what it boils down to is ignorance and I don’t mean that in a in a bad way. Ignorance means just lack of knowledge. But if we’re using the vibe of fruits, and I use this as an example of my second book, if you’re a doctor and you’ve been giving a gift to be a doctor, which I think people have all kinds of gifts, Paul mentions that in First Corinthians Chapter 12. But if you have a doctor, but you’re using it to make a ton of money and prac have malpractice and and you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons I would consider that sinful or demonic or against God, however you want to word it, right? We’re using words to describe things. But if there’s a doctor who’s making a decent living, but donating time donating money, doing it with his heart really helping patients, I think that’s beautiful and makes God happy for in our terms. So one same action can have very extreme reactions from source or from energy. Same thing with mediumship. And you got to remember in Deuteronomy 3116, with Moses goes on a mountain, God says, Your people will forsake you like all the work after the 120 years that you did, they’re still going to forsake you. The energy in the amount of quality of vibration or energy in that time may not have been good for connection with spirit, Moses put himself on that level, vibration wise, whether it be meditation or prayer, or whatever he did back then, where God or source could choose him to be a medium don’t cringe as a Christian, because we wouldn’t have the 10 commandments if it wasn’t for Moses, who was the in between, between God and humans? But because he raised his vibration, so you know, totally just lost. This happens. It doesn’t make me we can cut this out. But we’re, we were talking about

Brian Smith 16:20
the spirit of what you use the Bible. Yeah, yeah. Well,

Daniel John 16:24
so if Moses was intentions was to hurt people, or to make people angry, or if his intentions were, were demonic, we can look at it a whole different way. So whether you’re a doctor, the priest or a medium, and you’re doing work coming from the heart, it can be considered, God is happy. But the same three people who do work coming from fear and anger and an ego could really be called demonic. So are there are there mediums out there who are doing this work for money and for fame and other reasons? I don’t know. But I’m assuming so I don’t mean to be negative. And I’m assuming there are people out there who don’t have spiritual gifts. And that’s why in First John, chapter four, verse one, he warns us about people being false prophets. But that doesn’t have to be with just prophets. I mean, I don’t know what the Greek word is. But there’s people doing all kinds of work. And claiming to be something they’re not with the intention of maybe screwing someone over. So it doesn’t matter what you do. It’s your Why. Why do you do it? If your intention is pure in love? Who are we as humans to judge that? And that’s where Romans 14 comes in. I, if you haven’t read that, sit down and read that sucker? Because it’s an amazing chapter about, you know, who are you to judge who would let that be on God? Because we can’t judge? You know, it’s not just Matthew seven, one Do not judge. But in Romans, you know, and again, that’s a big letter to the, to the, to the people of that the Church and State really no separation back then to like, say, Hey, listen, you know what, we can’t judge other people, I was one of them, right? He was one of those people who was doing exactly that. But God picked them out and shows them to be an in between a medium to help spread a whole bunch of love. And, you know, as well as I do, he’s believed to have right at least 10 to 12 of the books that we in the New Testament, which is about 45% of that whole book was channeled, was brought through by a medium, and it’s amazing work, but read Romans 14, because we’re not not to judge other people, because only God knows our heart and our intentions.

Brian Smith 18:24
Yeah, and it’s so so it’s really interesting when I when I discussed with these people, and I even have some of them said, Well, your arguments not with me, it’s with God. And I’m like, Okay, so now you’re speaking for God, you know, and you’re telling me that this is the way I have to interpret the Bible. I I don’t take the Bible, literally. I hope people don’t because you It’s crazy, if you do, I have studied the Bible. I studied political history, where it came from I know the translations are not great. You know, I know it was written by men. I think it’s a very good book, but it’s not I don’t live my life by what, literally what it says. Because even you know, Jesus, like we talked about, they were the Pharisees to try and say you have to live, you know exactly like this, because this is what Moses wrote down. And Jesus was like, yeah, no, I’m not doing that.

Daniel John 19:13
Yeah, he contradicted many, many Hebrew laws, who was performing miracles on the Sabbath. He was talking to women, and lepers, which were the bottom of the purity class and the purity laws in ancient Israel. Right, if anything, he was reading a book right now by Richard Rohr, who’s an amazing author, named like, Jesus was dangerous. He was gonna technically got himself killed, but he was against the social norm. He was trying to reteach it and try to kind of reiterate love and equality when even 2000 years later, we still have those extremes and those those purity laws, they’re just a little less out in the open.

Brian Smith 19:50
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So you know, and the, you know, again, going back to what the Bible says about this, this you know, it says test the spirits you know, by the Spirit and Jesus said, you’ll know a tree by its fruit. So I guess my when I think about what you’re doing and the people that you connect with and the healing that it brings, it’s just how could this be a bad thing?

Daniel John 20:13
Yeah, I don’t know where the information comes from. I still don’t know how it works. But I’ve done 1000s of these sessions. 1000s, literally, and there’s so much peace and love and accuracy that comes from it. It’s anything but demonic. I was even telling my mom last night and the four and a half years I’ve been doing mediumship nothing bad has ever happened. Knock on wood. Now, I’m not saying that. You know, there’s not demonic spirits. And I don’t I’d be ignorant to say that, because I don’t know. But I’ve, I have not experienced anything but pure, unconditional love. And if someone’s sitting there throwing a stone, per se, Because don’t forget, Jesus spoke in parables. So throwing stones and things like that. Yeah, it was a real thing. But still throwing a stone as a symbol of hey, you’re like judging someone? I think a true Christian doesn’t do that. That’s why when you say crap, I put the air quotes. Because if there’s a Christian quote, unquote, who’s telling you that you’re doing something wrong, that is not what Christian that is not being a Christian, there’s not following, because if you look up Christianity, or be a Christian in the in the dictionary, it’s following the teachings of Jesus. But if you read one of like, for instance, St. John three, three, then you read that John, and John, Jesus said that you need to be born again, to inherit the kingdom of God. Well, to you, it might mean becoming a Christian and becoming saved. For me, it might be literally born again, like I believe in reincarnation, Because don’t forget, after when the apostles question me talked about the birth of the water, right? So is it the water birth? Like, don’t water breaks when you’re having a baby? Or what if our friend the third person says, Well, I think Jesus meant that, you know, being born again into spirit. So like, when we die here, we’re born again, back there in spirit, wherever. So if all three of us could be right, all three of us could be wrong. And so that’s where that if you take a scripture, or any diverse, and you think one way or another way about it, that’s okay. It’s the way that you want to interpret it. And back to the original point, if you’re looking at it with love, and your intent is pure. If you believe that John three, three means reincarnation, and I believe it means being born again. It but we’re both serving God and we we both live our lives in a positive, loving way, then we may both be right, in our lives. Right?

