Day 1057- Test Medium Reading- Ann Van Orsdel

Overall impression… got off to a slow start. Lots of things that weren’t hits.  Many names came through. I could not connect with most.  This medium doesn’t try to reach a particular person. “Doesn’t believe in “dialing the dead.”  My take on it though is when reading for a grieving parent, parent will want to hear from their child.  Shayna didn’t come through until the very end when the medium asked me for questions. This was 50 minutes in. I figured maybe Spirit had given me what I needed rather than what I wanted.  I told her that she had touched on the big issues I’ve got going on right now which concern work/volunteer balance.  I was ready to let the reading go.  Then, the medium said she had a young girl there.  Shayna had just come through in a reading on Saturday.  Then Shayna came busting through.  When Shayna came through, she really got on a roll.  The last 20 minutes of the 70 minute reading were amazing!

First started with a David in spirit.  I don’t know anyone named David in spirit. I had given her David as my name. She said could be a middle name.  I told her David is my middle name.

Shifted to a son in spirit (I don’ have one). Ten years old. Christopher, baseball hat.  Some affiliation with the Dodgers.  (Again, nothing for me) 

P initial.  Paul.  Something like that.  (Pop?)

Chris, Crystal, Christine?-  C name really around me. (I can’t connect to that)

Something about Mom, Wife. 

Talks about a child taking responsibility for their own passing.  Age of 15.  Hanging. Back to David.  (Can’t connect that)

Gets something about me writing. Creating content.  3 books.  (I am writing the blog. Hope to turn it into book(s)).  

Dad’s side.  Dad’s father. Feeling very fatherly towards me. Calls me son.  Singing, joyous.  (Could be Pop- was a pastor- lots of singing around him).

Southern connection. Alabama? (My mother is from WV, grandmother from North Carolina).

Someone traveling for work.  Proud man. (I can’t connect to this)  

Mentions D name- still nothing.

Sense of entrepreneurship around me.  Three generations of being self made.  Pop was entrepreneur- pastor of his own church.  My father worked for the government then a large company, but kinda three generation of entrepreneurship.

Feeling of love. Devin (can’t connect to Devin).

Grandfather around me a lot.

Talking about fishing. (Never went fishing with Pop.  Went once with my maternal grandfather). 

Pop- firm but loving at the core. (I think so.  He passed when I was 11 so while I looked up to him, I didn’t know him that well.  He was much older).

Lung area.  Emphysema. – (mother’s grandfather passed from black lung?)

Carol-  giving the name Carol (I have an Aunt Carol who passed not too long ago). Pop says Carol is there.  He says she’s free now- had long illness (she did pass from an illness- kind of long).

Mama J? – (cannot connect with this nickname.  We called Pop’s wife Mom. Her name is Josephine.  I don’t think this was a nickname.  The J is correct though.)

Gets an Ann connection. (Mom’s (Pop’s wife) middle name was Anna.  I didn’t know this.  Had to verify with Dad) Very creative. Carrying blankets.  Remembrance quilt. Something on-going. She’s participating in it.   (The blankets don’t make sense. Dad couldn’t confirm.  ).

Clair or Clara, Clarisse- (can’t connect any of those.) Connected to Mama J.

Jeffrey- (Tywana’s stillborn brother.)

Train. Took the train a lot.  Engineer.  Not conductor.  Very proud of this. (No railroad connection in our family that I know of).

M name like Michael- (I have an Uncle Michael).  No more detail on this.

Family of movers and shakers (Maybe kinda)

Can accomplish a lot (me- yet to be seen).

Getting a degree that was a first for me (no.  Family is well educated) Says a lot of pride around that. (?). (I thought maybe I’m the first Chem E, but then I realized my cousin has a degree in chemical engineering)

Jack in spirit. (Uncle Jack). Patting me on the back.  Jack or John.  Jack (his name is Aaron Jackson). Feels like a funny guy (not particularly). Died unexpectedly (no. 95 after long illness).  Jack in his 50s (no).  Fairly quick.  Just went (I don’t know who this Jack is).

