Day 1051- My Cousin Marty

In tonight’s dream, I’m at a gathering at church.  This church is a huge campus with several buildings. I’m mingling, killing time, waiting for my parents (this the first 17 years of my life).  Maybe this is Pop’s church, but it’s different.  Then it dawns on me that I have my car. So, I’ll just leave and meet them back at the house.  As I’m walking up this big hill to the parking garage, I look over to my right and in the crowd I spot someone who looks a lot like my cousin Marty. He smiles at me.  I give him the nod and keep walking. But, then I look at him again. “Man, that looks a lot like Marty.” I think.  I say “Marty is that you?”  You see, it can’t be Marty because Marty “died” about three weeks ago.  Marty says “Hi Brian.”  I say “Hi.”  A while later I look over at him again and he’s noticeably younger and thinner. At least five years younger, maybe ten.  The gray is disappearing, his eyes are clearer.  He’s not wearing glasses.  Marty was I think about ten years older than me when he passed.  “Wow, you’re growing younger.” I say to him.  He smiles back at me “Yep.  When I got there, Dad looked at me and said ‘Boy, is that you?'”  Then, Marty said something about Bailey. I can’t remember what.  It was really short like “Bailey’s there.” or “Bailey says ‘hi'”. I was confused because I don’t know any Baileys. I’m thinking Bailey might be a pet they had, but I don’t think they ever had a dog.

Then, I wake up, still wondering who Bailey is until it dawns on me my friend Jason has a daughter who has crossed and her name is Bailey.  Is this the Bailey?

Dreams are odd.  Why would Marty appear in my dream?  Marty and I weren’t particularly close in life.  The last several decades I’d pretty much only see him at funerals since Dad’s side of the family doesn’t have family reunions. Yet, there he was, smiling and growing younger and thinner.

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