Brian Smith 22:21
Right, right. Yeah, well, it’s, you know, I just, I feel sorry for these people. Honestly, I don’t, I don’t get I don’t get angry with them, you know, I will, I will engage them to a certain point. I’m always like, you know, if you’ve got, if you’ve got ears to hear, I’d be happy to share what I know with you. And because I used to read the Bible one way to, I used to believe in eternal hell, because I was told that’s what the Bible teaches. I don’t believe that anymore. The Bible hasn’t changed, which changes the way that I read it.

Daniel John 22:52
So I’m in the same boat. But what I’ll tell you is very interesting. I was a video came across on Tik Tok about this girl who says, you know, Jesus is real. And if you don’t find them, you’re gonna go to internal help. And then I sat there, and it was just, it’s got all this remarks and stuff like that. And I prayed about it. And I wasn’t going to respond. Because you know, if anything, is, it’s more loving, to kind of just send some love, and hopefully that, you know, she ends up having an amazing life. But I prayed about it. And I feel like God said to me, some people need to believe that so that they live their life in the way that I want them to. And I was like, wow, that’s like, That makes so much sense. Because if you think about it, there’s some near death experiencers I think about 4% of them have had actually hellish and the ease. Does that mean that hell exists? I don’t know. I’d be ignorant to say I don’t believe in an prototypical al either. I believe those are words we put on a perception, right? You can be in heaven or hell, I don’t think they’re eternal damnation. But if someone does, I don’t go out of my way to prove them wrong or to try to change their mind because maybe God implanted that in their mind, so that they would live their life accordingly. Who am I just like a quote unquote, Christian would judge me for mediumship, who am I to judge someone who does believe in an eternal hell, because if that makes them a better person, then who am I to judge that even though I completely disagree with that, and I think Christians should look at mediumship the same way. Unless you’re willing to dive deep and talk to me or and look at mediums, not just me, but mediums in general Bucha, hundreds of 1000s of people who do this amazing work with a gift from God, and really find out truly what our intention is, and the beauty that comes from it. You might bite your tongue. And that’s why with what you talked about earlier, or just talked about, I don’t try to change anyone’s mind. I don’t waste that energy. I truly send them prayers. But if that is their belief, and they believe in eternal hell, then maybe they live life better and treat people better because of that belief. So I don’t try to change that. And when you become to that understanding, life becomes so much more peaceful because you may we both agree, right? That we don’t we don’t believe in eternal hell. But we may have two people on here that do the four of us could still get along and and be loving and treat each other kindly, even though we have completely different beliefs without trying to change them. And that’s where I think we need to get to as a society.

Brian Smith 25:08
Yeah, that’s, that’s a, that’s a great point. And I’m thinking, you know, kind of doing some introspection here. I don’t, I don’t go out of my way to change people’s minds. If people want to engage with me, you know, I believe, you know, the Bible says, be able to give reasons for your belief, right? So I’m here and I will give you reasons for why but I’m not arguing with you. I’m just telling you where I’m coming from. And my, I guess my issue with people that preach that to other people, is, I think that demeans the character of God, to say that God is eternally tormenting people. That’s, that’s, that’s my belief. Now, again, other people. And I’ve had some really interesting conversations with people who are pastors, literally, I remember lunch one day with with a guy’s a pastor. And I was like, how can you believe that, again, that argument? And if just tell me, tell me how this makes sense to you. Right? And I’ve never had anybody give me a really good answer to that. It just, it always comes down to well, God’s ways are bigger than our ways. And so that’s, that’s fine. That’s what you want to go with.

Daniel John 26:07
Yeah. And I think having that peace, Brian, of letting other people believe those believes and having intelligent conversations about it, like I have a couple of friends of mine who who really not. Their friends want one specifically, who really thinks what I’m doing is dangerous and demonic. And they don’t want to know more about it. They just feel like I’m being fooled and they pray for me, but we still talk. But it just doesn’t feel good that he really thinks that about me. Because if he really just took the time to understand, he would be pleasantly surprised that I’m a man of God, I teach about eternal life. And I teach about peace and equality and the same things Jesus taught and Jesus probably my, my biggest like hero, I think he’s a man who came here to spread love. So when when we all agree as a society, to it’s okay to disagree and have different beliefs and not try to change people or judge people for their own beliefs. That’s when that’s when I think the second coming of Christ is right. I’m firm believer that correct? You know, we call Christ it’s that his name was Yeshua, right. We, we named him the Greek word as the anointed one. But we put that label on him. But I feel that thing that Jesus found in himself, that divinity, we can all find in ourselves. And that’s John 1412. It’s the it’s in the first Corinthians chapter 11, verse one, that we’re supposed to imitate Christ and that Christ consciousness, but we label Christ to Jesus, when we all really are an anointed one, we are all the chosen one. And if you take away to take away the book of John, and you look at some other gospels, like the book of Thomas, Jesus was just one of us. He was just a man who did it probably better than a lot of other people. Did. You know, I even look at Martin Luther King, like, well, the way he spoke and what he wrote when he was in prison, there was an 8000 word manuscript that he wrote that I felt like it was channeled, just like, don’t forget all this stuff that Paul wrote, he was in jail. He was being he was dodging people. He was getting chased and murdered, like, you know, eventually, probably it was, I think, I don’t if it’s in Scripture, but he was in jail, and many of these towns and he was writing these beautiful pieces. And I think there’s people even now Martin Luther King, for instance, who brought to light in fact, they even pitched they even tried to get some of Martin Luther King’s writing into their modern canon, but they denied it, because we’re so stuck in our old ways that we got to have this this way, this way. So yeah, I think people today can channel and can bring through love and God and Jesus and Spirit just so just as much now as they could 2000 years ago. And so I think God’s still speak. He’s not done talking.

