Day 1076- I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings


Synchronicities, signs, the materialist says they are merely coincidences.  Jung noted that two or more coincidental incidents with significance to the experiencers are synchronicities.  Jung once said:  “We often dream about people from whom we receive a letter by the next post. I have ascertained on several occasions that at the moment when the dream occurred the letter was already lying in the post-office of the addressee.”

This has been happening to me a lot lately.  One of the most significant I remember is dreaming of my mailbox being broken.  My mailbox was featured prominently in that dream. I drove around with it in the back of my pickup truck. Then, the next day on my walk, I saw two mailboxes laying broken on the ground and had another synchronistic event concerning a stranger introducing herself to me.

Last week I dreamed of a rabbit. Not one rabbit. Two rabbits in two different dreams. I never dream about rabbits.   One was someone’s pet and it “bit” me. I put “bit” in quotes because it was a playful nibble more than a bite.  The next day, a friend on Facebook mentioned getting rabbit signs from her husband.  Then later in the week, I had a long detailed dream about buying a car. I remember how obnoxious the sales person was. The next day, on my walk, I listened to a podcast, and Sandra Champlain talked about going with a friend to buy a car.

Today, a heron flew over my head. No big deal.  Herons aren’t exactly an endangered species. But, herons are pretty rare in this part of Ohio and very rare in our neighborhood since we don’t live near water.  This bird buzzed over me at about 15′.  I could see every detail as he soared over my head. I have seen them fly over much higher, occasionally.  Then, he landed on the chimney of the house I was walking by and just sat there. I have never seen that. I took several pictures and thought I’d shoot a video of him flying off, but as I videoed him, he just continued to sit.  Finally, I turned off the video and then he flew off.

Yesterday, at IANDS, a woman gave me a little reading. Shayna dropped in and my friend gave me a bunch of detail about her. She mentioned Alicia Keys.  Well, I’m not particularly fond of Alicia Keys, and I don’t know if Shayna was or not. Today, as I’m walking, I get tired of the podcasts and decide to turn on some music for the last several minutes. I ask Siri to play Alicia Keys. When you do that, Siri will play songs in your library by the artist in alphabetical order.  The third song up is (I Know Why The) Caged Bird (Sings).  The song title is actually Caged Bird, but it’s a reference to Maya Angelou’s book.  I haven’t listened to the song much. It’s not one I would choose to play even from the couple of Alicia Keys albums I own.  Then, it hits me. The set up to this whole thing.

Last week I listened to Suzanne Giesemann’s podcast talking about our friend Brenda Baker and her transition and how she has been coming to people since her transformation. Suzanne was prompted to buy Maya Angelou’s book “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” early in the morning on the day of Brenda’s celebration of life. She did not know why. When she talked to her best friend Lynette, she discovered Maya Angelou was Brenda’s favorite author, and this was Brenda’s favorite book by Maya Angelou.  I’ve been wondering if I was close enough to Brenda to get a sign from her since we only met very briefly on three occasions.  So, did you follow that?  I listened to the podcast about the sign Brenda had given Suzanne around “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”.  My friend yesterday mentions Alicia Keys to me which means nothing to me at the time. Today, I get the thought to listen to Alicia Keys which I almost never do.  Had the song had the full title of the book, I would have never gotten to it in my listen because I only got to songs beginning with “F” before my walk was over. And, the third song I listen to refers me back to Brenda’s sign to Suzanne.  Did Shayna drop that message on my friend yesterday, or did Brenda, or is Shayna with Brenda?

If you think you don’t get signs or synchronicities, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. I think we have to be open to them and stop dismissing them as coincidence. They can be subtle. They usually are. They are easy to dismiss as coincidence. But, how often do I dream about rabbits or buying a car? How often does a heron land a few feet from you in West Chester, OH and just sit there? And the Alicia Keys thing, I’d love to calculate the odds of me listening to the podcast with that reference, then getting the nudge to listen to that song that I haven’t listened to in many years, the very next day.

p.s.- and it just dawned on me as I looked at the picture of the heron and had completed the blog that the heron (bird sign) refers to the bird in the song/book title. I was wondering if/how the heron tied into this. Duh.

p.p.s.- I emailed this blog to Suzanne since her nudge from Brenda was involved in these synchronicities. Following is the email I got back from Suzanne with a message from Shayna. It’s edited to omit a prediction that has come to pass yet.

“I’m not caged anymore, Daddy, by that people suit, and yes, I’ve met Miss Brenda. We sent you the bird.” 

They are having fun together. Brenda is hugging her as I write this.
Shayna shows me her sister bouncing a basketball. Feels current.

Gotta disembark from my England flight right now, but here they are – these two beautiful lights, Shayna and Brenda!

I’m always happy to hear from Suzanne and she always tries to include some evidence in her communications if it’s from a “departed” loved one. But, Suzanne doesn’t know Kayla- at all.  A basketball?  Kayla?  Current?  Nope. She must be wrong about that. But, I know Suzanne’s connected with Brenda and Shayna. I don’t need the validation.  Tywana texts Kayla to ask her if she’s been bouncing a basketball. Stranger things have happened (rarely- Kayla detests any sport with a ball).  Kayla is babysitting for some kids this summer.  Kayla writes back “lol it’s weird you say that.  I haven’t. But today I made Hunter “basketballs” and “soccer balls” out of Play-Doh, and she’s been throwing those around.”

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