Day 1039- Goldfish

During the HPH Conference, Suzanne Giesemann told a story about a confirmation she had with a parent.  During the reading she got an image of someone swallowing live goldfish. Having learned not to filter, she delivered the information to the mother “Did your son eat goldfish?”  The mother replied in the affirmative.  In fact, not only did her son eat goldfish, the mother kept him supplied.  This seemed strange to Suzanne, but she took it at face value and posted the story on Facebook. This kid’s mother was  buying him goldfish and this came through in a reading.  The comments came in “Ugh… the kid ate goldfish?”, etc.  until one person said “Is it possible she meant the crackers?”  The way mediumship works is the discarnate will put a word or picture in the medium’s head that the medium can relate to. Suzanne knew about people swallowing live goldfish, so that is the image she was shown. When Susanne Wilson was trying to get Shayna’s name, she got an old black and white Western because she and her grandfather used to watch them together. Neither she nor I could make sense of it. When I posted it on Facebook, someone said the movie was “Shane”. Since Shayna does not have a common name, this was the closest she could get to something Suzanne would understand as her name.

Back to the story, this morning, I am taking my 7 mile walk.  Just as I’m at about the furthest point out, about to make the turn for home, I look down on the ground and there is a goldfish (the cracker). Actually half a goldfish. I take a few more steps and there is a whole goldfish. I snap a picture of it. The route I take goes past the elementary school, so some kid probably got into their lunch on the way to school and dropped a cracker on the ground.    I head home and as I’m on the court adjacent to ours I look down and there, in the middle of the sidewalk, is another whole goldfish cracker.   Now this has gotten unusual. One goldfish.  No big deal. Two goldfish. A coincidence?  A synchronicity?  A sign?  My analytical brain kicks in.  Kids from my neighborhood don’t walk to the school even though it’s only about a mile away. So, the same kid probably didn’t drop the cracker by the side of the road on Minute Man Way and on the sidewalk on Topeka Court. Also, the cracker I found near the school was beyond the school from this point. If it was a kid walking to school, he wouldn’t have gone that far.


I post the pictures on Facebook. Funny story I say. For those of you who heard Suzanne’s talk, you’ll get the significance.  Then someone posts ” Brian, I don’t know about the presentation, but saw your post on my last break. Walking out of work I found this….”


Now, I am the first to admit I don’t understand this stuff.  Does Shayna go around materializing goldfish?  I don’t think so.  Do they influence us to be in the places where goldfish are?  I don’t know. I don’t know the woman who posted this picture. She’s in our HPH Online Group. She doesn’t know me and she wasn’t familiar with Suzanne’s presentation.

I call these events “Easter eggs”. They are little things hidden in this game we call life to remind us there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes we don’t understand.

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