Brian Smith 28:31
Yeah, I think it was Gracie Allen was credited with saying, you know, never put a period where God has put a column. And that was something that we weighed on when I was going to the UCC, and United Church of Christ I talked about all the time. And you know, I look at the Bible, and I’m like, Okay, this thing was canonized. 2000 years ago. Do you really believe God stopped speaking 2000 years ago? There’s a there’s a sermon by George MacDonald called justice, that I love it. And I’m like, this should be in the Bible. And I’m like, what, why can’t this be in the Bible? Why Can’t God still be speaking, inspired words today, and I look at Martin Luther King, I look at Gandhi. And I say, you know, Jesus gave his life for his people. They gave their life for their people. Also, they were they were both murdered for what they were doing.

Daniel John 29:16
It’s what we seem to do when people come here to spread peace, and love and equality, because it doesn’t fit with the narrative. And it’s just like it was back in when Jesus was was alive. And it’s no different now. It wasn’t that long ago, and probably it’s probably still happening not being, you know, known. But there are a lot of people coming here to spread peace, love and equality with gifts from God and we’re not treating them with with love. Like, it’s kind of kind of ironic.

Brian Smith 29:45
Yeah, well, that’s why, you know, Jesus is my hero, too. I still I still call myself a follower of Jesus. I don’t identify as a Christian anymore just because of all the baggage with that. But when people come at me, I’m like, Bring it on, because that’s What they did to Jesus, right? So I’m like, I know I’m doing the right thing when people tell me that I’m, I’m being demonic, and they accuse Jesus of casting out demons using the devil’s power.

Daniel John 30:09
Matthew 1224, you’re exactly right big deal. And the Sunday use Beelzebub. Back then the same works that Jesus did is the same work that Lightworkers use today. Like if someone watches one of your podcasts, and they feel closer to God, how are you doing the devil’s work, no matter what is involved, even if it’s even if completely misaligned with scripture, but people are more closer to God, and they’re more full of love because of your podcast that’s demonic. Who am I to judge that same reason we talked about when someone believes in eternal hell, that’s okay. You can believe in that. And I believe in something different. It’s when we get in trouble, Brian is when we think that our beliefs are right. And everyone has to believe what we believe or they’re going to suffer in some hell are some purgatory because they don’t believe what I believe. And that is that is completely the opposite of what I believe Jesus taught when he came here.

Brian Smith 31:04
Yeah, well, it’s ironic that they’re, you know, people will read the scriptures, and then they’ll act just like the Pharisees. They’ll take the scriptures and using the beat up people who are out here trying to spread, spread God’s word, you know, people, people like yourself, you know, I’ve spoken with many healers, that you know, that do healing work, you know, just like Jesus talked about, just like Paul talked about. I have a friend, I was because I interviewed a lot of people have near death experiences. And he’s an Evangelical, we were out walking when they were having a conversation. And I said something that near death experiences and he goes, Why don’t I don’t believe in those? I don’t believe that. And I said, Well, I think Paul had a near death experience. And he said, Well, what do you mean, I said, I saw big light. You know, I was struck blind, heard a voice from the sky. He completely changed his life around changed his name. Sounds a lot like a peep. A lot of people I know they’ve had near death experiences. I’m like, Why do you believe what that guy wrote down? 2000 years ago, but you won’t believe, Trisha that I spoke to yesterday.

Daniel John 32:05
Yep. And what’s the end? And they don’t have an answer for that. No, because it’s in the Bible. It’s the word. It’s, it’s called cognitive dissonance, right? And there’s actually a lot of Christian writers who write about near death experiences. There’s a few really good ones I can’t think off the top of my head. But that write about near death experiences and I agree with you on the road to Damascus. That’s exactly I think, by definition, we can only guess what happened to him. And don’t forget you were kind of hinting at healers, you know, in x nine and n is was asked to heal Saul. Oh, by the way, he in the Bible, it says God spoke to him. Well, do we really know it was God? Was it his spirit guide? Was it his angel? Was it Jesus? Was it his mom? Was it we don’t know? Spirit is spirit. Who are we to separate that? Right? Right. But when he healed him, laying of the hands out, then took away his blindness. A lot of metaphysical people today call that Reiki. But if you say that word to a Christian, they’re like, oh, no, that’s demonic. You know, you go yoga and Reiki. It’s throughout Scripture, in that same verse in John eight, when Jesus when the Pharisees brought the woman to who committed adultery, it says in the Bible, he was writing in the sand. What do you mean? I don’t know for sure. But as a study of the Bible, and metaphysics, and Jesus, I think he was automatic writing. He was getting information on how to kind of handle the situation because don’t forget, he was still human. He came from spirit, but you know, he had to regain and third took them 30 years, right, according to Scripture, but he was writing down how to kind of handle the situation I firmly believe. So these words that we use, Reiki and even medium, instantly, people like oh, no, no, no, no, no. And it’s like, Wait, let’s open our hearts and open our minds and find out what this work actually is. Because if you really look at the Bible, it’s a metaphysical book. Wouldn’t have that book if it weren’t for Moses, and Jesus and Paul were mediums.

Brian Smith 33:59
Yeah. And people seem to forget that, as you said, Moses channel, you know, the Pentateuch. You know, Paul never met Jesus. You know, a lot of people, some people, even some of the disciples had a problem, Paul, because Paul’s talking about Jesus, and you’re like, dude, you’d never even met him. But so Paul never met Jesus and the physical and people read the Bible. They take Paul’s word. It’s like, well, as you said, it’s either he had to be channeling through Jesus, if he’s representing Jesus.

Daniel John 34:25
Yeah, it says in Galatians 111. But think about this, if someone did that today. Instead, the way Paul stood, we would think just like in Matthew 1224, the way they accuse Jesus of casting out that was only by the work of the devil, we will admit that’s exactly what people are doing to people like you and I spreading love today is the same thing Pharisees did 2000 years ago. So they’re missing the whole point, because it’s lost in translation. And if you really look at what we’re doing, it is of pure love. And just take Paul for instance, if you said like, hey, there was a guy I just met a guy the other day, his name was Joe and Eli was walking in and he fell down, he’d like died. And he like went blind. He heard God talking to him. And now he’s going from town to town preaching Jesus and saying that Jesus is telling him to say these things, we would think he’s demonic. We would think he’s evil. But Paul 2000 years ago, because it’s put in this book, the word capital W of God, it’s okay then. And the answer. The question is why? Because I feel like God could speak just like through You or me 2000 years later, because like you said, God always speaks in many different venues, not just a book, although,

Brian Smith 35:31
you know, I’m, I’m watching the recordings at the ions conference, which was just a few weeks ago, as we’re recording this, and I’m listening these people talk about, I was in the light, I met God, I saw Jesus. I saw spirit guides, I met Angel and Archangel Michael. And the message to me is that everybody is one where it’s all about love. You know, you are eternal being, you know, go out and do good works, you know, all the things that the Bible tells us to do. And I’m listening these messages. I’m like, this is exactly what you know, the Bible is trying to say to us, but these are people today having these experiences and, and unfortunately, so many people have shut themselves off from this incredible source of inspiration and love and peace and healing.

