Day 1055- Nuts!

So yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Tywana decided to buy some ice cream to go along with the red velvet cake our friend Amy had brought over on Saturday night. Tywana and her mother stopped by UDF to pick up some ice cream and she got black walnut, her favorite and my mother’s favorite. We rarely get ice cream since Shayna’s not here to eat it. I can’t remember the last time we bought it. I know we just threw some out a couple of weeks ago because it was freezer burned.  Tywana and I talked about black walnuts and I said I was surprised that her mother likes it because it’s such a strong, unique flavor. She talked about growing up with black walnuts growing wild where they lived.

Today, on my walk, I look down and on the road I spot… a black walnut.  Perfectly split right down the middle with a heart shaped kernel.

OK. So I have to wonder. These small manifestations seem to be happening.  I have seen walnuts occasionally before. Never on the road where I found this one and I walk it every day. Never one split in half like this.


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