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Day 1053- Blind Medium Reading

Today, I sit for a test reading with a medium.  I don’t know her name. She doesn’t know mine. She is being tested by a friend who is a medium. The test is completely blind. The meeting is done via Skype.  My friend, the tester, calls the medium on Skype, then adds me in.  The medium was given zero information about me, no payment information, no name, no phone number. This will be a 30 minute test.

She starts by talking about a father figure in spirit.  My father is still in the flesh. But, a father energy can be a grandfather.  Yes. Both my grandfathers are crossed over. This grandfather is very generous with his time and everything else.  He’s also highly in demand. This sounds like my father’s father who was a pastor of a very large church. I was often jealous that other people demanded so much of his time and they even called him my name for him, “Pop”. This has got to be Pop coming through. What’s fascinating is Pop has come through before, but Pop was a Pentecostal preacher.  He would have had nothing to do with mediums while he was here.  This will circle back around to Pop later.

She tells me when I was a kid I had lots of questions. I always wanted to know how and why. I did not care about authority figures telling me things, I wanted to know “why”.  This is all true. I used to get into trouble for asking too many questions.  She tells me she sees two children in the spirit world.  They might have passed in similar circumstances. I tell her I cannot identify with two children in spirit who passed under similar circumstances. She decides to separate them and focus on one. She asks me if I know of a girl child in spirit. I do, my 15 year old daughter. All I tell her is “Yes, I can identify with a girl child in spirit.”.  She goes on to describe her as inquisitive, like me. Yes. Shayna never stopped asking questions. I used to get frustrated because she would ask why and when you answered that, the question would be “Well, why that?”  She has nailed Shayna’s personality and tied it in with my own.

She tries to get Shayna’s cause of death. She says Shayna doesn’t want to dwell on it. This is common. Other mediums have tried. Some have gotten it, but Shayna doesn’t emphasize it.  She does get that it was very sudden with no reason. This is true. It was sudden and unexpected.  She says I dwell on knowing the reason and it’s interfering with my life. This isn’t true. I don’t dwell on it. I’ve accepted that we’ll never know. But, she’s right about the reason being unclear.

She says something about taking Shayna to the park. What parent hasn’t? But, she gets more specific. “Did she love to play in sand?”  Going to the beach was Shayna’s absolute favorite thing.  We could not get her off the beach once we were there.  She mentions “Play-Doh”.  This medium is English. She says she doesn’t know if we have Play-Doh. Yes. The girls loved Play-Doh.  She says she was very creative.  You still have some of her things around.  She made necklaces. They were very intricate beyond her years.  I don’t recall Shayna making necklaces, but she was always beyond her years with her dexterity and creativity.  I’m doing this reading at my desk. I pick up a container of flowers made from buttons, pipe cleaners, and construction paper in a cup… wait for it… a Play-Doh container.  I show it to her on the camera. This is on my desk out of view of the camera, along with two other crafts from the girls.

She asks me if Shayna had a particular “dolly” that she always carried. It’s a soft doll, not hard plastic.  Floppy material.  There is hair missing. Barely any hair left.  Shayna collected Care-Bears, but her favorite stuffed animal was Peek-wee (not sure of the spelling), her penguin. She carried him for years.  Peek-wee had a tuft of hair that is just about gone.

She says there was no pain when Shayna transitioned. This is confirmation from other readings and goes along with the fact she passed in her sleep, in her bed.  She says I was very upset by what I saw (uh yeah, Captain Obvious).  She says I did everything I could to save her.  Yes.  We did CPR until the EMT arrived. There was no chance of saving her.

She says I do work to support other parents, to get them through from day-to-day. This is my mission.  I help other parents. I’ve been volunteering with Helping Parents Heal for a couple of years now. I often spend more time on my volunteer work that on my real day job.  There is no way for her to have known this.

She mentions an older boy in the family. A cousin perhaps.  Older. Sensitive.  This thread kind of drops. She doesn’t follow up on it.

She says things in the house move. This has happened. Also lights come on randomly, the ceiling fan comes on by itself. She doesn’t mention these other occurrences. But, she says Shayna didn’t always fess up to moving things when she was here and isn’t now either. We laugh.

She asks me about a name Winona or Winnie. I can’t connect with either. I think Winnie The Pooh, Kayla’s favorite cartoon character. But, it’s probably Tywana.  Not many people know Tywana’s full name. And mediums can usually only get names they know. Being from England, she’s probably never heard the name. Winona and Tywana are close enough, I’ll give her a hit on this.

Mentions we have lots of photographs of Shayna and lots of videos. Also mentions a picture that changes all the time- rotating images. We used to have a digital picture frame that did that.  All parents have lots of videos and photos of their kids the days.  Mentions a permanent remembrance of Shayna. The high school has a photo in the hallway leading to the girls’ locker room with a picture and a plaque with a tribute to Shayna and two other girls.

Says Christmas was difficult but we did the best we could to make it “normal”. True. A bit vague. But, we started a new tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day, after Shayna passed.

Says Shayna has a particular fondness for ice cream and mentions a treat they have in England called something knickerbocker. Says she sees Shayna making this giant ice cream sundae thing nd handing it to me. This is interesting because just this week we threw out some containers of ice cream because without Shayna being here they were not eaten and had gotten freezer burn. Shayna loved ice cream. Kayla had a dream visit where they were getting ice cream and Kayla wasn’t going to go back for seconds when Shayna said “Oh, it’s OK.  You can have all the ice cream you want here.”

Says Shayna is giving Pop the runaround in the afterlife. Entirely possibly. Normally we get Shayna is with her grandfather. This is the first medium who has put her with Pop.

Mentions Shayna is very bright. Shayna was 16th in a class of nearly 600 after her freshman year.

Mentions someone shopping. Asks if I’ve been shopping today. I have not.  Asks if someone in the family has.  My wife has. But, Tywana shops nearly every day.  Then, she gets more specific.  There is a wedding coming up. Someone is looking for an outfit for the wedding. Shayna’s older cousin, Nicholas, is getting married in September.  This could be the older, sensitive cousin mentioned earlier.  Kayla has just gotten her dress for the wedding and I’m sure Tywana has, is, or will be shopping for her dress.  Says Tywana is an elegant lady and Shayna wants her to wear something elegant.  Says Shayna was quick to tell you if she didn’t like something. Very true.  Says there were some clothes tried on today she didn’t care for.  I don’t think Tywana went clothes shopping today though. This might be past or future coming through.

Back to the grandfather. He says he knows changes have already happened in our life, but that there are more changes coming and I should be open to them. I have free will, but I should not hold back. I should consider them and not say no without consideration. This is interesting because I have felt a major shift coming being both pushed out of where I am and pulled into where I’m going. I have been consulting my guides about this. I have had several people tell me to go forward including having a medium pull me aside at a party a couple of weeks ago to tell me I should be open to this.  And, I’ve always felt the pull to follow in Pop’s footsteps. Pop is my idol. I knew the traditional Christian ministry was not for me, but I’ve been writing, counseling, and teaching (all free of charge) for most of my adult life.  Pop starts and ends this reading.



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