Daniel John 36:20
Yep, I agree. 100%. And if we would just open our heart and mind, which is what I had to do five and a half years ago, and that whole experience happened to me. And all the reunions and experience I’ve had since I’ve been nothing but divine.

Brian Smith 36:34
Yeah. So tell me if you could just give me a story or two about some people that you’ve you’ve touched with your with your your work and how it’s changed them.

Daniel John 36:44
fruit fly just showed up, my dad always tops in and I’m in the basement in September. There’s no food down here as little fruit flies right here. The one person that comes to mind which is in chapter 16, in my book is a young boy named Buddy. He’s a nine year old who passed away. And I was on Facebook about two years ago this month. And this, you know, I do Facebook, kind of like pro bono stuff. It’s just kind of like what God asked me to do. So on Monday nights, like tonight, I’m gonna go on Facebook and give a whole bunch of messages to people, I let God work through me, you know, and I’ll just pause real quick and say that as a medium, or a light worker, or a Reiki healer or even a psychic, whatever word you want to use. Those who are doing it with true intention and true heart are getting their information, their knowledge, everything, even their healing. It comes from from God, we’ll call it God. But it comes from some other source we have to humble ourselves, right? So when I say when you ask the question, it’s how is spirit able to or God able to help someone through me, because it has nothing to do with me, I have just put myself in a position that God asked me to write because it was gambling. It was drinking, it was it was watching things I shouldn’t watch on TV. And that allowed me to get to the vibration, where spirit could work through me better than I think Jesus did the same. Paul did the same. And so did Moses and the hundreds of 1000s Maybe millions of lightworkers in all of history. So God has worked through your spirit has in amazing ways. And one of them was a nine year old, who passed away on Facebook, I bring this woman on she she is mediums we get I just get impressions, I get numbers and symbols. And she seemed to relate with what I was saying. So she came on. Now remember, I know nothing about these people. I didn’t know she lost a child. And while she was, in fact, during the session, I thought her son was much older. But we started bringing through this information and it’s her son, there’s no doubt no doubt about it talks about his Snoopy doll and all this stuff like that. And if you watch the video, it’s on my YouTube. I was even shocked that she still had his soup Snoopy doll because to me, she sounded a little older. I thought maybe her son was in his 20s. But three quarters of the way through the thing, I get this song, it’s living on a prayer by Bon Jovi. And I said, I’m hearing that song in my head, I don’t know what it means. And she just says, you know, you won’t believe this. And I had to go off camera and started crying, you know, because I have an I have a nine year old. And so she’s like, that was a song that we sung. You know, I have an a video of his him seeing that son during his treatment, and abroad. So after the session was done, I was so overwhelmed with with and she was so thankful, and her stories and chapter 16 of my new book, and it was so overwhelming and so peaceful and so full of love. And it actually really, really gave her some resurgence and more faith and allow her to kind of continue to move on after losing. You know, you’ve been through that of losing a child that it’s the one thing you would never even think or want or have to navigate that road. And she was able to reconnect to him for a 30 minute session just long enough to give her some peace in her heart to help her continue living in this world without her only son. And so I called her after and we stayed in touch. She took all the classes some of the classes I teach my mediumship classes, and she has a gift When her son passed away, her, her gifts opened up, to be able to help other parents who’ve lost their children. And she’s given sessions to people. So buddy always stays in my heart, his stories in my new book, and his mother was helped by God or spirit through me. I’m insignificant here, but they use the opportunity to help her through me. And now she’s living a better life, she still misses her son, she still cries pretty much every day from what she says she’s still upset. But she her heart was full that night. And that love and energy that he was able to provide her and spirit is still with her to this very day from that session in that moment. It’s yeah, it’s just one.

Brian Smith 40:38
And I know while I love about that, and love about the way you even wrote it in the description that you sent me, you said, you’ve conducted 1000s of mediumship, slash grief counseling sessions, because, unfortunately, mediumship gets a bad rap and a lot of ways. You know, one is some people think it’s demonic. Some people think it’s all fake. And then because of Hollywood, a lot of people think it’s all about entertainment. And even some mediums I interviewed the guy that had it on his on his websites, it’s disclaimer that this is for entertainment purposes only because he thought his lawyer wanted that. But you know, the thing is, you it’s a healing session when people have a great mediumship session. And there’s been studies, literally studies done that mediumship a good medium reading can be better than a year of grief counseling.

Daniel John 41:25
Yeah, 100%. And I have that on my website, too, because my lawyer recommended the same thing. But I’ve experienced the healing and the love that comes from it. And I actually quote that in my book that one session with a genuine medium, who is able to connect you with the energy that has lives forever, which is the person who passed away, don’t forget, energy cannot be created or destroyed. We just go on to some other form of existence, which is what I believe Jesus taught, and connecting with their energy, wherever it is, is not demonic. It’s the opposite. It’s beautiful. It’s loving, it’s full of, I think, the theme over the time to kind of answer or not answer the first question and kind of go towards what you’re saying is the theme has been, your loved one is still alive, they have not left you, they are watching this movie with you this life, this experience with you, they’re rooting you on and trying to cheer you on to just choose love and compassion and forgiveness every day. And the analogy I have is there’s a movie theater, and you’re in the main middle seat of your movie, and you’re experiencing with freewill and destiny to kind of navigate through this path. And alongside of you on both sides is your mother’s side and your dad’s side from generations back. And they’re all watching you make these choices, and rooting for you to choose love. And so when you connect with a medium, they just they take the opportunity to let you know that they’re still with you. They’re watching your reality, they want nothing but the best for you. And they want you to live your experience in your life with love. And with the most fulfillment you could possibly have and to be happy with them. So we we don’t want to get in some of those egoic things right, focusing on the earthly things that Colossians three, two, but focusing on spirit and love. And I’m doing this work because this is what God told me to do. And so if someone thinks it’s demonic, or doesn’t understand it, Galatians one 110 sucks about doing things to please God, not to please others. And that’s and that’s what I do. And if you if someone even on watching this or listening to this as a skeptic, that’s okay. And I think you’ve talked about that before. But having your mind and heart open to things that maybe you don’t understand, is more full of love than then closing your mind off and being stuck in these ways and not being open to new beliefs.