Daughter younger (for me).  On stage. Loving to be in the light (this is not Kayla).  Says she should be encouraged (Kayla has nothing to do with performing)

Catherine- (no connection that I’m aware of).

Maggie or Margaret- acknowledging Maggie. Mom & Daughter.  Being supportive of Maggie (Margaret is Tywana’s mother.  Her daughter is Margaret Michelle.  We all call her Shell. Her husband calls her Maggie).  Says this grandmother (Emma Rose) is quite outspoken.  Family of do-ers. 

My wife is teacher or public speaker (no.  Did homeschool the girls- teacher kinda). 

Great grandmother is smiling. (Shayna’s great grandmother).  Tywana gets a lot of “I know you from somewhere”. (True)  People are drawn to her energy (true). She commands a level of confidence in her beyond her years (?)

Tywana has friend in spirit.  Died of breast or lung cancer- within last couple of years (maybe her cousin passed from ovarian cancer)  Schooling- maybe someone she went to school with or worked with. (can’t place this one)

New York connection (I can’t think of one).  Business-related.  Possibly going there.  (My first thought was NYC- maybe Jake Samoyedney?). Has to do with my writing. (Jake has offered to help.  Maybe this is Jake).

Do I do podcasts? (I have done a couple).  This work is stepping stone to something broader. Sees this really growing for me.  Hearing fame.  Pop says it’s not about the money, it’s about the impact.

Did Pop have building with his name on it? (He did have a church that he built.  His name isn’t on it).  He also started Aenon Bible College.  Says I will be provided for (we’ll see).

Mentions Jerry- (I can’t make a Jerry connection).

Pop knew a lot of famous musicians- jazz?  (No. Pop did know a lot of gospel singers.  Famous is relative).

The reading is wrapping up. She asks if I have any questions.  I say no.  Then suddenly say a young girl is coming through. This is when things take off!

Teenager. Connection between me and her mother (my wife).

16 when she passed (Shayna was 15-½ looking forward to 16 getting her driver’s license).  Says if she wasn’t 16 then there’s something about her 16th birthday I’m supposed to bring up.  Sixteen was very important to Shayna.

Feels very tragic to me.  (Uh.  Yep.)

Asks if it was her head.  Feels dizzy. (No). Says she doesn’t really want to talk about how she died (Shayna never does).  Then, she says “Was it her heart?  An underlying condition?” (This is spot on.)  Says born with it. (True). What they said was not the truth (spot on. We were told her condition was benign and she’d live to an old age with it). Mentions incident when she was 13. (no one has ever brought this up.  No one knows). She was supposed to transition then. (This is completely new.  No one has brought this through before. Shayna did nearly pass out when she was 13. This is when she was diagnosed.  AFAIK that never happened again.). Says Shayna was able to be with us a couple of more years.

Shayna says the connection to me is strong.  

It’s like a hole or something (her heart)  Thought they could fix it. (She had two procedures). Not a hole, but being shown them fixing her makes sense). 

Shayna says “You’re not finishing without bringing me in”. 

Talking about fund named after her.  Fund- (Shayna’s scholarship fund founded the year after she transitioned). 

Now understands she had to go at this time. Able to do more good from the other side. Says “Look how much I’ve done already.”  Very proud of herself. 

I get little angels.  People call her their angel.  She comes and there’s something about wings.  Butterfly connection.  Colors blue and purple. 

Talks about me opening up my abilities. She’s knocking on the door for me.  She’s making sure this is happening for me.  Since her passing.  “It’s me. It’s me. I’m doing this.” 

She would have called you Daddy. Not Dad. That’s important for me to say.  Daddy, even at 15.  Full of love. (Yes. She always called me Daddy. Kayla would give her a hard time for this.).

I feel she did go quickly.  Wants me to know it was peaceful. Dizzy. Then I’m down. 

