Day 1040- Not A Penny, A Dime

This morning as I’m walking, I find a penny in the road. It’s a new penny, but it’s been run over by a car, so it’s kind of scuffed up.  I pick the penny up and put it in my pocket.  I say to Shayna, “Thanks for the penny, but you know our sign is dimes.  So, let me find a dime later in the walk.”  Pennies are common. We’ve chosen dimes as our sign.  I finish my walk.  No dimes.

Later, I’m out doing some shopping for the Derby Party next week and as I take my credit card out to pay, I notice a strange shape outlined in my wallet. I have an outside pocket on my wallet where I keep my credit card and there is a window where I can put my finger on the card to slide it out. Just below the window is the outline of a coin.  I push the coin up to the window so I can free it, and it’s a dime.  I’ve never put a coin in my wallet.  In the years I’ve been carrying it, this is the first time I’ve found any coin in it.


The coin is in the lower part of the picture, just right of center.

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