Brian Smith 43:36
Yeah, I tell you for me, you know, you were talking about her with Buddy. And you and you mentioned that you were given the answer about they’re still with us. That was the thing that surprised me. I believed in the afterlife, because I was a Christian for a long time raised with the Bible. But that’s heaven in the by and by and they’re, they’re gone. You know, so my grandmother died, she’s in heaven, when my grandfather died. He’s in heaven, I will see them a long, long time from now when I die. The thing that really has helped me to heal is knowing that my daughter is still with me. And grief counseling. Now it’s a new model. They are not new, but newer, the COC continuing bonds, that we can continue that relationship with the person that’s still that’s gone. We don’t have to let go of them. And wait till we see them again. And it’s been. It’s really cool. And I find that really helps a lot of people to know that, like you said, they want you to be happy and healthy. You know, I think in the Bible, it’s called the great cloud of witnesses. They’re watching us, they’re cheering us they’re cheering us on and that’s that’s really encouraging.

Daniel John 44:40
Yeah, it’s true and I don’t know if you’re hoping for a quick message. If you are I can I don’t know what it is. Are you open for a quick message? Sure. So as you’re talking about your daughter, I just in my mind and this is kind of give your listeners an example. And I have no idea if and what it means to you. All I see is a candle and I hear that song candle in the wind. by, you know, you know, it’s about Marilyn Monroe, and I get a goosebumps even as I say that. So my feeling is wherever her energy is, she’s either blown out your candles, or someone just blew out the candles or that you light a candle every day. And she maybe she’s messing with the flame. But this is her way. And I don’t even know if it makes sense to you. But this is a way to validate that she truly is with you. But she’s also being creative and smart, which I think she probably is, and was in human form to show you that, you know, life is eternal. And just because Okay, so she’s being symbolic, just because but also, it may mean something to you. But just because the candle blows out, doesn’t mean that candle is not going to be re lit and can be realist forever. Now, do you understand the candle reference with Harris? Do you understand this? Yeah,

Brian Smith 45:41
yeah, cuz when I meditate. It’s funny, because for a very long time, I would light incense when I meditate. But lately, I’ve been lighting a candle when I meditate. So yeah.

Daniel John 45:50
So it might blow out tonight. Or you might like, you know, I don’t know how it works. But even that in itself doesn’t have to blow out. It’s just kind of like a am with you, you’re on the right path, keep doing what you’re doing. I also feel like that message is a correlation between what we talked about before and kind of guiding you in what’s coming up, you know, that meditation is going to help guide you there. So that’s your time to to connect. And I kind of laughed too. And this is kind of the theme of people. Oh, you’re not supposed to meditate or do yoga, that’s demonic was like, well, Moses was supposed to meditate by the burning brush. But in fact, some of Jesus, when Jesus talks about prayer, some of the Greek words actually can translate into like Silent thinking or meditation. It’s just no it’s just lost in translation. So I so I hope as a connector of you with with your daughter, which I tell people in my second book, especially you don’t need a medium that that message gave you peace, it gave you hope. And next time you go meditate, maybe the candle blows out, or even if the wind even if the window was open, and that’s what blew it out. That’s just her letting you know she’s with you. And that that moment that you have now and or then is beautiful and divine divine anything but demonic.

Brian Smith 46:55
Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s really cool. Because I because of what I do, I have a lot of friends that are medium, and my daughter would like to drop in on people. So have a really good friend, we’re friends on Facebook. And we were talking on Saturday. And she sends me this GIF of a penguin like a claymation penguin like dancing. And I’m like, well, that’s really interesting that she chose us in this mid because when Shana was 10 years old, she made a claymation movie. But she was obsessed with penguins. And there was a penguin. And it was called fends off my fish or something. And she was so she made this thing with it’s like a 32nd thing that she made. So I get my point is I get these things from her all the time. She’s always, you know, dropping in and just saying, I’m here, I still know what you’re doing, I still, you know, care about you. And I could, I could go on and on for hours with all the signs that she gives me. And that’s been the thing I could said that I didn’t know. And it’s really interesting. Not to take away from anybody’s faith or anything, but if people just have their faith, just just totally based on the Bible. And it’s like, I just read this book, and I believe it, you’re missing 90% of what’s out there. You’re missing like you talked about earlier, you know, they communicate through us through synchronicities through signs, you know, finding a feathers or dimes or a butterfly acting unusually, or you know, stuff like that we’re missing out on all the other ways that Spirit speaks to us and is alive and wants to be part of our life.

Daniel John 48:21
100% and the only one thing that’s coming through I know I had your permission, is that I name? Isaac, Isaiah. I don’t know if it’s she’s talking about a book in Scripture. Or if there’s someone with a I name. It’s a very random, obscure name.

Brian Smith 48:37
Well, my mother’s name starts with an AI and it’s it and it’s a pretty unusual name. Yeah. Okay. All right. She’s still here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So, yeah, that’s

Daniel John 48:49
your Are you are you. Okay? You’re still open real quick, sorry. Are you doing a lot for her, but you wish you could do more or something. So I don’t know if she lives away or whatever. But I feel like you’re doing what you can for her, but you just wish you could do more. And she’s making me feel like you’re doing what you can do.

Brian Smith 49:05
You know, what’s wild about this? I have to be careful how much I share here. When I was talking earlier about Christians in the Bible and stuff like that. And when my my mother has struggled with the concept of death, the concept of mortality, and she has nine brothers and sisters, and there’s one one still left here. And I feel I feel for people that don’t have the piece that I have now. So I that might be what it is. It’s like I wish I could give everybody what I know. And and in particular people that are close to me so yeah, that I think that might be what the message is, you know, as I said, it’s, I just feel I feel sad that so many people are closed off to you know what you and I know what you know what you and I experience and you know, and I struggle I still struggle with my daughter. You know, being in spirit. i It’s not easy for me. But like when I got that little thing on Saturday when my friends sent me this claymation penguin thing, I’m like, wow, this is Shana, you know, really is with her, you know, and, and I still need to have that reinforced I need to I need to hear this, you know, over and over again.

