Day 1045- Rudolph Valentino’s Wisdom from the Other Side

Rudolph Valentino speaking through physical medium Leslie Flint:

This is the important thing … to be able to reach people, to be able to make them understand … that there is no such thing as death, that it is just something people fear, without any cause. It is the great adventure which everyone should look forward to.

But of course, if they are going on a journey, it is good to be equipped, prepared to some extent know what is necessary and if people can be taught, meant to realize, that there is opportunity on your side, to prepare for life, this new life, this new adventure, it will help them.

So many people arrive here unequipped, have no idea, no knowledge, anything to guide them and there are many things (I should say) that they can cast away from themselves, while they are still onEearth, to make it so that they are more ready, more prepared.

So many people are afraid to speak of this subject, afraid to think about death. It should not be something to fear, it should be something to look forward to with anticipation and happiness, you know … the renewing of old friendships, the meeting of people that you have known and loved, entering into a condition of life that is far different, more happier than the earth even. People shouldn’t fear death, this is something we want to teach them to approach, to welcome, with happiness in their hearts.

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