Trying to revive her.  (At home and in the hospital).  Talking about working on her. “Just like you read in the books, Dad.  I was up above my body and I could see and hear everything.”  One of the things you’re working on is a book or a blog post about her passing.  “It’s important that you put that in the book, Daddy. It’s important that you put that in the book.  That I came through and I told you that the light is real. But, she said she had a choice.  That she didn’t want to go. But, she could see that she could do so much good. And her loving heart knew that’s where she needed to be. She feels like a big giver.  She is saying there is nothing that could have been done.  (This choice is a new revelation. I think we didn’t get it before because it was too soon).

She’s working with me. Helping me create the book.

Are you the one having dreams of her? I should say visitations.  The visitations are real is what she says to me. (I’ve had a couple of dream I think are visitations.  Kayla has had more).

Shayna says forgive me for messing with your computer, Dad. This is one way you’ll know it’s me.  And she says “’Cause you don’t want to get another computer right now.” (A few weeks ago my primary hard drive crashed hard.  I worked for two days to try to recover it. Nothing was working. I was told I would have to buy a new machine. I still don’t know how, but I finally was able to recover from a backup and since then it’s been working fine).

Wants you know she has a dog on the other side.  Describes brownish mutt. I can’t connect with that. Then says a small white dog, too.  Chloe was small and light gray. Shayna then says she has all the animals, including the ones Pops owned. Shayna loves animals. “I have them all. They’re all here.”  That’s important for children to know.

Shayna helps kids cross over (this has come up before in readings).  One of the first things they ask for is their pet.  In the book really talk about the animals are there with us. They greet us.

She said “And that’s a whole other book, Daddy.”

Something about the ring. Ring. Someone has her ring or she has a ring.  Holding a ring.  Buried with the ring? (she was cremated)

Bracelets everyone got for her in remembrance of her. Aware and very honored. (The volleyball team still wears bracelets with her name on it and the bracelets are part of her memorial picture at the high school.  There are kids in Pennsylvania wearing her bracelets from when she visited her cousins there.)

Mentions best friend.  Jenny? (Not getting that). Wants to give her a big hug.  

Wants me to say ice cream.  She’s saying ice cream. Some connection with ice cream.  (The medium I had a reading with on Saturday brought up ice cream.  Kayla had a dream visit with Shayna where they were eating ice cream) Shayna says “I get to have all I want now”.  (These are almost her exact words in her dream visit with Kayla.  This is very significant.)

She’s tall. She’s jumping up and down. All legs. Like a model. All legs. (This is Shayna. Very lively. And, all legs).

Color blue around her.  Did her school wear blue? Something blue for her? (Helping Parents Heal wrist bands?)

She’s messing with her hair. Had a hair thing.  Her hair was everything. Braided, pony tails, on top of her head, straightened.  (Hair always comes through in readings). Says Shayna is a very good communicator. Says “Stop being nervous. I’m going to help you.”.  (Another common message from Shayna).

At this point, I tell the medium I thought maybe Shayna wasn’t going to come through. I just had a reading on Saturday and since Spirit gives us what we need instead of what we want Shayna might not show up this time.  She said she will always come through. “That’s your test.” She says “Dad, I’m the ticket.”  Loves being useful. So, allow her to do that.  Check that box, if they bring Shayna through.

Overall, I rate the reading really good in spite of the slow start.  These were unusual conditions when she knew she was being scored. Plus, I had given her a fake name since I’m part of Helping Parent Heal and didn’t want her to know who I was. I had a test reading Saturday where the medium brought through a lot of evidence and was very accurate, but there was no connection between me and her. It felt very rushed.  There was no empathy.  While there were inaccuracies in this one (maybe due to nerves), once the medium hit her stride, it was awesome. I told her Shayna would probably drop in on her (Shayna has a tendency to do this) and Shayna did later that evening.

The medium, I will now reveal was Ann Van Orsdel who has been certified by Mark Ireland and is working with Helping Parents Heal. Ann is an excellent medium. When I scored Ann, she scored very well. There were some things I could not immediately take. But, there were lots of bonuses once she got the connection with Shayna.  She brought Shayna through extremely well.  Ann did very well in her other test readings, also.

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