Day 1043- Materialists!

So, I’m discussing the nature of the universe with a couple of good friends. One met me back in my fundamentalist Christian days. At the time, he was pretty much an atheist.  Over the 20 years or so we’ve known each other we’ve grown more alike as I’ve dropped the religious dogma and he’s become more open to spirituality. Still, I’m a lot more convinced than he is about the view that the universe is fundamentally consciousness and that we are eternal beings than he is. And with that, here is the conversation:

Brian Smith What I take from this is not necessarily trying to know the unknowable, now consciousness became material. The point is this is more than a material universe and we are more than material beings. And, that fact leads to the possibility we can transcend the physical, at least somewhat, even while we are in the physical.

Kevin Min Except I’m not 100% convinced that “we are more than material beings” is a fact. It’s possible. I’d like to think it’s even likely, though that doesn’t mean it is necessarily better or more desirable. It’s also possible that the Universe is more than material, but we are not.

Brian Smith It’s not ? proven. But, the data is pointing that way.

Kevin Min I think it depends on what we mean by “more than material.”

But yes, I’d agree that we are following a path that seems to imply some spooky forces are at work. Like everywhere. Quantum or dark matter or “God” or whatever it is, is up for debate and personal interpretation. But we definitely know we know a lot less than we thought we knew just a short time ago. Or something.

Caprise Sireay Adams Woah, it’s like, Dunning-Kruger on a scale of all of human existence and history and future.

Caprise Sireay Adams The less we knew the more sure we were about everything including our own expertise.

Kevin Min Yup. When you only see the fishbowl, its pretty easy to convince yourself you know all or at least most of what there is. 

But then that fucking hand comes in to scoop out a dead sister! WHAT?!?

Caprise Sireay Adams And the more we learn, the more we learn we don’t know anything at all! 1f62e.png

Brian Smith Caprise Sireay Adams You’re psychic. This is a selfie I took after your last comment.  This is the shirt I’m wearing right now. (It says “The More That I See The Less I Know For Sure)


Brian Smith So, Kevin Min explain how Caprise knew the shirt I am wearing. 1f60f.png

Caprise Sireay Adams Haha I’d love to hear his explanation!!

Kevin Min Caprise – I don’t think you knew.  I think you changed his shirt with your mind!

And with that, I rest my case.  Glad you agree with me on the spooky forces thing, Kevin.

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    1. The understanding I am coming to is everything has/is consciousness. That would include animals. And, mediums tell us that our animals are with our loved ones in the spirit world. Also, animals (pets) themselves come through.

      Long answer to say “Yes”.

        1. Yes, there are levels that are nearly identical to Earth. Some say seven levels. I think it’s almost an infinite number of levels. The astral, which is closest to Earth is almost indistinguishable from Earth.

          Do you have something against snakes and bees?