Daniel John 50:19
She’s still, I won’t keep logs and those puppies. She’s sharing one more thing. So yeah, keep in mind, there’s only so much you can do for mom. I do feel like she’s gonna be there for her when her time comes. And she’s just showing me an Oreo. But it’s interesting, because it’s only half the Oreo. It’s not like the whole thing. So I don’t know if you just had one or one. It’s not half like cut in half the way it’s cut in half, like the wafer way. But there’s only one side of it. Do you understand what she’s going for with the one part of Oreo. It’s just like the one. It’s either the part without it feels like the part without the frosting on it. It’s like you take it apart one side as the frosting. The other side is just the Oreo.

Brian Smith 50:55
Yeah, I have to think about that. I’m not sure what that is. The wafer

Daniel John 50:59
part. It’s almost as if like you bought the Oreos without the filling. Did you know they have those Oreo thins where they don’t have I don’t think they have to fill. Did you bottom? Okay, check that could relate to your mom or your wife. But there’s something about the Oreo without

Brian Smith 51:13
Yeah, yeah, I have to I have to get back to you. I’m not sure about that. But yeah, she, like I said she’s always dropping in. She’s always she’s always, you know, like I said, making sure she gives us messages. And,

Daniel John 51:23
and so real quick to Okay, so two out of three message, you understand the candle, you do. And when you pray and you meditate, you went to high name, which isn’t, you know what, I don’t know your mom’s name. So that was a way for her to bring that. So you get to and then you get to a third message. It’s like, I don’t get it. But I’m gonna hold on to it. So you’re throughout a mediumship session, there are a handful of times where the person doesn’t relate to what I’m saying. And they hold on to it. And it makes sense. I get so many emails later. And hopefully you’ll do the same if you find out. Oh, yeah, you wouldn’t believe this. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And it’s just a way to validate that your loved ones are with you and watching you and it’s beautiful. So I hope you do validate. But if you’re watching as a skeptic, which is okay. Medium ships, not 100% Like, oh, I have this person here. And this is their name. Its symbol symbols, its feelings, its picture, its expressions.

Brian Smith 52:11
Well, and I want to give you an example of that. So one of our friends and I’m allowed to just name because we’ve talked about Suzanne Giesemann. And so Shana, Shana drops in and her and she, she called was one day she had a message from Shayna, and she goes, does your daughter was your daughter Kayla playing basketball recently? And I’m like, No, Suzanne, you’re way off here. My daughter hates any kind of sports. She’s She’s swam, but she doesn’t do anything with balls at all. She’s like, volleyball, basketball, none of that stuff. And I said, No, I’m pretty sure that she’s living in Toledo at the time, which is three hours from us. So I’m like, but I’ll check, you know. So just like this. I’m like, I don’t think so. But I’ll check. So I called her up. I said, Kayla, if you’ve been playing basketball way, because she had a boyfriend the time like maybe maybe your boyfriend dragged to the gym or something. She does now. Now I’m like, okay, she goes, but she was she was babysitting for these two kids at the time. And she said, we did make some basketballs at a play that we may play down. We pretended we were playing basketball. Okay. I had no idea at the time. And I’m thinking there’s no way that that she’s right about this. But you know, I’m open. So let me check. And it turns out that she was spot on. Yep.

Daniel John 53:27
And just that open mind and open heart can lead to an amazing amount of blessings. And you might know that your daughter is with your other daughter, and then being happy that she’s experiencing time with with the kids and babysitting. And that can give you so much peace to know that your daughters are still connecting on that type of level. That’s beautiful. It’s anything but that. And hopefully that made you feel amazing, even for weeks.

Brian Smith 53:48
It does, you know, because the thing is, there is some survivor’s guilt that comes sometimes when people pass and we think, Oh, I’m here, and I’m doing all this great stuff. And they’re not able to do that they will experience it. But they are with us. And this this came through another medium friend of mine who told my daughter and my daughter Kayla and reading. She said Shayna says that she will be with you like all these special events when you graduate when you get married. When you have your children, you know, I will still be with you. So I was at my nephew’s wedding last weekend. And one of our sites is a dime. And I’m sitting in the churches before the wedding. They’re taking pictures up front. I’m sitting in the second row of the pews. And I looked down and there’s a dime on the floor in the church and I’m like, what would the odds of me finding that first of all, because I would have never been sitting in there if it hadn’t been right before the wedding. And I’m like, okay, Shayna is here, you know, so that’s, that’s comforting.

Daniel John 54:44
Yep, 100% there so I want to get a little bit

Brian Smith 54:48
out to get back to talking about you and what you’re doing now. So I think the last time we spoke was a while ago you are opening a a massage and not a massage but a Reiki center I think and you were doing mediumship probably there Are you still doing that? Or what are you doing now,

Daniel John 55:02
that was a while ago? Well, we opened it and then the pandemic hit. And so we had to do his hands on kind of stuff. So we shut it down, we never opened it back up. So I’m, you know, doing full time I’ve been in medical device sales, medical sales for last 18 years, I’m doing that I do sessions, three to four nights a week, I do group sessions. I have live events, we have one local one coming up and one in Dallas, in November. So I’m kind of mixing, you know, being a dad, number one and a husband. And then working full time, but also doing the mediumship. And, you know, writing my finishing up my second book as well, which should be published next week.

Brian Smith 55:38
So tell me about your second book. Well, first, tell everybody about your first book. So I know that’s already out. And it’s I’ve read it, it’s fantastic. So tell us about your first book. And then tell me about your second book.

