Day 1076B- A Pretty Penny

So, today I finally get around to counting the change we’ve been collecting in the plastic Coke bottle. As I’m putting the coins through the sorter these two flattened pennies from Disney World kick out. First of all, I have no idea how they made it through the automated coin counter I’m using with their funky shape. We went to Disney World 11 years ago. Obviously, we did the flattened penny thing, even though I don’t remember. I found these near the neck of the bottle, near the top. They should have never gotten into the bottle. If they were in there they should be near the bottom. It’s been 11 years. I know we didn’t find them in the last few years and drop them in the bottle.  I don’t think we’ve ever emptied this bottle. We had Pepsi bottle before this that we bought when Kayla was very little. We’ve been filling this one for several years.

Shayna is working overtime today.

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