Day 1- The Organ Donor Call

I forgot to include this on day one. We get home from the hospital after receiving the shock of our lives. My parents and brother have driven in from two hours away and are helping us cope. There is a voicemail on the phone. I check it. It’s LifeChoice with a “time-sensitive” message. Anything is better than thinking about what we’ve just been told, and it is time sensitive, so I call back. The voicemail greeting tells me this is an organ donation organization. They tell me they would like permission to harvest Shayna’s corneas. “What? You’re calling me now? Do you know how little I care about anything else in the world right now?”

But wait, this is the time to call. This is time sensitive. Shayna’s corneas could save someone’s sight. I quickly wonder what Shayna would do then I quickly get the answer. Of course. We will donate. The questions they ask are interminable. Medical history, drug use, etc. etc. Did she have any adult children? NO! She was 15. Finally, we finish, and I hang up. Shayna will help someone else.

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