Daniel John 55:46
Thank you. Yeah. So why are we here is the first book, it was written and published in 2020. Right during the pandemic. And this first book is about finding your purpose, trying to live your life in the most loving way. In the beginning, I explained how I understood my gift and how this whole mediumship came to me. And then I explained all the things that I’ve learned by connecting with spirit about meditation and prayer and doing nice things for others. And I talk about forgiveness and finding your purpose in the book. And at the end, I share a few testimonials from some sessions from mediumship sessions. So it’s a book to help you live a better life, to let you know that love is the most important thing. finding your purpose. And then the second one is called Journey Through many mansions. It pretty much talks about life being eternal, and the circle and it goes on forever. And your journey doesn’t end. And so I go through and the subtitle is navigating grief, and understanding mediumship. And so if someone’s lost someone they love, they can read this book, it helps them navigate their grief with the illustration that we don’t die. And then our loved ones are with us. And I slowly try to prove can’t say prove. But I tried to illustrate or demonstrate that throughout my experience in the last five and a half years, your loved ones kind of like what we said earlier, they’re with us, they show us there, they root for us, they their energies always lasting and part of our lives in one way or another and we are eternal. So we don’t have to fear death because we don’t die. We just change realities. And then at the end of the book, I have five, like goosebump, raising stories of some of the experience, one of which I mentioned earlier is buddy that you read and believe you have to almost believe there’s something more, right. And so I try to teach people that we don’t die and your loved ones who have passed before you are with you. In fact, they’ve told me over the years, they’re more with you than they were when they were physically here. They’re literally part of your energy experiencing your reality. And rooting rooting you on and hoping nothing but the best for you.

Brian Smith 57:53
Yeah, you know, it’s funny that you said that because I tell people, and again, I miss my daughter. I will miss her every day. But I’m closer. I have more connection with Shana than I do with my daughter who’s here in the physical. My daughter is in the physical. I did see her over the weekend. But you know, I’ll see her every every couple of weeks. I’ll talk to her when I see her. I talked to Shana every day, you know, she’s the first thing on my mind. When I wake up in the morning, I say good morning to when I come out of this picture. This behind me is also in my foyer. So when I walk out of my bedroom door, you know, she’s there. So in a way, she is close to me now than she was when she was here in the physical. And I feel like I can connect with her, you know, at any time. So it’s a interesting point that you just made.

Daniel John 58:37
Yeah, and that’s what I try to illustrate through the book. And, you know, Ferris wheels being the, the being the theme. You know, my daughter, my daughter drew this, you know, she’s seven. I try to teach people that life’s kind of like a Ferris wheel you you can go in different gondolas, you can look out different ways, but it keeps going and going like for ever, like, you know, I think we are limited with our human mind. No, we’re limited with the human mind. But I think creation and and a final thing is just all kind of dogma and made up I think that life is eternal. We are literally eternal, and we can’t even conceptualize that. Yeah, we had to start at some point and try to teach in the book that we’ve always been, you know, before you, you know, before I am I am right,

Brian Smith 59:20
yeah, well, you know, and use the word you know, proven that you kind of kind of backtracked on that word. And I just finished a fantastic book that takes the near death experiences, and makes a logical argument for them. And I learned I learned something there. I guess there’s a way you can logically prove something. So it’s like, you know, something could be like, nailed down like, like a mathematical proof. But there’s also like, I guess, I think the words empirical, there’s empirical proof, which means beyond pretty much any reasonable doubt,

Daniel John 59:50
is that Jeff Long’s book

Brian Smith 59:52
No, I can’t remem the name of the guy I just sort of brought up because I can’t remember but it’s it’s it’s I think it’s pretty new book I was recommended by a guy named Bernardo Astrup, so I’ll look it up, and I’ll send it to you. I’ll put it in the show notes. Yeah, please do. But it’s really fantastic book. And like I said, What I learned is, you know, if you take all the evidence that we have mediumship, after death, communications, near death experiences, quantum physics, you know, consciousness studies, there’s at least five, if not eight, or nine different fields that really hint strongly at the afterlife, you can maybe pick holes in one or two of them. But when you put it all together, I believe we proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there is life after death. You have to be, you know, it was interesting, because someone I was talking with someone helping parents heal conference, and she was a real skeptic, and why all these fantastic mediums there. And they’re doing demonstrations and stuff. And it’s just amazing. And I said, So because I’m not really sure about mediumship. And so what do you mean? She said, Well, where are they getting the information? I don’t know. It could be from the deceased person, they could be reading the sitter’s mind. It could be the Akashic records. And I’m like, Well, yeah, I guess it could be those things. But sometimes it gets things that the sitter doesn’t know. You know, we don’t know that the Akashic records even exist. And why would you believe in that more than what the medium is telling you? That, you know, the most obvious and the simplest explanation would be that we’re connected with people on the other side. So a cynic I would call rather than a skeptic, a cynic will say, well, it’s impossible, therefore, it can’t be true. And I think anybody who’s skeptical if we examine the evidence, you can’t come to really any other conclusion. And as much as I’ve studied this over the last 30 years, I, I see no other conclusion, other than life goes on.

Daniel John 1:01:42
Yeah. And it’s interesting, because you take all religions and all spiritual studies, we’re all saying the same thing. We’re just saying in a different way. But there’s something more I’ve come to the conclusion. This is my opinion, that we’re living in an our own movie, and we have destiny and freewill, Destiny is going to happen. And the freewill can extend within the Destiny window, right. So the way if you haven’t read Robert Schwartz, he’s really interesting. Got channels Jesus, which, oh, my God said to a Christian, but that’s exactly what Paul did. He brings through Yeshua, and he shares a bunch of things about forgiveness and compassion and your life purpose. It’s a really beautiful book. There’s, it’s called your souls plan. And in the book, and one of his interviews, he explains that, listen, this is what he’s come to believe, and what what kind of Yeshua and his studies have shown him that life is like a video game. Take Mario Brothers, for instance, you know, you can run you can jump, and you can go back and forth. And you can go down certain tubes. But you can’t go down other tubes. And you don’t have to go down to but you can. So you can only do what’s programmed in the parameters of the game. But you do have free will within the game to kind of go your own way and do your own thing. And that kind of works the same way. When it comes to life. There’s a destiny. There’s things that are going to happen in your reality, this blueprint, but you have flexibility within it. There’s actually a really good movie called The Adjustment Bureau. If Yeah, I think it’s so accurate. I think it’s such an accurate there’s another movie called Soul, which is a Disney movie called Soul, which I think is very accurate. But I think God speaks through media and through and through. And that movie is just, it’s about this plan that can be adjusted. And there’s this destiny thing. It’s really cool. So yeah, I think opening our heart and mind to things that maybe we either don’t believe or don’t understand, can really allow us to take leaps and bounds in our own reality in our lives.

