Day 1049- The Team

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you probably know that I am obsessed with a series of books by Frances Key. The name of the series is The Team- A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side. Frances (Frankie), would say the books were written by her mother “Teddy” because the books were channeled through Frankie by Teddy and others.  The key concept in the books comes early in Book One:

You are not alone. You’re not really even functioning as one person.  Nobody is.  For you are a member of a Team, a spiritual Team, as close to you as breathing… and I am a part of your Team.   I speak to your soul as your Team member, to your heart as your Mother, and to your mind as your teacher and friend. We are so fortunate to have so many layers of connection to each other, making this work so natural and simple for us. I want to tell you of where I am- it is a place that you will recognize from my description, for you have spent more time here than on Earth; it is the familiar tree house upon the mountaintop that you’ve seen in your mind, and a candle burns in the window there, waiting for you.    The Universe is comprised of everlasting bands of Light, which are filled with countless points of consciousness within each band. Indeed, there is no end to the stretch of Light in evolution, and all these components combine as the Absolute, which is also called by the warm and familiar word, God.

I’ve read so many books on these types of concepts, I sometimes feel there is nothing new to learn and while some of the concepts in The Team are fairly familiar, they are explained in ways that resonate in new ways with me.  For example, I’ve been hearing a lot about guides and Soul Groups and Soul Planning in recent years. But, the impression is always that our guides are higher beings, maybe slightly aloof, reaching down, to help us poor humans muddle through. In The Team, what I got is our guides are simply members of our Team and while we are the ones in the trenches now, it’s because it’s our turn to play this role. The things we experience are for the mutual benefit of everyone on the team as we all benefit from any gains any of us makes.  A couple of analogies used in the books are we are a business person at a conference. We plan our presentation with the team before we go off to the conference, where we give our pitch, and when we’re done, we go back and assess.  Another one that stuck with me is we are the foot soldiers in the field while our teammates are spotters in the hills, supporting us on the mission.  We do our missions and the next time we play a different role. Teammates are both incarnated and discarnate during our particular mission here in the body.  Interestingly enough, listening to Nanci Danison yesterday, she used this exact same phrasing. We are on a mission.  She also talked about the shared experiences. While I knew I was living for others, especially Tywana, Kayla, and Shayna. I did not know just how literal that is.  That makes my mission much more important.

Another new concept for me in The Team is the idea of vibrational spheres. Apparently, there are repositories, literal things of emotions like love, fear, compassion, anger, etc. that we all tap into and draw from.  When we manifest love or compassion, we contribute this this repository for everyone in humanity to benefit from.  People can draw from this to enhance their own capacity.  Conversely, when we are angry or frightened, we also contribute to that vibrational sphere. And when people are angry or frightened, tapping into this sphere can magnify the experience beyond what we would otherwise have.

I found myself highlighting almost the entire book of every book. I’ve heard of channeled materials “vibrating” at a certain level and heard authors claim the words themselves can reach in and change your “spiritual DNA”.  I’ve never bought into that. I read Conversations with God, a channeled series, and while I found some of the concepts fascinating, didn’t make that connection.  I don’t know if it’s the timing (when the student is ready the teacher will appear) or what, but I’ve found The Team seems to resonate with whatever frequency I am on.  A few days ago I went to Amazon to write my review and was shocked, to see that only five people have reviewed the first book.  Frances is leading a book study for the book and limited the group to fifteen people. The minute I found out, I wrote to her to see if I could get in. Surely, this would fill up immediately.  I got in.  Only five people were on the call. She told the tale of how she made Xerox copies of the book at first and handed it out for free. Then, she self published.  She had a publisher interested, but they wanted to dumb the books down to appeal to the mass market.  Fortunately, she realized that would be a mistake. And, as she put it, she doesn’t have permission to change them because she didn’t write them.

As I write this, I am just beginning Book 4, the last book of the series.  And, I wonder.  Is the timing just not right for these books?  Are people not interested because they haven’t been publicized enough? Would the message that we are not individuals rub too many people the wrong way? It goes against everything we’ve ever been taught even by most religions.

Personally, the timing of this along with Nanci Danison’s presentation at IANDS, and a person I am working with who is getting information about “mass consciousness”, is converging at the same time in my life.  And, I keep hearing that humanity is ready for a shift in consciousness.  My hope in this is tempered by the fact that I was taught Jesus was coming back “any day” for several decades.  Yet, my hope remains that enough of us will figure out this Team thing to live the way we were meant to live.

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