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Day 1046- Doctor’s Visit

My prescriptions are running out so I have to go to the doctor.  I detest going to the doctor.  The idea of going in to be checked out to look for things that are wrong when you feel fine seems counter-productive to me.  I dropped the statin a few years ago because the science of statins is shaky at best and because without taking them I didn’t need that stupid doctor’s office visit every six months. What a waste of time. I take blood pressure medication largely because I have white-coat hypertension. Doctors make me nervous. So, while I’m there, my blood pressure is high.  So, they put me on medication.  When I’m relaxed my blood pressure is normal, as I proved to myself a few years ago when the doctor put me on Lorezapam and my blood pressure readings were spot on normal.  But, I take the medication anyway.

The new doctor walks in.  How old is she, 12?  I don’t like seeing a doctor younger than I am.  This is a first. She starts out asking me if I want this to be a visit or a physical. Huh?  What do I care? I say “I just want my prescriptions refilled.” She tells me I’m due for blood work, so we should make this a physical for insurance purposes.  Whatever.  It would have been nice to know that ahead of time so I could have gotten that done.  Then, she starts telling me all the things they want to test for- Hep C, HIV, kidney and liver (because I’m on the medications).  Anything that is optional I pass on.

Then, it’s onto asking about my complaints.  “Once a year we have to ask if you have any symptoms of depression.”.  Yep, I do I tell her. She gives me a stare.  “My daughter passed away three years ago. That’s kind of depressing.”  She replies “Well, grief is expected for a year after a death. Anything past that is probably something more.”  (OK grief expert).  So, I reply “It’s more anxiety than depression.  Can you give me something to help with occasional anxiety?”  She tells me all the short acting anxiety medications are controlled and it would be a real hassle to give them to me. I’d probably become dependent on them and that’s not good.  I inform her the last time I got a prescription was three years ago.  It was 60 pills, a 30 day supply.  I still have most of them.  In fact, I haven’t taken any in three years.  But, she knows best.  No pills for you. So, I’m thinking. That was a productive conversation. Why did you bother asking?

We go through the list.  Trouble sleeping?  Aches and pains? Bladder- too active, not active enough? Do you drink too much?  She pokes my belly, looks in my ears, taps my knees (reflexes) and I’m out of there. She says she’d like to see me again in six months.  I’m thinking “I’ll only see you again when I have to, lady.” and I’m out the door back to freedom.  The only good thing is she was on time and I’m out the door 45 minutes after my appointment time.  Unheard of in today’s medical industry.

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  1. Doctors drive me crazy. I only see them when I have to also. Except when we were working in my first cancer scare. Now I have to see oncologists and have a lung CT once a year. Sheesh.