Brian Smith 1:03:34
But I have to I have to say this. It’s interesting. You mentioned Mario Brothers, because that was our favorite game. Shane and I played Mario Brothers for hours and hours and hours Super Mario Brothers on the tendo Wii. And I always use that analogy when I’m talking to people about about life, you know, is the Mario brothers game in the sense that Shana used to like to pick people up and throw them into the lava. So she, we’d be playing around, she’d pick up your character and kill you. And, you know, I tell people, like, that’s kind of how our lives are here. We, we, we think this life is so and it is precious, and it is important, and it is all those things. But we also take it way too seriously. And you know, I was thinking about, like I said, think about Shane, I was like she’s like, I’m just gonna kill you. And then you just regenerate you know, you never actually die.

Daniel John 1:04:20
It’s funny you say that because my son plays. He’s five and I said, they’re playing like robux Roblox, and I was like, I hear shooting and I’m like, I guess they’re like, like paintball guns, I guess. But you do die. And I was like, I don’t like games where you die and he goes, Dad, you respond. I kinda was like, Oh, I think you do. I think we do that in real life, too. We just change realities. Yeah. So yeah, I’m under the same, the same understanding.

Brian Smith 1:04:46
Yeah, so I guess it’s really, it’s cool to me. And I know, we were very careful with our language and we say this is what I’ve come to believe and that no, I say that to you. No, but there’s certain things I feel like I really know. It’s like, do I know the sun’s gonna come up tomorrow, I have a pretty good idea. And I don’t know, but I have a pretty good idea. And I’ve got a i and I’m pretty much I would say, I know, to a result within a reasonable amount of certainty that my daughter is still alive. And she’s better off than she was when she was here. And what I what I want people to get out of, this is why I do the podcast. I want everybody to know that I want everybody to internalize that not just, I just believe that because they read this one book, you know, or this one way of doing things. But that it’s all around us that God is speaking to us in so many different ways, in every different way trying to get this message to us trying to get us to remember to get us to wake up.

Daniel John 1:05:41
Yeah, Ephesians 514. Right. And that’s what the goal of this book is. And that’s if you know that this is kind of a piggyback on John, chapter 14, verse two, and where he says, My Father’s house didn’t have many mansions. I wouldn’t I wouldn’t have told you so. Right, right. I actually quoted in the book, In my Father’s house are many mansions if it were not, so I would not have I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you. And this is kind of a piggyback on that. But also, like, I believe we live in different realities or mansions. And your daughter is still experiencing this one, but also experiencing a reality in a whole different blissful, because that’s what they tell me. I had to tell a woman last night, I had a session with her a lot. She lost her son. And I had to kind of share that even though he’s with you and experiencing life and rooting you on. He’s also in a state of bliss. Because one of her concerns was she felt bad that she didn’t even get to experience his life. And they tell me this over and over like, no, no, no, they’re way, way better off than we can ever imagine or ever can be, believe it or not, in this realm, and in this lower vibration energy than they are they feel even souls who have crossed in tragic ways have made me feel that they’re okay. And they’re better and they’re doing other things that we can’t even begin to begin to understand.

Brian Smith 1:07:01
Yeah, and I find that to be a very comforting thought, because my daughter was 615 and a half when she passed. So literally just a few weeks away from being 15 and a half and in Ohio, that’s we can get your temporary permit. She was so looking forward to driving. So you know, she’s gonna miss driving, you know, she’s gonna miss her high school graduation. You know, you think about all the things that they’re quote missing. But then I speak with the medium. And actually, I was talking with one medium, and she said, you know why she’s showing me car keys. She says she’s showing me that she’s driving and people will say, Well, can can people drive and heaven? Well, I think you can if you want to, I think you can do pretty much whatever you want.

Daniel John 1:07:38
Yeah, that’s what I’ve learned. I’ll share with you what she shared with me right now. Maybe after? Because I don’t know. I want to be conscious of your time.

Brian Smith 1:07:46
Oh, yeah. Well, no, we I actually like to keep these two around an hour because I could talk to you all day. So well. Well, we’ll have you back and we’ll talk some more. So what I want to do is to you to let people know like how they can reach you. I know you do some white live events on Facebook like on Monday nights. How people can reach you for for readings and everything else.

Daniel John 1:08:07
Yeah, so everything is Daniel John medium and stale dry. medium.com Facebook Instagram, Tik Tok is all Daniel John media and be careful of fakes because people make fakes of everybody, you probably got fake pages. So they make people have but everything’s Daniel, John, medium, YouTube as well. And Monday, Monday nights, we go live on tick tock and Facebook and just give you know, give free sessions. There’s no cost. It’s just we’ve wrote we built you know, just like you have with your with your base of people have built a very strong knit close community on Facebook and tic tock of people who just want to learn and understand more and celebrate life. So you can join us Monday nights on Facebook, usually around 915. And then if you want to check out my websites, Daniel is on medium.com. All

Brian Smith 1:08:49
right, Daniel is good seeing you again. And when will your book be available?

Daniel John 1:08:55
We’re crossing our fingers that we get through the final publication. So we’ll just say October 3 Next Monday is our launch.

Brian Smith 1:09:02
Okay. All right, cool. Well, we’re recording this and September 26. But it’ll probably it’ll be a while before it’s out. So by the time this is out, your book should be available. So yeah, great. Good. Good seeing you again. Good catching up with you. Thanks for having me, Brian. All right. Don’t forget to like hit that big red subscribe button and click the notify Bell. Thanks for being here.

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  1. Really only 7 years? Seems like a hundred to me as well. I got caught up in my note to you that I neglected to say that the interview with Daniel was fantastic and that I am really enjoying your You Tube channel and podcasts.

  2. Hi Mr. Smith. I heard you on Sandra Champlain’s We don’t die podcast on I Heart. It was the audio only version. I knew as I listened, who you were. Not because I knew your name or anything, just an inner prompting that said to me ” that’s the man that was there with his wife at the same Suzanne Giesemann retreat in FL over probably 10 (or more ) years ago. I am happy you are in a better space and happy to see how you have turned your grief to growth and how you help others. You were in a much different place at the retreat so long ago…I remember how your story touched me and I recall my heart hurting for you and with yours at the pain and sorrow that radiated almost palpably from you back then, even as strong and stoic as you appeared. I don’t know why I write all this to you now, I guess to encourage you, and to reflect for myself as well. I prayed hard for you back then, it is good that I am being shown that you came through, (I remember thinking and feeling back then that you did not want to live) and even thrive as your journey has unfolded since Shana left the physical. Thank you, may you continue to be blessed in all ways.

    1. Wow. That seems like it was 100 years ago. But I think it’s seven years next month. It’s been a long journey since then.

      Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for your comment!