Day 1041- Mediumship Demonstration- Kat Baillie

Helping Parents Heal is all about the continuation of life and the continuing bonds model of grief therapy.  Grief therapy used to be about accepting the fact your loved one is “dead” and moving on without them.  If you’re a religious person, perhaps you’d believe you’ll see them one day, “in the sweet by and by”.  But, it’s goodbye for now, for the “rest of my life”.

Helping Parents Heal turns this on its head. Our kids are not dead. They are not gone. We will see them again one day.  In the meantime, we can maintain a relationship with them.  One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for this is mediumship.  A good medium reading can do more healing than years of traditional grief therapy.

I work with a number of mediums and over the last several years have grown more familiar with the process and how it can help people. Today I have arranged a demonstration from a certified medium, Kat Baillie.  Kat is going to attempt to do a demonstration of how mediumship works via video conferencing to about 50 people she has never met. Kat has never attempted this before (via technology). So, this is a bit of an experiment.

Kat and I go over the details and have a dry run so she can get familiar with the technology. I tell her I’ll run the meeting- tech-wise. All she has to focus on is spirit.  The meeting is going to be at 10 PM her time since she’s in London.  She has a paid reading set up with a client for 8 PM because, as she explains, this will open her up, warm her up for the demonstration.

The time for the meeting comes, I introduce Kat and she’s off. The first person she comes to can’t claim anything Kat is bringing out.  It’s “‘No… no… no…” This is one of the funny things about these gallery readings and I’ve seen it before.  I’d think the spirit would walk up and say “Hi, I’m Shayna and this is a message for my mother Tywana, the woman over there.”  That’s not the way it works.  The medium doesn’t know exactly who the spirit coming in is for at first. They’ll point to a section of the room. In this case, Kat picked someone one her computer screen. Kat doesn’t get rattled. Eventually the mother says “I think this is for someone else.”  Also, the information seems to come in kind of slow and first and the inaccuracies will be up front, until the medium  fine tunes into the particular spirit and things start to flow.  Kat shifts to someone who can claim everything Kat has said so far. Then the connection is clear. Right information. Wrong person.  Kat proceeds to give her an amazing reading. Then, she circles back around to the first mother whose son was very different in life.  And Kat gives her a spot on reading, including the fact he worked on motorcycles, what he looked like, the nature of his skin, and the fact he is still working on motorcycles in “heaven”.  What we are finding is when we ask “What do they do all day over there?” is they often are doing the same things. I watch as this mother’s face lights up with fond memories of her son.

Kat goes on to other mothers (and some fathers) giving amazing evidence not only of how their kids were in life, but current events that the kids know about now.  Kat identifies dogs (and cats) that are in spirit with the children, describing them. She talks about hobbies the kids had when they were here. She talks about there personalities.  An uncle of two young children, ages 3 and 1, know his sister is having trouble getting them to go to sleep and he’s helping with that.  A daughter knows her mother wears her earrings and keeps them in a box.  A son knows his mother is considering publishing something he wrote.  Getting what the kids did in life, what they died from, that stuff is impressive enough. But, the fact that the kids know what is going on our lives now and tell us to keep talking to them, keep remembering them, keep honoring them, is amazing.  In one reading, a son extends a bouquet of flowers as the reading is coming to a close.  A nice gesture. Kind of cliche, but it’s the only one Kat says this to.  Today, when I log onto Facebook I see this mother’s birthday is today. That’s why he offered the flowers.  It was a birthday present for his Mom. During the reading she had forgotten that today is her birthday.

I’m far from a medium. But, I’m very good at reading emotions on people. I watched the faces of these parents as they went from skeptical or maybe even cynical to believers that their kids were right there on the call with us. I watched as tears turned to smiles.  I heard laughter as jokes were exchanged (inside jokes).

After the demonstration was over, I had people sending messages to me thanking me for arranging the meeting. I could feel the energy when I was on the call.  One mother followed up with Kat and was on with Kat after the meeting. I don’t know how long, but I know it was 1 AM Kat’s time when the mother sent me a message saying that Kat was still talking to her.

I know in some religious circles, particularly Christian, an interpretation of the Bible says consulting with mediums is wrong. I’ve written about this before. But, as I say, the proof is in the pudding. And, as the Bible says, test the spirits by the Spirit.  I saw healing last night.  That cannot be wrong.  I’m happy to have played a small part in bringing this together.

Kat’s at http://www.kat-b.com


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